Little Girl Reviews the Pledge Pet Hair Fabric Sweeper!

Mewwwww!  Little Girl here another product review!

From feral kitten to working girl- I am living the dream!

Today I’m going to talk about the Pledge Pet Hair Fabric Sweeper.  Jen got it to see if it would help keep her car seats fur-free.  When she takes Rumpy to daycare he leaves lots of hair in the car, even though there’s a seat hammock in the back seat.

Jen saw this and another similar product.  The difference is that the other product used disposable scrubbers.  This product does not.

Jen tried it first on the cat tree, and it worked rather well.  Then she tried it on the car seats and it did a pretty good job there too.  It didn’t pick up every hair on the seat, but it worked well enough to please Jen.

The only downside is in cleaning the rollers.  The directions say to clean the rollers by rubbing it on a clean area, but Jen ended up having to use her fingernails to move away the hair.  The good news is that wasn’t difficult to do it.

Is it perfect?  No.  Was it worth the money Jen spent on it?  Definitely!  Little Girl recommends this product!


45 thoughts on “Little Girl Reviews the Pledge Pet Hair Fabric Sweeper!

  1. Hi Little Girl! I’m glad to see you again! How’s June Buggie? hope he is well. 🙂
    Wow! This sweeper looks very handy and useful! In our family, mine and Shiro’s hair is a big problem for humans because they are on everywhere!!! Especially, Shiro’s!!! The worst thing is that our hair is sometimes in mom’s lunch box!!! BOL! Of course, mom has some products to clean our hair up, but hasn’t found good one yet. Hmmm…we have to find the smilar one in Japan!!! Woof! 🙂

  2. My Mom says she’s wondered about these things when she’s seen them in the grocery store….maybe I’ll tell her to give it a try! If it’s good enough for YOU to give it a “paws up” review, then it’s good enough for us!!! Thanks Little Girl!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  3. Awesome! My mom is always looking for good products to pick up all of my fur. Personally, I think it adds needed character to the house and car. Oh, well.

  4. With all the cats we have here, we definitely need that gizmo. We will have to look into it. If it could get up 1/4 of the hair around here, it would a wonderful thing. Thanks for telling us about it.

  5. With four dogs and one cat, my tactic lately has been to just shake a lot before going out the door, after getting out of truck, etc. I REALLY need to get a personal body Pet Hair sweeper, don’t you think? Love your blog, your photos, your sense of perspective!

    1. I don’t know, but it did a great job on the cat hair on the kitty climber, so I’m inclined to think it would. The brushes have lots of grooved teeth in them that pull up the hair.

      1. Good morning from Toronto 🙂 You”re welcome 🙂
        I was just feeding the guineas and thinking – SO MUCH FUR ! one has a mohawk and the other is a smooth haired one –
        i like People that love their animals – we learn so much from Animals- sometimes i look into my dogs eyes and just know – he knows more about unconditional love Humans do —— 🙂
        Have a beautiful day 🙂 or night 🙂

  6. Sweet Little Girl thank you so much for the review on this…we may just have to grab one the next time we go to town. With 3 cats, a guinea pig and me it gets pretty hairy around here. Hugs and nose kisses Chancy

  7. I’ve always used those roller things with the disposable sticky sheets (I have no idea what the proper name for it is) when I need to deal with pet hair, but I could definitely see the advantage of a non-disposable product. It’s certainly better for the environment, at least.

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