Still More Letters to Santa!

Oh Dog!  Here’s yet another exciting edition of Letters to Santa!

Hard times have even come to Santa!

OK, let’s get right to it!  Here’s our first letter comes from Ireland:

Nollaig Shona Dhuit, Santy!

I’ve been a good girleen tis year. I wouldna ask for much of ye; sure amn’t I lucky enough wit a warm dry roof over my head, praise Dog. I wouldn’t be bothering you if I wanted after one ting, would I? I’d be gobsmacked if it would schnow agin this year. I had a brilliant time leepin’ and a runnin’ troo da heather out on da bog wit the schnow flyin up around me.

I’ll make sure mum leaves a cuppa tay and a biccie or two for ye.

Neko (Neko’s human blogs here).

Oh Dog!  How cool is that! I’m gonna annoy June Buggie talking like Neko all day!  Next we have a letter from Screwshank’s  pirate brother Morgan and sister Willow!

Dear Santa,

I hope you are nice and warm up at the North Pole.  I heard it snows there more than here in CT.  I can’t imagine how that could happen?  We get so much snow I can’t even see out the window.

Anyway – I wanted to send you my list for Christmas.  I’ve been a really good Pirate this year, and I even adopted myself 7 new Bilge Rats!  Mr. Screwshank is now the head of Quality Control, and he’s super cool.

I would like – some YEOOW Catnip toys, some Evo Kitty Treats, and some yogurt treats for my rats.

I hope that is not too much to ask for.

Thanks for all the smiles you give everyone.


Morgan the Pirate Gato

Dear Zanta,

It beez me!  Willow!  I hope you beez doin good an enjoyin all da cookiez Mrs Zanta iz makin!

Okayz – what I wood likez fur Christmaz:

1.  My Dreamz iz somedayz get a Mizz Jillian portrait that showz my Big Blue Eyez
2.  A Hello Kitty Morganz Bed
3.  A new pink collar
4.  A Yeoow Cat Toy
5.  To nooz Mr Felix ztill thinkz of mees and dat he noos I will alwayz loves him and tankz him fur saving mees!
6.  Can you senz my frien Lilac zome purple mouzies?
7.  Dat Nikkoz no getz sick againz – he bees so zpecialz!
8.  Dat my frien Rumpy getz Lifetime Doggi Dayecarez – he deservez itz!
9.  Dat Auntie Wendy, Auntie Leilani, and Auntie Jody winz lotto zo dey cans helpz more kitties
10.. Dat da Swabies get da house finished so Mommy can sew againz
11. Dat stupid Wellz Fargo signz da insurance check zo dey can pay Mr Nigel

Okayz I thinkz dat beez enough wishes!

Willow hugs Santa and gives him a big Smoochie

Oh Dog! I know you got one wish already cuz your mama posted that Mr. Nigel got paid.  One more letter- this one’s from my favorite New Zealand kitty- Gordon!

Dear Santa,

I am GORDON, I WANT….. I mean deserve LOTS and LOTS of pressies this year. I am kind to the FAT DOG, I let FAT DOG live in my house. I haven’t smacked FAT DOG in the head for 5 weeks now. Um, um…….um…. I’m KIND to all FAT DOGS on facebook, even when they are so mean to me.

SO……. gimmie gimme gimmee…… I would like a FAT DOG trap, some TAPE for the FAT DOG gob and a BIG box addressed to the North Pole……… just in case I have a FAT um um um…. something-or-other to send somewhere…..anywhere.

Thanks Santa…….. hurry up
PS…. sorry about Rudolf.. mum said she ate reindeer in Finland. I think it was Rudolf *sniggers*

Oh Dog!  That might land your mum on the Naughty List Gordon!  I’m gonna leave ya with a cool video I ran across on Facebook today.

41 thoughts on “Still More Letters to Santa!

  1. Wow, would it sound absurd if I’d say “First to comment!!!”

    Zanta has a lot on his hands. Willow even has a list. And Gordon the kitty has been especially good to the FAT DOG. It scares me how many pets have been good this year.

    Huggies and Cheese,


  2. Hi, Neko, Morgan and Willow, Gordon!!! *waves paw*Thank you very much for sharing your letter to Santa with us! 🙂
    All of your letters are so lovely! Well written! I’m sure that all of you have been very good in this year, so Santa will make your wishes come true!!!
    They are heart warming letters, of course including Gordon’s(!!!) and make me smile!!!
    The Video is fabulous!!! Thanks Runmpy!!! 🙂

  3. We sure have enjoyed the letters to Santa….Santa’s going to have his hands full making sure all good animals (and humans) get the things they’ve asked for (assuming everyone’s on the NICE list of course!!). These letters are a lot of fun……thanks for adding to the spirit of the holidays for ALL of us!

    Pam and Sam

  4. We think all your Santa letters are so much fun to read and we hope all of you get everything on your list. You have all been sooooooooooooo good. Hugs and nose kisses

  5. That video was amazing! Whenever I see such things, however, I can’t help thinking, was the training done in a humane way? I hope in this case it was. 🙂

  6. Great letters to Santa. I’m pretty sure my cats sent one in, there were paw prints on the keyboard last week, I hope they made it in time for posting before Christmas. We don’t have any snow yet (I know…Eastern Canada, whaaaaaa??) so these letters sure do help keep my Christmas spirit up. Thanks for posting them Rumpy. 😀

  7. Willow scampers in, reads her letter to Santa and gives Rumpy a big hug and kiss.

    “Rumpy – I hopez Zanta givez you wat I wizh fur youz! I getz a new Hello Willow Collar fur Catmaz – zo dat beez 2 of my wizhez! (really Hello Kitty – but it’s Hello Willow in this house). Da houze getz betterz – da Gekz beez here todayz an I helpz dem dooze Daddy’s new tv. Da Swabiez beez sewin diz weekenz zo maybeez I getz my Hello Kitty bedz too!

    I likez all da letterz – even da zilly dog who chaze kittiez. He no chaze me cauze I zmooch him one timez – he beez toazt! Da video beez AWEZOME!

    Meowry Catmaz, Happy Ratmaz an Happy Dogmaz to everyonez!”

    Love Willow

  8. Those were all such good letters to Santa, but I really think Gordon needs to be nicer to Fat Dog. Fat Dog, do you want me to come over and help you out?I’ve had lots of practice with my cat Scratchy.

  9. Your animal-speak is getting more and more authentic! Either that, or I am growing another pair of legs. Whatcha think? SUCH gorgeous canine specimens wishing us a Merry Christmas. Totally wonderful. True spirit of Christmas for this doggielover!

  10. Neko’s mum here! She wanted me to let you know that yesterday we did get a little snow! She thinks it wasn’t quite enough as I didn’t take her out bog-trotting. The video is brilliant, I think they all looked like happy healthy dogeens so I’m sure the training was done in the best way!

  11. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy…. Santa Claws is coming…….. to MEEEEEEEE. And guess what everyone??????? Because I live in New Zealand, “I” will get my presents FIRST in the world… I’m gonna stay up for Santa and swap all the FAT DOG presents for girl toys. I’ll already have mine by then, and the fat fellow would have forgotten by next year *sniggers*….

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