A Visit With a Working Dog!

Oh Dog! I so excited! Today’s guest is a working dog.  Pepper Pomeranian is a Medical Alert Service Dog.  We won’t be discussing the nature of her work to protect the privacy of her humans, but I still think you’re gonna love what she has to say.  So dogs and cats, put your paws together and welcome Pepper Pom!

Rumpy:  Oh Dog! Thanks so much for being my guest today.  How about you tell us a little about your for starters.

Pepper:  I am large for a Pomeranian, 13 pounds.  closer to my ancestors than today’s show Poms.  I am not as hyper as Poms are said to be.  When I work, I am usually in a kangaroo style pouch.  I am the boss in our team, even though I have had lots of training, actually, some of my training is for me to be the boss.  Some of my tasks require me to be in charge and for mom to listen to me.

Rumpy:  Your job sounds very important!  What about your down time?

Pepper:I love to play fetch with squeaky stuffy toys, but only inside the house, I like to go outside, but not to play with toys, just to sniff and explore.  I don’t get the zoomies, but that may be because I have arthritis and weak knees, I had knee surgery before I was a year old.  I inherited luxating patellas, fairly common in small dogs.  I have pup stairs to get on the bed and the sofa.   I like to sleep under the bed instead of on it.

Rumpy:  So tell us what you like about your human?  Any complaints?

Pepper:  That she is my human and is with me all time, give me treats when I do something she likes.  my main complaint is that she won’t let me eat all the treats and human foods, also, I would like more walks in the neighborhood and park.  And she makes me be quiet when I am working.

Rumpy:  Well, at least ya get treats! What are your favorites?

Pepper:  Any type of Cheese! Any type of meat! (I am not allowed to have pork, it upsets my tummy), I like chewy treats & cookies too!  BOL!!!

Rumpy:  Oh Dog!  So do I!  Now how long have you been on Twitter? Do you use any other social media?

Pepper:  I joined Twitter in August when I won a Barkworld ticket from Dogster, I have been on Facebook for over a year and I don’t have a blog.  I have been on Dogster for over 2 years.  That is where my petworking started!

Rumpy:  Cool!  Any anything else you’d want your adoring fans to know?

Pepper:  That little dogs can be good service dogs and not all service dogs are from a program school, the disabled owner can hire a private trainer and train the dog themself.  Also, not all disabilities are obvious, many illnesses can be helped by medical alert dogs.

Rumpy:  Great point!  Now, one last question for fun.  If you were a dinosaur, what kinda dinosaur would you be?

Pepper:  BOL!!  I’d be a T-Rex, they eat meat!

Rumpy:  Pawsome!  Thanks again for being my guest Pepper!  You rock!

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Click on the pic to check out other great blogs!


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35 thoughts on “A Visit With a Working Dog!

  1. Pepper Pom, you are great with the work, you are doing! and – well: cute, if I might dare to say, even if you’ld like to be a T.Rex, but your face peeping out from under the bed looks so much like a little fox.

  2. Hi Pepper Pom. Me, too, I looooove any type of Cheese! Wow, your job sounds very responsible!!! and really helpful for humans who have special needs. How honourable it is! I adomire you, Peppor Pom! 🙂
    The pic you are in a kangaroo style pouch is adorable and the other pics, too!
    I can’t imagine you were a T Rex as you are so cute! * wink at him*

  3. Hey Pepper Pom, we humans have a soft spot for those of you who perform a special service for our kind. So, good health, lots more treats and hurrah for you! 🙂

  4. Pepper is such a great representative of the service dog profession! Truly, not all illnesses are obvious. I often think about service dogs for certain types of pscyhiatric syndromes.

  5. Pepper is just adorable. We have a special place in our hearts for service dogs…they are amazing. Hugs and nose kisses

  6. Those working dogs are amazing and deserve some pampering and a break, since they give so much of themselves. I still remember Lady the doberman who could detect when the boy I babysat for would have heart problems – sometimes she would detect before the heart monitor. Awesome!!!

  7. Pepper – If you were a T-Rex the service pouch might be a problem for you? But you could just put your human in the pouch and carry it! (People would still long to pet you – especially little kids.) Christmas wishes for lots of treats for you.

  8. Hi Rumpster. Hi Pepper. this is a great interview wif you! I really enjoyed learning more about you. I agree wif efurrybuddy, you have such a cute face, and you are bigger than i thot. That just helps you help the hoomans you do work for. congratulations to you & your mom for all that you do.
    Rumpy, I don’t want to furget you. Nother great interview pal. Are you doing anyfing speshul for the holidays?

    Take care,

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