Rumpy Interviews His First A-List Star!

Oh Dog! I really scored today! I have none other than a World-Famous A-list celebrity as my guest today.  Now I know what you’re thinking- Rumpy, I’ve never HEARD of this so-called celebrity! Well to that all I can say is Come Back on the Grid People!  Anyway, if you DON’T know about Pussie Gabor, then grab a martini and give us a read here.  Dogs and cats, I give you- Pussie Gabor!!!!!

Rumpy:  Well Ms. Gabor, thanks so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to be my guest today.  How about you start by telling us a little about yourself.

Pussie Gabor:  As you are acutely aware, I am exquisite beyond compare in the beauty department… and that is probably the most important thing in the world when you really think about it.  Of course, I’m also an astute businesswoman and an entrepreneur with far too many accolades to write about in this small space.

Oh, and I’m also quite beautiful (did I mention that yet?) If not, then I’ll take the time to do so now… I am extraordinarily beautiful.  Also dah’ling Rumpy, as anyone who reads the news or watches television  is aware, I am a HUGE star and a genuine celebrity of the highest magnitude, I’m in great demand right now.  I also have a magnificent new boyfriend named Chola Neez who is successful and extremely handsome, which again, is what counts most of all.  But enough about him, let’s talk about me again.

I do want to take the tiniest moment to mention my latest project, a film that I am in the middle of filming right now. I’m so excited because this is the second film that I have done this year with legendary movie director David Lynch.  The movie stars me, of course, and my costar is the lovely Jane Lynch who is fatally lynched in a lynch mob, we’re filming in Lynchburg, Tennessee.  Tight Lynch Studios will distribute the film for launch in early 2012 with the working title of Lynch, Lynched in Lynchburg! There’s already an Oscar buzz on this one, dah’lings!

Rumpy:  *stares* Oh I’m sure…. well, let’s talk about treats.  What are your favorites?

Pussie Gabor:  Oh Rumpy, you ask the sweetest questions dah’ling.  My favorite treat would have to be sushi covered in a caviar cream sauce… its absolutely sinful… and you know dah’ling, I adore anything sinful!  On the rarest of occasions (read continuously) I enjoy the tiniest droplet of vodka for medicinal purposes of course.  Oh, and I also enjoy gin, whiskey, scotch, bourbon, rum, tequila and other forms of hooch.  I drink, of course, only on the rarest of occasions.  Just the other day I had this partial hangnail that hurt so bad.  I had to drink two entire bottles of vodka just to kill that nagging pain.

Rumpy:  Of course.

Pussie Gabor:  By the way Rumpy, the tabloid journalists and television news reports about my drinking are entirely exaggerated and made up. There have not been sightings of liquor store delivery trucks pulling in and out of my driveway at all hours of the night (I have them deliver during the daylight in unmarked trucks). Now you know the truth. Anyway dah’ling, I do partake in the occasional beverage while entertaining at parties and occasionally when I am alone. I don’t see anything wrong with that, despite what that creepy judge said to me about my liquid indulgences in court. Really, is there no privacy in the world anymore?

Rumpy: I guess so…. well, tell us about your history with social media.

Pussie Gabor: Oh Rumpy dah’ling, you are my very first Facebook interview… can’t hardly believe it myself. I rarely have time for interviews with anyone these days. My agent and manager make me do all the major networks and big magazine interviews, but this is my first online interview… fabulous questions by the way dah’ling.

Oh, and I don’t do the Twitter thingy yet dah’ling, honestly, my schedule is so ramped up right now, there’s just no time for it really.

I’m also fairly new to Facebook itself, I’ve only been on Facebook since October, which is two months now. It’s been a fabulous aspect to have the introduction of Facebook in my busy career. I can post Facebook updates while flying between engagements and appearances in my signature pink Gulfstream G450… when time permits, at my leisure.

Rumpy:  Oh Dog!

I also met my new boyfriend, the distinguished Chola Neez right here on Facebook… and everyone knows what a world-class feather in my cap that catch of a man was for me. I adore him and he’s so smart.

And of course, dah’ling Rumpy, Facebook is how you and I have become acquainted as well. I’d say Facebook has many fascinating aspects, and I’m learning new things every day. Just like this interview that you asked me to do, it’s so much easier than sitting in some stuffy studio with all the hot lights. You don’t even realize that I am sitting here in my dressing gown with a medicinal drink in my hand, nonchalantly smoking a long cigarette and dictating to my personal assistant while Edith Goldfarb is working on backcombing my hair.

Facebook changes everyday… Hey, that’s a good motto… Facebook changes everything! Dah’ling, I am so good! I have quite a few Facebook fans for only being on Facebook for a couple of months, but you know, when you got it, you got it… and dah’ling, I got it! So it’s no real surprise that I already have so many of these Facebook fans and fame hanger-oners in great numbers on Facebook in this brief flash of time… it’s simple… I am fabulous, dah’ling!

Rumpy: Oh you’re something alright!  *rolls eyes* What else about you would you like everyone to know?

Pussie Gabor: Well, my dah’ling Rumpy, the first and foremost thing I want people to know about me is that I am deep down an unpretentious and humble girl at heart. Oh sure, I am an amazing and talented superstar, gorgeous and brilliant beyond words. You know, it takes someone pretty tuned into reality to remain as humble as I am when every waking moment of your life is filled with raging fans and paparazzi taking photographs and asking for my autograph- the adulation and fan worship alone would go to the head of a lesser woman than I, my dear Rumpy.

Rumpy: I don’t see how you do it. *snickers*  Now, one last question for fun.  If you were a dinosaur, what kinda dinosaur would you be?

Pussie Gabor: Well that’s a pretty simple question dah’ling, Rumpy… I’d be nothing less than a Fabulousaurus!

Rumpy:  I knew it!  Well thanks for being my guest Ms. Gabor!

Pussie Gabor: Hugs and Fake Hollywood Kisses, Dah’ling

DISCLAIMER: Ms. Gabor provided the photo and her words are all her own.  *whew*

54 thoughts on “Rumpy Interviews His First A-List Star!

  1. How can I stop laughing before going home to my own Miss Fluffy? She might think I was laughing at her! Oh, horrors! Anyway, LOVED this post, which captures many female syndromes found in both four-legged and two-leggeed critters!

  2. I want one of those tiaras for my cat, Princess Saffy! 😉

    Merry Christmas to you, Rumpy, and all your furry friends (DeDe and June Buggy and everyone else). May your 2012 be filled with meaty and cheesey treats!

  3. Goodness gracious! What an amazing interview. We were all out of breath by the time we had been spun around by all the fabulousness of your guest. We’ll agree she’s a lovely kitty, but probably very high-maintenance. We hope her boyfriend has LOTS of money.

    Did you send her a truckload of hooch and a barrel of caviar as a thank you? She’s probably tapping her paw and expecting it to arrive at any minute. We hope she, or her assistant, will send a gracious thank you note (although we doubt it).

    Glad you survived all that, Rumpkin. Best. Interviewer. Ever. Love & loud purring from us humble kitties. RainbowCatsx8

  4. Woooow, she looks really celebrity, Pussie Gabor! What a gorgeous beautiful tiara she has!!! Ooooooh she loves “Sushi” !!! which is a Japanese food! We are very proud of it! We don’t have sushi with caviar cream sauce though…
    Thanks for this interesting and funny interview, Rumpy! Woo woo!!! 🙂

  5. Hmm…..what can I say that Pussie Gabor hasn’t already said??? I do like the tiara of course….however I’d much prefer a baseball cap myself. I’m not tiara material. Great interview though – seems you were lucky to get a word in Rumpy!!! 🙂


  6. What a lovely humble self deprecating puss. Her humility is only just exceeded by her love of the grape!!!

    GREAT interview Rumpy. I should go and have a lie down now xx

  7. An da Zwabie thinkz I beez zpoiled? MOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! I makez her readz diz and now I getz ANYTHINGZ I wantz!

    Willow giggles and dances in happiness

  8. Hmm furry intristing Ms Gabor, accept Iz married to teh mostest handsomest mankat in teh hole wide werld so I thinks her did makes a miss stake, but of corss that iz unnerstandabulz.

  9. Dear Rumpy,
    Me is having trouble with the keybord because me is laughing so hard! Yous outdone yourself on this one Rumpy!
    Hugs and Kisses

      1. Oh Rumpy Dah’ling, YOU are the big star here…I adore you!
        My Most Sincere Fake Hollywood Kisses to Everyone!

  10. Wowser’s, you are a pretty lucky dawg to be able interview a catlebrity of that stature. Did she have any demands coming into the interview such as silk sheets and caviar in the green room?

    Merry Xmas Mr. Rumpy

      1. Oh Rumpy Dah’ling…to think that you know how to form the proper line when it comes to me is impressive indeed. But not nearly as impressive as you are Dah’ling.

        PS: Like Rumpy said, the line forms to the left…and no shoving boys…its unbecoming of a gentleman to do so, Dah’lings.

  11. *bowing in the presence of obvious greatness* So nice to meet the famed Pussie Gabor. I struggle to find words so weak I am with adoration. I have no words other than I feel truly blessed to have held witness to the words of one so great and, of course, beautiful. Which truly IS the most important thing.

  12. Simply Marvelous!!!!!!!!!!!! Interview…. I enjoyed it so much. I need to find my tiara…. This might help me a tad bit. Merry Christmas to all…

  13. Loved the interview with Pussy Gabor. She’s my kind of cat, not that I like cats much (Other than in between two slices of bread with a dash of mustard). She’s definitely a star! I’d love to get an 8 by 10 glossy with her pawtograph. I’d even take down one of the photos of me and clear a spot for her picture in my doghouse. Can’t wait to see some of her movies!

    Love Loup

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