Letters to Santa- Crunch Time Edition!

Oh Dog!  It’s time for one last edition of Letters to Santa!



Now Santa, I know it’s almost time for take-off, but I think you MUST know about what June Buggie has done.  It’s just….. BAD!!!!!



Anyway, here’s some letters from some GOOD dogs and cats.  The first is from the Miss Sheri’s crew (she blogs at My Leftover Life).


Dear SantyPaws,

This is Darth here, I know you know me and my furblings because you always remember us at Christmas time. This year we have a new furbling, Panther, who is not sure what’s going on what with the pretty blinking tree INSIDE and all the fluffy cold white stuff outside. She’s so silly in that she tries to catch the snowflakes as they fall and doesn’t understand where they go once she’s caught one and all she gets is wet. Hehehehe. Anyway Santy, we’ve been four very good little kitties (except for that time…but that’s not important) this year and we’d love it if you could bring us some more fuzzy balls to chase, Rosie keeps losing them under the china cabinet. Oh okay Hercules, relax, sheesh. Hercules very much would like some more catnip and for Mum to keep the food bowls full ALL the time. Panther just wants more time in Mum’s lap because Rosie is a lap hog and doesn’t like to share so if there’s anything you can do about that, that would be good.

As for me SantyPaws, I can’t say I need very much. I’m an old guy and I don’t play much anymore and I don’t have the energy to fight over the nip like the others. I’ve had a good life since Mum and Dad helped rescue me so I’m just hoping you can help Rumpy and Jen find a forever home for Malachi.

Thank you for all you do to bring hope to and inspire humans, especially when it comes to their anipals.

Much love and Merry Christmas from

Darth, Rosie, Hercules and Panther.

Oh Dog! I sure hope you get everything you asked for, and thanks for putting a good word in for Malachi.  And here’s letters from Bongo and Scratchy from over at BongoDogBlog:


Dear Santa Paws,

There’s something that I really especially want for Christmas, but I’m not sure how you’re going to wrap it up and put it under the tree. What I want is to keep having lots of adventures that I can write about on my blog. My person says that as long as they’re the kind of adventures where I don’t wreck anything and nobody gets hurt then it’s okay with her.

And Santa, if you really need to wrap something and put it under the tree I could use some more squeaky toys. I’d like to have enough so that when I take my toys outside or get so excited when friends come over that I chew them up, I still have some left to play with. Maybe a lot left to play with?

Oh, I almost forgot. Could you send me some more doggie treats too? I know I’m not always the best dog in the world, but I’m really trying Santa. It’s just hard sometimes when…..

Your loving buddy,



Dear Santa Paws,

Could you please bring me some kitty treats, and a whole jar of tuna juice, and maybe some pieces of salmon?

Oh yes, and there’s one more thing. I need a new cat food dish. One that has some kind of dog trap in it so when Bongo tries to steal my food he gets caught in a net.

That’s all.

Merry Christmas.



I hope you both get what you want.  June Buggie says he’d like one of those cat food dishes too.  And a litter box.  He spoils ALL my fun! *sigh*

Well folks, I sure hope you all have the most happiest of holidays ever!  woo woo woo!!!!

75 thoughts on “Letters to Santa- Crunch Time Edition!

  1. OMD! How sweet Darth is!!! When he asked Santy Paws about Malachi’s forever home, I felt almost to cry!!! I’m sure four of them, Darth, Rosie, Hercules and Panther will get what they want from Santy Paws! 🙂
    Haaai Bongo! * waves paw at him* I knooooow Bongo is really good doggie, and his adventurous life always makes us fun! so I hope Santa Paws will give him lots of adventures on Christmas! Hmmmm…Scratchy, the catfood dish is so interesting! *Whispers* Please don’t tell my cat brofur “Shiro” about the dish! Heeheehee!
    Rumpy, you are very good at dodging June Buggie! *giggles*
    I know June Buggie loves you and he just wanna play with yoooooou!!!! 🙂
    Happy holodays to all of you! Wooo woooo!!!

  2. June Buggie is soooooo bad Rumpy and you are so tolerant. I’m afraid I would probably have swiped her! The letters are great. Hope you get your wish for more adventures Bongo! 🙂

  3. Thanks for posting the letter from Darth Rumpy, he’s very grateful as are his furblings. As for June Buggie, uh oh, I hope Santa doesn’t see that video. You are one patient pup there Rumpy. Merry Christmas to all of you! 😀

  4. Okay, I have to put it on record that I adore the videos of Rumpy and June Buggie. They kinda remind me of two friends that will spar vocally but in reality adore each other. 🙂

    And I have to say, the blog makes for great reading, and the letter writing initiative was wonderful. Looking forward to Rumpy’s blogging adventures in 2012.

  5. Oh Rumpy – you know Santa Paws SEES ALL so he’ll make appropriate adjustments to the naughty and nice lists after seeing your video! Say – I was listening to “Little Drummer Boy” last night and did you know your name’s in there? Yep – sure is! They sing “RUMP PUM PUM PUM” – how cool is that???

    Meowy Christmas from your friend Sammy!

  6. Oh Rumpy! You bees zuch a good doggy! If we doez what June Buggie doze to youz – da doggiez would eatz uz! Willow hugs Rumpy

    I hopez every fur getz a furever homez, and everythin they azkz for fur Catmaz, Ratmaz, Dogmaz, Pigmaz.

    Love Willow

  7. Uh oh…. looks like you got caught in the act June Buggie!! I guess Rumpy would find that to be naughty…. we just call that being a cat in our house!! Happy Holidays to all of you and it has been so nice to meet you this year!

  8. Wow is it just me or you’ve changed themes?

    I hope you get your wishes, too. If I’d be given my way, I want all homeless pets to get their forever human so that they could live happily ever after.

    Huggies and Cheese,


  9. Hi Rumpy!! Well, as you know I didn’t get my list to you in time for posting because my mom was too busy to help, but she promises me that Santa knows what I want already. I wish you and your entire family a great Christmas!!

  10. OMD, Rumpy how cute you are with June Buggie! That video is too funny.

    Hope you and all your family have a very happy Christmas and all the best in the New Year!

  11. Thanks for posting my letter to Santa – oh yeah, and Scratchy’s too (I think).And it was fun reading Darth’s letter – he has a good heart. Oh yeah, and Rumpy, if Scratchy did to me what June Buggie did to you I’d have him pinned to the floor. I don’t hurt him – I just pin him.

  12. Oh Rumpy and June Buggie… This was a grrrreat post.

    I want to wish you both and those that you LOVE a VERY

  13. Those sure are great Santa letters Rumpy. We love hearing about all the wishes. We mainly wish that all the dogs and kitties that are homeless will find a nice warm home.
    We sure wish you a very Merry Christmas. And a very Happy New year. Take care.

  14. What inspiring Santa letters! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas Rumpy, and be good to all the kitties too! lol. We don’t have any kitties here at our house, just Kelly who is a dog, but still we like ’em anyway!

  15. Wow Rumpkin! June Buggie must be taking lessons from LocksleyDog’s nemesis Office Cat Charles! Them two kitties ought to buy leather jackets and zoom around on motorcycles! DeDe’s lookin’ the other way, but her tail is maybe sayin’ she thinks it’s funny. We hope a certain kitty doesn’t find coal in his stocking! Meowy Chrissmouse to everyone at your house!! Love & happy purring from RainbowCatsx8

  16. These letters to Santa Paws bring so many tumbling, happy memories of Christmases with childhood pets, with my children’s childhood pets, with my adult chlidren’s Christmases in other countries with their cats, of hundreds of episodes of happiness expressed for all the trappings of human Christmases by my current canine and feline family members. Bless you for your exuberant generosity in giving us these internal boosters for all animal lovers. I, too, join with many others in praying for just the right forever home for Malachi very very soon.

  17. UMmmmm. Didn’t know June Buggie wuz N2 marshul arts. U haz much patience, Rumpy. Come on, JB, ur gibbing us kittehs a bad name wit’ tehe behavior at Christmas tiem. Hope u got ur Christmas wishes, Rumpy, u sweet goggie! Happy Noo Yeer!

  18. Rumpydog, you’re a gentle giant aren’t you? Most dogs wouldn’t behave so good as you with a cat attacking them. 🙂 My dog is also afraid of 1 of my cats. He picks on the rest though..

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