An Ode to Poo

Everybody does it.
Humans, even you!
So why is it we’re not supposed to
talk about poo?
sold at
There’s books about the subject.
There is a card game too.
There’s candy bars and even cakes
that look like poo.

I like to roll ’round in it,
I like to eat it too.
A litter box’s a snack machine
chocked full of poo!
Poo can be beneficial,
it feeds plants that feed you.
But don’t assume you can do that
with a dog’s poo.
So listen up you people!
There’s one thing you must do.
Get over being squeamish and
pick up dog poo!

56 thoughts on “An Ode to Poo

  1. I REALLY liked this and Mom said it would have come in handy about two weeks ago when I was super sick cause of not POOPING!!!

    I had to have an enema!

    Mom said that if i had seen this, it might have been just the motivation that I would have needed to POOP!!!!!

  2. Go you, Rumpy!
    There is someone in my neighborhood who always let’s his dog poo on the pavement. And never picks it up, while there is a trash bin specially for dog poo 2 meters away.

    Maybe I should let them read this. ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Yes, for health reasons. The city does have an off-leash dog park so there is space provided for dogs, but it’s not convenient for everyone so some use other parks. But no one wants your dog poo left where their child plays.

  3. Hey Rumpy – nice reminder on the poo issue. My Mom thought that little item in the photo that dispenses poo bags was way cool! We have nice people in our neighborhood that never leave their puppy’s “packages” in our yard. As for me and my little box poo, I go find my Mom wherever she is in the house after I’ve “done my thing” to let her know I need her to come remove it ASAP!


  4. I am SO VERY MUCH WITH YOU ON THIS ONE!!! I think poop is grrrrreat. You should see Ernie and Me in the Garden… where there is a TON of HORSES Poops.. THAT stuffs is GRRRRRAT tooooo.


  5. MOL momma is giggling here. But the cat lady in training gave daddy cat a Mr Hanky for Christmas to hang on da tree. Momma says she doesn’t want a poo on da tree but the family is over riding her complaint. You are a purry good expert on dis poo stuff.

  6. That was so funny! I love the picture of the birthday cake. I remember when we would sometimes take our dogs out for a run near this horse racing track. Our dogs would revel in rolling in the horses poo! It was like opium to them. LOL! We’d have to bathe them every time we took them there. They loved it so much though that we didn’t care. To see the look of joy in their eyes as they rolled around in the horse hockey was worth the bother of bathing them. Thanks for liking my post “You are here.” I look forward to getting to know you better through your blog. Best wishes, Russell p.s. I live in an apartment with my wife and three cats. If I had a house, I’d probably have a dog or two too. And they would poo.

  7. Heeheehee, Rumpy! very funny poem that I love it and the pics, too! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Mom says when she picks up my poo feeling the warmth and the hardness of it, she thinks I’m healthy!!! You know, poo can tell about our health!!! *whispers* when Shiro goes to vet, he does poo ana pee everywhere because he’s so scared! Poor Shiro…

  8. Dog poo does not a good compost make! Scooping takes priority over food prep, don’t you know? Rewarding puppy for pooping in the correct places requires a great love of foolish babytalk. (Loved this post, here in the “deep midwinter”)

  9. Gud poopoem! Such a smart goggie U R, Rumpy. We cats kin separate our poop. Ai have litter box but prefer special spot owtsides. But goggies haz 2 go w’er peepuls take ’em sumtiem. Der’s a BIG POPPA goggie w’at walks wif his owner–a BIG MAMA Hyoomin– ebber day & sometiems she haz him pooping in cat’s/peepuls frunt yards along der walk. SO not kewl. Did Ai say he wuz BIG. Poppa says he leevs cow poop he’s so big.

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