Introducing Joey Fritsch!

Oh Dog! I am SO excited because today my guest is none other than Joey Fritsch! Joey was adopted from a rescue group and is now living the good life.  But let him tell you about it himself.  Dogs and cats, put your paws together and help me welcome Joey!

Rumpy:  Thanks so much for being my guest Joey!  How about telling everybody a little bit about you.

Joey:  I is Joey Fritsch and I is 5 years old. I will be sixes dis summah already! I is still wee though, I is nots a big kitteh and I prolly weighs rounds ten pounds or so.

Rumpy:  Oh Dog! June Buggie is bigger than that!

Joey:  MUH mommy and daddy adopteds me from a kitteh rescue group in Austin, MN calleds Cats Off Broadway. Mommy’s first kitteh evah was a tuxedo girl she gots when she was three and she liveds to be ovah 20 years old!!!!

Rumpy:  Wow, that’s OLD!

Joey:  Mommy all da sudden thoughts she wanteds a tuxedo again but dis times a boy! Well she calleds Cats Off Broadway and asked iffen dey hads any wee tuxedo boys and dey saids YES! So she droves ovah der and she seens one dat was too wee to adopts yet but she jus din’ts feel it anyhows and wanteds to wait for MUH foster bean to brings me. She waiteds and waiteds long time cuz I was hidings!!!

Finally I gots der and she tooks one look at me and fells in loveses! Can’ts blame her – even at 8 weeks I was already ridiculously good-lookings. She sets me downs in da grass and I marched ovah to a cage of BEEG dogs and I gaveses dem MUH most fierce halloween cat pose wid beeg tail and stucks MUH paw thru da cage at dem! Mommy said dat sealed da deal!!!

Rumpy:  You sure were a daring little guy!

Joey:  Den she wanteds to names me Jackson but Daddy dins like dat name so on da way home dey stopped at Target and while there Mommy pickeds up Season 1 of da TV show Joey. I den obviously got da name Joey. I is nameds afta Joey Tribbiani.

Rumpy:  Awwww….. that’s pawsome Joey!  So tell me about these humans of yours.

Joey:  I likes MUH hoomans a lots! Dey plays wid me and lets me climbs in da Kissmas tree! Dey even hides toys in da branches for me to finds and figures out how to gets!!! I guesses da beegest complaints dat I has is dat Labor Day in 2010 when Mommy lefts da house and droves for 9 hours and cames back wid Landry. He okay I guesses but he always fulls of da poo and very annoyings. And I duns like it dat I can’ts get into da bathroom when MUH poorents is in der. I needs to surpervises!

Rumpy:  Yeah, Jen says she’s never used the bathroom alone.  Well tell us what treats these humans give ya?

Joey:  MUH favorites treats is Western Mixes Pawty Mix! (Mommy says it really calleds Party Mix – Wild West Crunch)

Rumpy:  Yeah, I hear alot of the kitties like that.  Now you’ve been using social media for awhile now.  Which outlets do you use?

Joey: I duns dones does Twitter or a blog, but tanks to da new Timeline I knows for a fact dat I joineds Facebooks on May 20, 2009. I mets MUH best furriend, Woody Edens, on May 25th and we has been bestest furriends furrevah since! Even our Mommies became bestest furriends thru us and even though we liveses in Minnesnowta and dey is in Pooston Texas they has gottens togetha 4 times now!!!! Once here, once in Pooston, and also in San Furrancisco and New Orleans (Nawlins).

Rumpy:  How cool is that!!!

Joey:  Mommy has also mets thru me otha good furriends and has mets in purrson Quincy Warner‘s mommy, Bootblack (Ninja) Whiskerpants mommy, Jimmy Jet Golub’s mommy, Guido Basolo‘s mommy, Poohdy Sharabi’s mommy, and Maggie Avez-Lait’s mommy. We also furriends wid Magnificat Jasmine Olson’s mommy but we dints meet on FB! MUH Daddy is her mommy’s tattoo artist man and mommy mets her thru him! Den she founds out abouts MUH Joey poofile and quickly mades one for Maggie and da rest is history! We loveses all da mommies and der is so many we wants to meets!

Rumpy:  Wow!  I didn’t know you were responsible for unleashing the Magnificat!  Well, is there anything else you’d like to tell your adoring fans?

Joey:  I wants everyone to knows dat der is no air-brushing or nothings on MUH photos. I reely is dis ridiculously good-lookings in real lifes! And also everyone forgets so longs ago, but I inventeds da word “poonanigans”.

Rumpy:  Oh Dog!  And all this time I thought Ninja was the creator.  Just goes to show ya.  Alright now, one last question for fun- if you was a dinosaur, what kind would you be?

Joey:  Iffen I was a dinosaurs I woulds be a Fukuiraptor cuz it eats meat and has fierce long claws jus likes me! Also cuz it has a name dat makes me giggle!!!

Rumpy:  Oh Dog! *giggles*  You are hilarious Joey!  Thanks SO much for being my guest today!  woo woo woo!

82 thoughts on “Introducing Joey Fritsch!

  1. Hi Joey! Wow! Yes, you’re truly gorgeous kitten and when I saw your pics for the first time, I thought that you were kitten on TV! The tuxedo is amazingly beautiful!!! It was lovely to hear that you were adopted by woderful mom and dad, Joey! You’ve got lots of fur friends through social media!!! which is fabulous!!! 🙂

  2. Hey Joey. It’s nice meeting you! You look like my friend Austin. He’s also a tuxedo cat in his senior years.

    I actually didn’t know Tuxedo cats were a breed. I just realized it now. Did Joey really strut his stuff in front of those giant dogs? That’s one brave kitty.

    Huggies and Cheese,


    1. I dids goes right up to dem doggies!!! Mommy saids I dids MUH side-ways fierce Halloweeny kitteh pose and dey din’ts know what to thinks of me! I puts MUH wee paw throw da cage at dem! MOL Actually tuxedo not an actual breed (although it shoulds be in MUH opinion) and I is classifieds as a plain ‘ol American Shorthair which has many amazing lookings and good-mannered kittehs!

      1. Yah I used to has matchmakings services. Da whole set up of Junk In Da Trunk and Dat Boy was an accident – I hope dat someday Maggie will forgives for the situation she in now wid Oddball, Intruder and Furball. Not to mention Dat Boy!

  3. What a clever post! I love the interview format! Such a sweetie, Joey is!
    He reminds me of one of the foster kittens my kids have taken care of in Nebraska. They raise them until they are 2 lbs and then they are up for adoption. I just love to visit them so I can play with the kitties! Who needs TV or electronics when you can watch 3-5 kittens chase each other, hide in boxes and play with your hair from the back of the couch? Give Joey a cuddle for me!

    1. I has!!!!! Tanks to Facebook I mets you and because of dat your mommy and MUH mommy became furriends in real life and we nevah woulds has mets in purrson!!!! Is hards to believes dat just a few months ago Mommy was in your lovely San Furrancisco condo givings you a Joey massage!

  4. Joey looks just like my Maxwell! Max has a little brush of black on his lower left jaw that makes it look like he’s got a cigarette or cigar in his mouth, but besides that- twins. Max is even small for his age. I doubt he even weighs ten pounds. Last time we weighed him in it was eight. He’s a lovely blighter and so darn smart. Tuxedo cats are very intelligent and they really bond with you.

  5. Nice to meet you Joey – you have the most gorgeous eyes – you look like a cat with attitude! Glad you got a fur-ever home with your hoomans.

  6. My mama says tuxedo cats are cool cause she used to have one named Tobias. His best friend was a guinea pig named Miss Trixie and they used to sleep together. If they were alive I would probably bark and try to chase them but then mama be mad…

    , great interview Rumpy!

  7. Great interview, and great story. Joey is beautiful! As always, it’s heartening to learn about a successful adoption from a rescue group. The comment section is just as entertaining as the interview! Wonderful group of followers you have, Rumpy!

  8. My person says she used to have a cat that looked a lot like Joey. She says her cat was very nice. I bet Joey is too. (Did I say that about a cat?)

  9. Iffen anyone wants to be’s furriends wid me on FB just search for Joey Fritsch and I is da handsome one dat will pops up! MOL MOL MOL ❤ Dis has beens so much funs. Tank you Rumpy! I loveses you!!!!!!

  10. Oh, this was so funny. Jen’s never been to the bathroom alone, and Joey, we would never for a second think there was any air-brushing going on. Another great interview, Rumpy! xx

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