Working for the Dogs!

Oh Dog!  I am SOOOOO excited!  Today I get to interview two of my favorite people!  Allison is the Manager and Emily is the Assistant Manager at Doggies Day Out in Murfreesboro, TN- which just happens to be MY daycare!  I’ll bet some of you dogs would LOVE daycare, so I asked Allison and Emily to stop by and tell you about what you’re missing!  So put your paws together and give a big welcome to Allison and Emily!  woo woo woo!!!!

Allison with some of my friends!

Rumpy:  Thanks so much for being my guests today!  So what’s so great about working at Doggie’s Day Out? Inquiring minds wanna know!

Allison:  Doggie Daycare provides dogs with the necessary socialization and exercise needed for them to be happy, healthy companions. Having a dog for a pet can be difficult especially if owners lead a busy lifestyle.

Rumpy:  I know! Just last week one of my friends was lamenting the fact that his human worked so much and I told her to have her human check out daycare!

Emily:  Daycare gives owners a place to take their dogs during the day or even overnight where they are undoubtedly spoiled and loved unconditionally.

Rumpy:  That’s definitely the case at Doggie’s Day Out!  I start crying when Jen turns on the street you’re on!  Now I know why I love it there, but why do you like working there?

Emily:  I absolutely LOVE my job because dogs are the best forever friends and our job is to keep them happy during our shifts. Each dog that comes to Doggie’s Day Out differs in personality and the longer I work here the better I get to know each and every dog that comes.


Rumpy:  I know! You guys are always so happy to see me!  And when I couldn’t come for awhile you checked on me to see how I was.

Allison:  We all begin to know and love them just as we know and love our human friends. There could be no better place to work than a doggie daycare.

Rumpy:  So for those that have never experienced Doggie Daycare, tell us what a typical day looks like.

Allison:  A typical day at Doggie’s Day Out usually begins very noisy and busy, so we take all of the dogs outside and play nonstop in order for them to release all of their built up energy. We are completely KENNEL-free so all of the dogs are together the entire day. We separate them all into groups of size and temperament to avoid issues.

Rumpy:  Oh yeah! We have LOTS of fun!  And us big guys don’t have to listen to those little guys giving us a bunch of lip!

Emily:   Right around 3 o clock in the afternoon they all begin to take their afternoon naps which allows us to prepare peanut butter kongs and other treats for them to have when they wake up!

Rumpy:  Just like daycare for human kids!

Emily:  Check outs begin around 5 or so and that is the time where we prepare dinner for the dogs that are staying overnight. Once all of the daycare clients have left, we put out blankets and cots for them to sleep on if they don’t want to sleep in the bed with our night shift staff.

Rumpy:  It’s almost just like home, and still no cages! So what would you tell someone who’s considering daycare for their dog?

Allison:  I would tell them to DO IT not consider it.  Daycare is one of the most valuable services available for dog owners and people should take advantage of it if it can fit in their schedule. I have seen multiple dogs progress so much in their socialization and temperament issues that I now have proof of how beneficial doggie daycare can be.

Me and my posse just hangin' at DDO

Emily:  One dog in particular was rescued off of a busy highway by a sweet couple who knew very little about how to care for a dog. The dog was very timid and afraid of almost everything. We advised the owners to bring her to daycare to help her anxiety, and now she is a completely new happy, healthy, and brave dog. She comes to daycare everyday and we know and love her new personality. When owning a dog, socialization is key!

Rumpy:  That is so true!  Well ladies, thanks again for being my guest, and for giving us all the inside scoop on Doggie Daycare!

And for the rest of you, remember: not all daycares are alike!  Before enrolling your dog, check out what services are offered and especially whether or not they are cage-free!  woo woo woo!!!

46 thoughts on “Working for the Dogs!

  1. Dear Rumpy, this is so beautiful, isn’t it? I wished to be there too… Thank you for you all, you are a great team. Thank you, Have a nice weekend, with my love, nia

  2. I totally understand why you love going to your day care!! Sounds like a wonderful, safe and happy place to romp with your friends. The staff sounds so genuinely caring for all of you!!!

  3. Wow!!! I’m so impressed! How wonderful place the doggie daycare is! Of course, I knew some about what doggie daycare is like because Rumpy often tells us how enjoynable place it is, but I now knew that it is a place not olnly for dogs whose owner are busy but also for dogs who are very timid and are not good at socializing! It must be a good enviroment to learn how to get along with the other dogs! Allison and Emily sound wonderful ladies who really love doggies as if they are their real human friends or their kids!!! I’m sure that like day nursery for human kids, doggie daycare will be more and more essential for humans!!! 🙂 Woo woo woo!!! 🙂

  4. Oh gorgeous Rumpy!! Look at you hanging out with your posse!! LOL!! Yay!!! Awwww what a great place for doggies to get all socialised and happy!! Awww hoorah for people like wonderful Emily and her centre!

    Take care

  5. I am so lucky to have my mom home with me all the time, but do you know if there are doggie day cares out there that handle special needs dogs?

  6. Oooh,the canine members of our family WISH we lived in Murfreesboro! I will try to get our vet to work with others in the area to establish something like this!

  7. I think I would enjoy this type of daycare, but my furry sister Nala would HATE it. So I have to go to the same one she goes to.

    Woofs & hugs, ❤

    ~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)

  8. I live in a big city and they have cat day care centers too. If cats are taken to a place that isn’t their “territory” then they don’t have issues with each other. Nobody has anything to prove.

  9. I think Doggy Day Care is a fantastic idea for some dogs (obviously, some dogs are just not suited to so many dogs in that environment). My one complaint is there is not enough in my state! But look forward to more opening in the future.

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