Poetry Challenge! Snow Haiku Edition!

Oh Dog! Dear DeDe here with Rumpy for a joint post!

Today is the great Haiku Challenge- Snow Edition!

Now, as you know, we love to write poetry, especially haiku.  It doesn’t mean we write good haiku, but we don’t let that stop us!

Here are our submissions:

Footprints in the snow.
Who dares enter my backyard?
A sniff will reveal.
Purple morning sky.
Snow blankets the countryside.
Come Jen, let’s go play!
from davrodigital-co-uk
Let’s play in the snow!
Let’s rip, run, and roll around
and then eat cookies!

Alright you guys!  It’s YOUR turn!

75 thoughts on “Poetry Challenge! Snow Haiku Edition!

  1. Woo woo Rumpy, Yours are great!!!! Let’s Haiku challenge!!!
    Here is mine!

    It snowed during the night
    Covering the ground ready for a play
    Waiting for us jumping on!

    I’m not good at writing a good Haiku, but I like thinking of it and writing on!!!

  2. ooh I loves haiku! – I writes #PiggieHaiku on mai twits page sumtimes! :o)
    dis mai pawtempt!

    White Blanket on Ground
    One tentative step-I sink
    Up to mai whiskers.

  3. We wants ta go to da pawk!!!
    Take us thewe ta play..
    Take us thewe taday…..
    How many times do I habs ta say????
    Take us to da DOGGIE Pawk taday!!!!

  4. I’ve never seen snow where I am. But Paw explained what it is, so here goes…

    What is this white cold?
    Confusion reigns is not known
    Wet paws, shake, lick clean

    And this is what Paw imagines my reaction would be to a snowy landscape…
    I do not step out
    Paws high with feline disdain
    Ears cocked, no way!

  5. Well we are so terrible at writing a haikus, we won’t even bore you with one. But we sure did enjoy all the others. Take care and have a super Sunday.

  6. Winter haiku
    Zoomies in the snow!

    Pals run together fastest

    Wanting more snow !

    Thanks for visiting my blog today, please come back and sign up like I do for you!

    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  7. Hi Rumpy – here’s mine:

    Red Kong lands in snow.
    Fluffy drifts conceal my toy.
    Dig, dig, dig – FOUND IT!

  8. Hi Rumpy!
    Great ‘Ku’s’ 🙂 We tend to write horrible ku’s with terrible events.. sort of ironic insights… so you asked for it and here they are…. our apologies….

    frosty breath rising
    in the quiet morning air
    where are those darn keys?

    Sparrows in the snow
    flitting all about, Hawk Dives
    takes one out, Lunchtime!!!!

    softly falling snow
    glistening in the moonlight
    I sigh with delight

    frosty breath at night
    snow crunching under my feet
    romantic moonlight

    snow is in the air
    with the winds howling at night
    yet warm is my hut

    Okay, terrible and the imagery is naughty…. ironic, and more… but it is all in fun.

    In mirth,
    The Collies and Chuck 🙂

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