A Visit With the Cat From Hell!

Oh Dog! Have you ever wondered why Nellie is called ‘The Cat From Hell?’ Then you gotta read today’s blog post! So grab some protective gear then help me welcome Penelope!

Thanks for being my guest today Nellie!  How about you start out by telling us how you got the nickname ‘Cat From Hell’?

Nellie: Well Rumpy, me is purebred lilac point Siamese. Me was first bought by peoples who did not know much about cats, but they thought they could make money by having me has kittens. Me was badly abused, Me was starved and me had owies all over me.

Rumpy:  Oh my Dog!!!!!

Nellie: We don’t knows how many peoples had me before me ended up at the shelter. Me hated peoples and lashed out and bit anybody who came near me. Me was so bad, that the shelter was not going to adopt me out or foster me because me was so awful. They was going to send me over the bridge. Then my daddy came and gots me and took me to my forever home. It took a long long time for me to even let them touch me. That’s how mes gots the nickname Cat From Hell!

Rumpy:  I’d say after a life like that any kitty would be a cat from hell!

Nellie:  We really don’t know how old me is because me never grew properly so when the vet finally saw me, they guessed. We thinks me is almost 14 years old. Kozmo is a rescue too. He and his litter mates was rescued from a hoarder. Many, many cats died. But he is a survivor too.


Rumpy:  YAY!!!!

Nellie:  Me has two hairy slobbery sisters (Bob and Cinnamon) which takes up a lot of Mommy and Daddy’s time that could be better spent catering to my needs. When me feels like me is not getting enough attention, me whaps Mommy, Daddy, the hairy slobbery sisters and Kozmo. After all, me does has a reputation of being a Cat From Hell to keep up.

Rumpy:  Sounds like you and June Buggie have alot in common!  *ducks*

Nellie:  Being a Cat From Hell, me likes warm and me has a few favorite places: beside my Daddy, on the blanket by the bedroom window where the sun puddles shine, in my bed with the heating pad in or in the little warm room where my litter box is. There is a hot metal thing that blows warm air that me likes to lay beside.

Rumpy:  I think I’ll submit June Buggie’s picture!  Now how about telling us about your humans?

Nellie:  My Mommy and Daddy cater to my every whim (except getting rid of Kozmo and the Hairy Slobbery Sisters, Bob and Cinnamon). Other than being slaves to my needs, Mommy works out of a virtual office so she is home all day and Daddy is retired and he is home too. Me don’t really pays attention to what they do unless me wants something.

The Hairy Slobbery Sisters

Rumpy:  And what kinds of treats are appealing to a ‘Cat From Hell’?

Nellie:  Hmmm, KFC, cat nip and Party Mix and when me is travelling in the Box That Moves, me LOVES jerky! Kozmo likes the same but he also like the occasional mouse.

Rumpy:  But no mousies for You huh?  So tell us what social media you use.

Nellie:  Me talks all the time and about a year and a half ago Mommy gots a iPad and me discovered cats who blogged, so me thoughts me could tell my stories to them too and convert them to the Cat From Hell way of life. Speaking of my followers, me has Cat From Hell badges! You too can be a hellion (or a angel) by sending me your picture to Penelope.catfromhell@gmail.com. Yous will gets one for your own and me will puts yous on my Hellions and a few Angels page. Me also accepts doggies as my followers!

Me mostly blogs. But me does has a facebook page. Me gots mad at Facebook when they cancelled my first page because me is a CAT! And because me is a cat and when me is not eating or writing my blog and visiting my followers me sleeps. A girl needs her beauty sleep yous know! Click here to goes to my FaceBook page.

Rumpy:  Awesome! I had no idea you were on Facebook, but I’ve sent a friend request.  Now, one last question for fun.  If you was a dinosaur, what kind would you be?

Nellie:  Pakasuchus kapilimai – a catlike crocodile that roamed the earth more than 100 million years ago. Me likes the idea of a being a cross between a crocodile and a cat! Me thinks that would make me the perfect Cat From Hell!

Rumpy:  PAWSOME! I’d never heard of this creature before!  Well Nellie, thanks again for being my guest.  You ROCK!

And the rest of you, please check out Nellie’s blog by clicking here.

87 thoughts on “A Visit With the Cat From Hell!

  1. Great interview Rumpy. Nellie is very beautiful and very articulate. I especially liked her description “of the the blanket by the bedroom window where the sun puddles shine”. Beautiful!

  2. Wow Nellie, I’m glad your daddy picked you up from the shelter before they were going to send you to over the bridge because you were awful!!! It is THEM who ARE awful!!! *angry face* You and your brofur Kozmo look very cute!!! Hmmm…my cat brofur sometimes bite my mom, so he must be also ‘a Cat From Hell’ ! BOL! Thanks for this interview, Nellie and Rumpy!!! 🙂

  3. My first reaction when I saw Rumpy’s email re this post was ‘He is interviewing June Buggie’? Wow, you really did come from a hell-hole, I admire your daddy for rescueing you. Also being a Siamese I know that it was worth it though. 🙂

    I am very glad you found a loving forever home, and I am glad to read that you managed to wrap your daddy around your paw (a trait we have in common).

  4. I love reading your interviews with animals who have found good homes. For all the people who don’t know how to look after an animal there are an awful lot of great owners out there. 🙂

  5. I once had a 17-pound lilac point with an overbite and crossed eyes. His name was Imp and I loved him, and he slept with his head on the pillow beside mine. No stray dogs dared come in our yard when Imp was a member of my household. But he and my dog, Rev, used to curl up together on the couch for long naps.Maggie gets along with cats better than other dogs, just fyi.

  6. Thank you for this beautiful interview, dear Rumpy. And I am so glad to meet with Nellie too! How makes me happy when I hear a cat finds a home… And how beautiful these people that Nellie had a family and home now… Blessing and Happiness, with my love, nia (By the way photographs fascinated me, I loved you all)

  7. Nellie!! Me and Charlie love you already!! We are so sad that you had such an awful start in life and are so happy your daddy came along to save you!!! Yay!!!!!

    You RULE!! Take care

  8. Dear Rumpy,
    Me was so honored to bes interviewed by yous! You is such a wonderful gentleman! Me sends yous lots of purrs and kitty kisses.
    Thanks yous!
    Nellie aka the Cat Fromj Hell!

  9. I am so glad there was a happy ending. Love that first photo most of all. 🙂

    Chedster responded to your comment about the F (fat) word!!!

    Laters, G and C 🙂

  10. What an awesome interview ~ we often wondered where Nellie got her name. We are so glad she has a safe home now and doesn’t need to be hellish anymore. We think it was fear and self defense. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  11. So nice to meet Nellie – what a tough time she had until her Dad and her forever home appeared to wrap her in a nice warm hug! Great interview Rumpy…..we’re going to visit Nellie’s blog right now…..we love having NEW friends!!

    Sammy (and his Mom)

  12. Mieow Mr.Rumpy,,,, you did a furry good job interviewing owr furiend Nellie…. What a horrible, horrible start poor Nellie :(( Oh we so Happy your daddy foundz you and brought you to your Furefer home :)) we don’t blame you fur bein Cat from Hell you had to defend youself from ugly monsterz!! 😐 Purrz to you Nellie ,we proud to be your furiend ^..^ xoxo
    And Good interview Rumpy 🙂

  13. Nice to meet you Nellie ! Please tell you humans they are wonderful and I wish there were more caring people like them.
    I do like this Pakasuchus kapilimai : thanks to you I learnt something, I know very little about dinosaurs, but from now on I can tell the Pakasuchus kapilimai is my favourite 🙂

  14. I really, really appreciated your interview with the Cat from Hell! Just goes to show what determined and patient socialization can do. I am still working with a little black male Dachshund throwaway who is almost there now, thank goodness! You ROCK as an interviewer, Rumpy!

  15. omaigooness grayshush! Wat a pawsome story how you iz reskewed Nellie. You iz such a pritty gurlz,Iz so sorry you had they mean hoomans doing terribulz things to you. Its grate that your dad gived you teh good home ware you lives (accept fur they sisters doggies, oh dear). Thanks you fur introdoosing us to Nellie Rumpy *hugs*

  16. Dearest Rumpy,
    Me has just posted my Friday post and thanked yous. And, there is a picture of me kissing yous!

  17. I love our Nellie so much. AdmiralHestorb did and so do I and my mommy too. Rumpy, fanks you for featuring her and her story and also for going to mommy’s WP human blog. Mommy appreciates it.

  18. Madam Lasagna thinks all cats are from Hell and should go back there :). But she has a generous spirit and is glad Nellie has found her forever home. She’s feelin’ for the Slobbery Sisters!

  19. Hi Rumpy! Nellie told us you had interviewed her so we came over to see. You did a first class job of it. We don’t just love reading what Nellie has to say, but we are more than a little bit in love with her too, but don’t tell her we said that will you.

  20. It takes cats a bit longer than dogs to recover from maltreatment. They are very sensitive animals and it’s hard for them to learn to trust once they’ve been hurt my humans. I don’t blame them.

  21. Hye Rumpy, this was a very nice interview of my friend Nellie. You have very good skills at asking good questions. My Vickie and I look forward to reading more interviews and getting to know more critters.

  22. Oh Nelli girl I am weeping after reading your story here & on Savannah’s blog (2013). My sweet girl you went thru so much; even more than my precious Nylablue. I could not believe anyone would hurt you or burn you…oh my CAT!!!! It made me scik to my stomach!!! I am so glad your Human Daddy rescued you & opened his home to you. Licorice sounds like he was your guardian angel…maye Gizmo will become special to you in time.
    Please know Nylablue & i are praying for you. Love from the other side of Canada…Sherri-Ellen xo

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