Sonnet for a Cookie

My friend Bassa always reblogs past posts when the tall person is out of town, so I think I’ll try that too.  Thanks for the idea Bassa!

But first, I have one friend who tells me he is having problems posting comments to my blog.  Is anyone else having this problem? If so, please let me know somehow. I’ll try to find a solution.

Today I will share a sonnet I wrote for one of my most favorite things- COOKIES!!!!

Sonnet For a Cookie

34 thoughts on “Sonnet for a Cookie

  1. Me and Charlie are clapping very hard cos we love love love your sonnet to your cookie – and Jenny too of course! LOL! Yay!!

    p.s we discovered we had to log-in to leave comments on some word press blogs. we click on the “w” under the comments box next to the sign for twitter and facebook and sign in first!

    Take care

  2. Heeheehee….I love your sonnet, Rumpy! I think that Cookies should be very pleased to be loved so much by you!!! I’ve never known anyone who described the charms of cookies as good as you did!!! BOL! 🙂
    P.S. love your cute pic!

  3. Love the sonnet Rumpy! I’m a big fan of the cookie myself but not sure I could write a whole sonnet about one…..bravo! Sometimes I have problems leaving a comment but Mom says it’s just her OLD ANCIENT COMPUTER – not your blog that’s the problem!!!

    Kitty Hugs

  4. That cookie sonnet is a great poem, even on second (and third) reading. We love the “carnivore’s delight” part. If we had a big bowl of something, we’d want it to be tuna flakes or maybe cream. Cookies are a good bet, too, especially for YOU!!

  5. You are quite the talented poet!

    About commenting, since WordPress made some changes to catching spam people who have WordPress accounts need to login to make comments, but people who do not should not have to. WordPress has information in their forums on it and they’ll help figure it out if someone has an issue.

  6. Saw the sonnet the first time and loved it!!

    There WAS a problem with WordPress a few days ago for people posting comments but they have since fixed it. 🙂

  7. Bravo! You are quite the wordsmith there Rumpy. Great job. (Tell Jen I couldn’t comment either until I logged into my wordpress account.)

  8. Meowser wowser!! totally fab sonnet thingy Rumpy…makes me want to try a cookie thingy myself! but I bet yours are way too big for me, huh?! I really don’t care much for many treats…weird don’t ya think? But there ya have it…you should get a whole box just for yourself ‘cuz you wrote so well…just sayin’…paw pats Savannah

  9. Fabulishious sonnet! It made me drool!
    BTW, Mommy has fixed our blog. If yous wants, just emails us and we can tells yous what we did so peoples could post.

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