A Victim of Tick Disease Speaks Out!

Oh Dog! I have a guest that has some important information to share with you today about ticks and the diseases they carry.  Pippa says he was a streetdog in Spain before he found his people, and now spends his time between Gibraltar  and his Spanish finca.  He likes to chase cats, eat toast, lie on his sofa in his Gib kennel flat, and lie in the sun by the gate at his Spanish finca.  He has a pretty laid back life now after scavenging on the streets for some time years ago.

 How about it everybody, give it up for Pippa at Pippadogblog!

Rumpy:  Thanks so much for being my guest today and for talking to us about tick diseases.  So Pippa, tell me what happened to you.

Pippa:  Well, I was feeling pretty under the weather.  I didn’t do boundaround for my food, and I struggled to get on and off my sofa sometimes. I didn’t want to walk very far. My people thought perhaps I was older than I was, because I don’t remember how old I was when I found them, and they thought I was just slowing down a bit.

Rumpy:  Oh Dog! That’s horrible!

Pippa:  One day, I crumpled up as we were going out for my morning walk.  Master quickly brought the vehicle around to my kennelflat and we shot off to see our super vet, Pedro.

Rumpy:  *chews nails* And?????

Pippa:  He had to take blood to send off for tests and when the results came back I had very high levels of canine erlichiosis, that’s tick disease. (read more of Pippa’s story here).

Rumpy:  That must have been very scary!  So what do you want folks to know about tick diseases?

Pippa:  There are lots of tick-borne diseases, and even humans get them too, and it makes them very poorly as well.

It’s important to know to get rid of the ticks, and prevent them attaching themselves wherever possible, but it is just as important to know what symptoms to look out for. We didn’t.  But now we do, and Misery Mistress has written an encyclopedia on it for anyone who wants to learn more (At roughseasinthemed).

Rumpy: I read that post and it has some great info about tick diseases. So, anything else you want folks to know Pippa?

Pippa:  If there are ticks where you live, or even where you go on holiday, make sure you know what the symptoms of the different tick diseases are.  It may not show itself for some time, and it can be treated, but it’s much better if you catch it early, because ticks can kill dogs and people.

Rumpy:  Great advice Pippa.  It’s also important to use preventatives that are safe for you and effective in killing ticks.  Your vet will have information about the latest medications available.  And, there are also natural ways to combat ticks for those of you who don’t like to use too many chemicals.

Now what about you. Are you fully recovered?

Pippa:  Happy ending note?  I am fine now, and I have put on lots of weight so that I can hardly get into my harness but I am NOT fat!

Rumpy:  Pawsome! Now, one more question for fun. If you was a dinosaur, what kind would you be?

Pippa:  A Pippasaurus Cazagatas (Spanish for cathunters – Buffy is Cazavampiras in Spanish)

Rumpy:  *yells* Oh June Buggie!  Oh, I mean, Thanks so much for being my guest today Pippa, and for sharing with us some timely information, especially for this time of year.

Pippa: Thank you for letting me get the message out about how nasty these ticks can really be, and how our people need to keep an eye out for any changes in our health.

And folks, please check the links above (Pippadogblog, roughseasinthemed) to get some great information on the warning signs of tick diseases.

Click here for a link to more great animal blogs!

61 thoughts on “A Victim of Tick Disease Speaks Out!

  1. When I read the title made me afraid and worry But I am so glad everybody is fine… Thank you dear Rumpy, Good dog, Cleveer dog… with my love, nia

  2. A long time ago when I was 13, I was in the woods everyday with my dog. My dog had lots of ticks, there were no ways to prevent ticks on dogs and little was known about tick disease in ppl. I had been in woods on Sat. Noticed a tick on me and removed it and didn’t think more of it. Sunday I woke up w/106 deg. Fever and red bloches on hands and feet. My doctor rushed me to the hospital and put me on meds for Rocky Mointain Spotted Fever. Luckily we caught it in time and I was cured. Most ppl died from RMSP back then, no one really knew what it is, I was lucky my doctor did. It is much better to prevent the ticks from getting on humans too!!

  3. wooo thanks for this article. Glad Pippa is ok now. We have a furfriend that has canine erlichiosis, she is doing well too. Ticks are in full swing here in our part of Spain, horrible things. We are treated against them, but mum has taken 3 off me today that came for a ride on my walkies. Luckily because of our treatment they dont bite and latch on. Thanks for sharing the article and info.

  4. Lyme disease is getting to be a pandemic among humans too. I know, as I suffer from the long term effects of not having it diagnosed many years ago! Four people in my village alone have had Lyme from tick bites over the last couple of years!

    Timely post and great to meet you Pippa. Glad you are ok now.

  5. I’m thinking of using a sling-shot to put corn out for the deer,,,we’ve been talking a lot about how bad the ticks will be this year, due to our warm winter..Thanks for the reminder and glad all is well

  6. OMD! Pippa and Rumpy, I was very surprised to read about tick-disease because I’ve never heard of this disease before…of course, I know ticks and to be honest, mom once found a tick hanging on my balls!!! ( oops!) mom pulled it out from where It was that hurt me! but we didn’t know that tick causes serious disease….we should learn more…*blush* I’m glad that Pippa is fine now. Thanks for sharing this infor, Pippa and for post Rumpy!!! 🙂

  7. Hi Rumpy…Great article…:-)
    If you dont mind, I am planning on reposting this on my blog and several other social websites. Every dog owner should know about this. Thank You
    Penny and Alexander

  8. Great post and helpful info on ticks. No dogs in my household and kitties stay inside where it’s safe but will pass the tick info on to the dogs in my extended family. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Your kitties are less likely for sure, but not immune. Ticks (and fleas) can ride on a human’s clothing into the home and later attach to your cat. Wouldn’t be the first time it happened.

  9. Killer ticks…just as well they freeze to death in the vacuum of space before reaching the frozen little moon of Europa then! I’m quite certain I’m a very tick free Icewolf…but I am a bit ticked off lol that I might catch them on a visit to Earth! You haven’t got any got any have you Rumpy?!!! lol

  10. Hi Y’all,

    My Human had tick disease before I knew her. She was in a really bad way for awhile before the doctors figured out what was wrong with her. She can really sympathize.

    Just stopped by to catch up with y’all.
    Have a great weekend!

    Y’all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  11. We just love Pippa – he is a really cool pup. We know how much he enjoys his toast.

    Ticks are gross and mean. That’s why Mom makes sure we all get our tick preventative once a month all year long. With this year’s very mild winter, we hear it is going to be a tough summer with lots of bugs, and fleas, and ticks.

    Hope everyone reading this post takes heed.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  12. Excellent post. I came here via pippadogblog so I’m very happy of the happy ending & that you are raising awareness. My dog had what started a tag on the corner of her eye & became quite ill until we realised the tag had “grown into” a tick. Very scary. Looking forward to following rumpydog 🙂 EllaDee

  13. My mom is a serious amateeur photographer and particularly likes macros of flowers and insects. Well, a tick got up close and personal to her and she got Lyme disease. She crawls around in the bushes and undergrowth to get some of her pictures. But she caught it in time (after less than a week) and after a minth of antibiotices it was cured. You can’t be too careful and now she uses repellent when she goes out.

  14. Rumpydog, thanks for sharing this information. About ten years ago, Peg, my shepherd mix, got ehrlichia which is transmitted by ticks. She had severe weight loss and became so weak we had to carry her around. The meds to treat her were so expensive that I sent the prescription to a friend who vacations in Mexico and he filled it there. Peg recovered, but I’m sure there are dogs and people who don’t make it. I hope you don’t mind if I share your article because people need to know how serious it is to prevent ticks.

  15. Reblogged this on radcliffdeafdog and commented:
    About ten years ago, Peg, my shepherd mix, got ehrlichia which is transmitted by ticks. She had severe weight loss and became so weak we had to carry her around. The meds to treat her were so expensive that I sent the prescription to a friend who vacations in Mexico and he filled it there. Peg recovered, but I’m sure there are dogs and people who don’t make it. Protect your dog by using flea and tick repellent that is recommended by your vet. There are some that burn pets so ask your vet and make sure you follow the directions.

  16. Yup they’re nasty little buggers. I’ve had two this year so far. Found one on Delilah, but it’s the little ones that worry me because I can’t find them on the dogs. I think I found one on me though!!

  17. Thank goodness my vet checks very thoroughly for tick disease. I have started running cycles around and around the large fenced yard (that I keep treated against ticks and fleas and other insects) twice a day, instead of walking them on leashes along the street. They love the games and enjoy this routine, now that it is a habit.

  18. Great interview again, Rumpy!
    I know all about ticks and diseases. I was the first dog in my area to get one called Anaplasmosis, which attacks blood cells. I was really sick, too. It showed up when as a last resort, my Dr. Celia checked me out for Lyme Disease (the test is good for other tick things, too!). I was on antibiotics for a month. But I’m much better now.
    Anaplasmosis is one of those ones that only usually shows up when you get sick with something else and something called your Immune System is weakened. I had a *blush*, *blush* bladder infection which allowed the Anaplasmosis to erupt at the same time!
    I’m really glad someone was able to help Pippa too. Those ticks are nasties for sure! And they make me an itchy [censored]. Oh. My scribe says not to say that here…. She says some two-leggers might take it the wrong way. But it’s true! -:o/=

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