A Special Rant from June Buggie!

Meow! My name is June Buggie, and I have something to say.

Well NOW you humans have done it! And I am so hissin’ mad that I’d like to claw somebody’s eyes out!

I just found out that thanks to a fast-moving plant disease, catnip plants are being eradicated throughout parts of the US. The disease has also been found in parts of Africa and is expected to turn up in Asia and Europe by the end of the year.

Really? Are you kidding me? 

From catnipexpert.com

It seems that this disease is the result of genetic mutation due to the excessive use of a variety of pesticides combined with dogs urinating on the plants.  Soon cats around the world will suffer the consequences as catnip plants die and begin to disappear.

If you keep catnip plants indoors, keep them there and it should be safe. Sprinkling them with Bonito flakes could help. But if your plants are outdoors, leave them there because it’s too late.

It’s just a darn shame that once again cats suffer because of the reckless behavior of humans.

And if you haven’t figured out yet that this is an April Fool, then now ya know.


91 thoughts on “A Special Rant from June Buggie!

  1. Hey JB. Keep your eye out for the plant they’re calling the catnip mimic. It looks and smells just like catnip, but won’t do a THING for ya. Pet stores are experiencing huge declines in normal sales due to this stuff being pushed on the streets. If it’s too cheap to be true… it’s NOT!

  2. jimineys JB I trust you & that sucked me right in. scary thing is humans do cause so much destruction, it really could be true!!!! love your rants!!! mwah

  3. Oh no! My dear June Buggie! Mom and me were seriously reading your rant and started being worried of it almost at the end of the story!!! 🙂

  4. Ya got me June Buggie…. I was thinkin’ all sorts of bad things ’bout humans again….. Glad it’s not true…. pussey cats gotta unite to make sure it never happens… 😉

  5. Oh man and I blamed my dog for urinating on my plants! Then I found out it was my college age partying neighbor who has a hard time holding it in after 12 beers …the only real peeve I had was that my plants were house plants in my living room! Ap fool my friend!

  6. Dear June Buggie,
    Yous sure had me going there! Me LOVES my catnip!
    Great April Fools!

  7. RC Cat: “Oh, my June! We were experiencing heart palpitations! We yeowled our distress and urged our attending staff to immediately guard our treasured indoor gardens. Fortunately We observed the German chortling in glee and read further. Such a wit! We are so amused at such creativity. Well, done Cat June. Well done ( Oh, We are still wiping tears of mirth from Our eyes!)

  8. Oh no! That’s terrible – thanks for sharing this news, however awful it is – oh, wait. You are pulling our tails heh heh!!!!!! Too funny har har har wooooooooooooh!
    Sammie and Avalon

  9. You got me, June Buggie!!!!! I was about to go scream at my humans. Thank pug I read the last line. Sigh!

  10. We were going to suggest that Teri start harvesting the catnip at her day hunting place and then wait til the market value goes up and make megamillions so she could keep us in the manner we are accustomed to…we were crushed when we found out it was an April Fools Day laff!

  11. That would be scary! There would be a lot of cranky cats going through withdrawal symptoms…nobody wants to see that!!


  12. Haha June Buggie,

    You sure are a Mischief Maker – I love your April Fool buddy – I have no idea what Catnip is cos I’m a Dog and I was starting to feel all guilty that I may have been peeing on your precious plants!! 🙂

    Have fun buddy,

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

  13. well you got us! we were about to go run outside and let our kitty friends know about the hilairous …. i mean terrible…. tragedy
    tee hee

    pibble sugars
    the pittie pack

  14. I was just about to jump in and say Jazz and Daisy wil be devastated if ‘this’ strike sin the UK, then read the last line. Embarrassed? Just a bit. Great post.

  15. Thanks for the smile June Buggie… Fortunately, if such a thing were true, my kitties have a nice little pot of freshly sprouted catnip that they are anxiously waiting for. And plenty of seed packs in reserve incase there ever is a shortage. 😉

  16. I do not blame June Buggie in the least for being furious at humans continue use of pesticides that has ruined the joy of catnip plants for so many felines! WHY cannot pesticides be outlawed, or something?

  17. Hey June Buggie, Jet here.

    You totally have the right to be hissin’ mad… Mom gets hissin’ mad about pesticides on lawn here, because it gets into our paws, we lick them, etc… then bad things happen… ugh…

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