Wordless Wednesday- Featuring June Buggie!



43 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday- Featuring June Buggie!

  1. OMD OMD!!!!! June Buggieeee!!! How adorable you are! There is no one prettier than you!!!! Awwww…I can’t sleep tonight because my mind is full of your cute faces….awww…lovely….*dreams of June Buggie*

  2. Orange tabbies kitties have such cute personalities – I bet she is fun to live with! (maybe a little bossy, but entertaining, right??)

  3. When you look that good do you really need to say anything at all? That is the kind of good looking that just deserves to be worshiped 🙂

  4. The cliche is that pictures say 1,000 words. I think these might say more. “Where is my food?” “What mischief can I mount before my machinations are uncovered?” Etc….

  5. June Buggie – you obviously were concerned if it was time for your close-up! Then:”What? Which is my best side? But, they’re all good” Finally, “It’s snuggle time – I am disturbed it is taking you so long to pet and me.Sit. Stay. Pet. Purrrr” Just a beauty queen

  6. June Buggy, Does yous has a girl cat friend? Yous is gorgeous and yous speaks your mind!

  7. Oh June Buggie, we
    love you so. You’re handsome and
    very smart as well.

    We have another friend named June. We wonder if anyone ever calls her June Bug. Speaking of bugs, we know you like to boss Rumpkin around sometimes, but we also know that, in his heart of hearts, he loves you! He just doesn’t want people to think he’s a big ol’ softie.

    Love & loud purring from us!
    P.S. We have a cat tree like yours. Isn’t that cave just the best thing ever invented??

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