New Feature- Social Media Info Swap!

Oh Dog! Rumpy here with a short-term interactive feature for all us bloggers!

We all keep hearing about how we need to incorporate social media into our blogging experience to let people know about us. But let’s face it, we don’t all know how to effectively use these media.

Does this look like you when someone says "Social Media?"

Well then, how about we teach each other? I’ve learned alot from different bloggers, and I’ve been able to share some info with some others. How about we help each other learn about using different aspects of social media?

Here’s MY tip for the week: At the very least, you should have a Facebook page and a Twitter account. And you should give WordPress permission to post to each of them. That way when you publish a post, it immediately goes out on your Twitter feed and Facebook page.

Now here’s what I want to know from you: what social media outlets are you using, and which do you most recommend?

81 thoughts on “New Feature- Social Media Info Swap!

  1. I am linked to those too, as well as Google+ and Pinterest, but I only let Twitter automatically post–I don’t like the way WP posts look on FB so I use the FB link at the end of my article (like yours above) as well as G+ and P. I’m also on LinkedIn, StumbleUpon and Reddit, but I only post occasionally to those, also manually.

    1. What do you not like about the WordPress auto posts to Facebook? And I don’t know anything about StumbleUpon or Reddit. Do you know of a good how-to resource?

  2. We are on the same ones as you! Mama has a love/hate relationship with Google Plus right now…
    xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

  3. I only use blogger! Unlike Charlie, I can’t do more than two things simultaneously! LOL! Take care

  4. Hi Guys!
    I’ve been using my FB and twitter accounts. Now I created a Bluejellybeans page in FB, but can’t manage to publicize my post in there… still working on that.
    Thanks for the tip. Ah! I prefer FB.

  5. Have you connected your Facebook page to WordPress? Go to Dashboard, choose Settings (left margin) and then Sharing to connect your Facebook account to WordPress.

  6. I am connected to twitter and FB as well as Google+ and Linkdin. I want to set up a fb page though apparently you can only hook up to one fb at a time. So i guess I have to choose or do it manually somehow.

  7. I have a twitter account and a facebook account. I’m on Blogger, so the WordPress stuff doesn’t apply to me. I use Hootsuit for my Twitter account. Sometimes on busy days, HH used to schedule a few tweets throughout the day. That works best on her Art News blog, but it might work here too.

    Have a great day and good idea to share Social Media brain cells.

    pawhugsk Max

    1. Can you also connect a blogger account to your Facebook and Twitter accounts? And I didn’t know you could schedule Tweets with Hootsuite! I gotta check that out. Thanks Max!

  8. Hi Ya Rumpy! Great Post! Although we don’t use any socal media like Facebook or Twitter, we do have some great things to share.

    1. Photo Editing: Currently, we use for all of our editing needs, but Picnik is closing on April 19th (yes, that’s this week) and going to Google+. We are very happy with Picnik and will miss it dearly, but we have had to jump through hoops to find another photo editing site that compares to this site. Soooo, we found that is awesome and also that are great replacements, also, and are recommended.

    2. Gardening Websites: We have done the research and found these two sites that have excellent resources for home gardening. is a site about everything pertainting to tomatoes, and is the best resource we found for everything gardening from recipes, how to freeze your home grown vegetables, how to plant them, care for them, how much water they need, etc. The list is endless!

    3. Blogging Information: All of you have to visit this site, as she will provide you with ALL the information you ever dreamed of regarding Facebook, Twitter, WordPress & more! I refer to her site all the time! (Don’t forget to sign up for her email subscription too so you don’t miss her tips too!)

    4. Seasonal Items: is a great place to pick up any type of seasonal products from Christmas to Halloween Props. Check em out!

    I hope all of these sites are helpful to you!
    Nikita –

  9. Rumpydog, I’m glad you brought up the networking subject. I have FB and Twitter accounts, the blog, etc. but all the other stuff to add…oh, boy! I would like to get the word out better. A cat can only purr so far..:)


    1. I don’t know how to link non-Wordpress blogs to Twitter and Facebook, but I’m sure there’s an app out there. If your blog’s help site doesn’t have info, Google it. It really helped me to link my accounts.

  10. I only have a twitter account and enjoy reading the other pals blogs very much. So far that is good enough for me. Of course, writing a blog sounds very interesting but must be very hard to do the work. Someday, I wanna have a FB account but as a dog, it might be impossible, no?
    I’ve learned lots through blogs, so I very much appreciate them! 🙂

    1. I’m also trying to use them all, but I don’t know what I’m doing. I’m hoping if we each pool our knowledge we can all use social media more effectively.

  11. I have a FB page at, a Twitter account @naturebydawn, and two blogs – and I also have a Pinterest account at And I have recently started my Google+ at Rumpy, I believe we are already following each other on twitter and we have visited each other’s blogs. And I think we recently found each other on Pinterest. But I am not sure if I have your Facebook page. I will see if I can find it with a link later today. Do you have a Google+ yet?

      1. I don’t use Google+ much either. But I noticed that the keywords for my dog seat belt photos I put on Google+ show up on the first page of Google so it is really doing a lot of good.

      2. I don’t know enough about Google+ yet to use it Boris. I think I follow you on there though. I’ll check all the others too.

    1. I’ll check and make sure I’m following you. I do have a Google+ account, but I don’t know much about it yet. I think we’re hooked up on Klout also, right?

  12. Here’s all da ones I use.

    Iffen it lets u use twitter or FB to post I recommend connecting them as it saves u extra work. I use Pinterest to like and share utter peoples photos/crafts/ideas etc and it automatically posts to Twitter for me which den posts to ma FB profile.

    My Twitter automatically posts to ma FB profile and ma FB pages automatically post to Twitter.

    YouTube iz also connected to both Twitter & FB so when I upload, like sumfin or comment it is shared on both Twitter/FB too.

    My MobyPictures upload to both Flickr n FB as well as mobypictures and tweets out da original upload and any comments on da photos (just never click on der home page or u could see nasty fings).

    TokiPoki iz still a work in progress but it iz pawsum and fun. Free to join but if you want to get your trading cards der is a cost for dat.

  13. Here are the main social media sites I use:

    I recommend if they let you conenct to twitter and/or facebook do it! Saves a lot of extra time and spreads the fun around to all ur pals.

    Ma FB page posts to Twitter and my Twitter posts to ma FB profile (different den page).

    I use Pinterest to share photos/crafts/ideas from utters and it tweets my posts and adds the activity to FB profile too.

    YouTube is connected to both Twitter/facebook to share my uploads, likes and comments.

    MobyPictures tweets my pikshurs and comments on dem as well as uploads dem to flickr n facebook so more peepl gets to seed dem.

    I lub it is anipal trading cards wif some social aspects (hopefully growing). U can join for free and/or buy ur trading cards to share wif ur online pals offline too!

    1. Of course ma bloggy also tweets when I put up a new post, but facebook has changed so now u must manually add a link if you want.

      So we started using HootSuite Pro which lets us do facebook updates and tweets and even schedule dem fur later. Well worth the $ for the pro edishun der.

    1. Facebook has gotten much more more loud lately and I don’t use it as much as I used to, but I have some great friends on there and I don’t want to lose them.

    1. Then I suggest you follow the #nipclub or #wlf hashtag to meet other anipals. That’s a great place for you to start! They’d love your blog!

  14. Whew! Rumpy and June Buggie! You totally started something here! So much information I can use ‘cuz I am kind’a new to all this and my typist, I mean my Mom, is pretty lame on social network stuff.
    So my links first: blog!/MsSavvyDo my page on my Moms FB
    I have hard time using FB page…not sure how to maximize it or even if I have it set up correctly…can’t get anyone to “like” it so not sure it is even public??
    Try to follow other blogs, but if they are not on wordpress like me, then it is hard to figure out h ow to follow them…blogspot and others use something called feedburner?? And then I try to follow and find something called “networked blogs” and can’t figure how to join them or am afraid to cuz they send me to +Google and I have already had weird people try to include me in their Google circles and stuff…not sure what that is about either. Thanks for starting this conversation. Luvluvluv this community…paw pats and lots of purrrs to all

  15. Dear Rumpy,
    We don’t Twitter, but we do facebook and blog. We used to twitter and facebook and not blog, but when we started blogging, something had to go and twitter it was.

  16. Mom puts my blog on Facebook and Twitter manually. She also has it automatically update on Goodreads and JacketFlap which are for readers and writers. Lately, she’s started posting pictures of me (with my blog URL) on Pinterest. So far, nobody has repinnd me. What is wrong with people??!

    Love and licks,

  17. We are on Twitter & have a FB page, but my mom person doesn’t know how to use the FB page and the only thing that ever happens with it is our posts show up there. Lots of good tips in your comments, though.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  18. Blogger, twitter, facebook (x2 one for Family, one for everyone else!), here, and a 2nd w/p account….and what remains of Spaces Live now they shunted us Windows Live bods over here 🙂 Oh and Flikr 🙂 Is that a record? lol 😉 W/P is linked to Windows Live home page along with Flikr. The others are intentionally NOT linked to anything and are under different names 🙂

  19. Not ready for anything other than WP at the moment…. and even then, I don’t have the time to do more than check out a few blogs (yours being one Rumpydog). Great post though and I’ve saved a few links for when time allows me to do more….. Good for you Rumpy; we all need more great info… 😉
    Sweetie sends her woofs…. 🙂

  20. I haven’t bothered with Twitter. It doesn’t fit the profile of my blog, as in nothing I post would ever fit in a Tweet. I have a Facebook page that I had for nearly a year before I moved to WordPress, but now it’s just a copy of the posts on my blog. I have to copy my posts manually because once I connected from a site that blocked Facebook, the link stopped working.

    I don’t promote myself, which is what I think “using social media” really means.

  21. I use Facebook and Twitter and LInkedIn and Digg and..and..well you get the idea. I love you guys on Facebook and Twitter both. I LOVE the political tweets from my animal friends best of all! That is what it will take to straighten out our elected officials, for sure!

  22. I use the wordpress feature to post to my twitter and facebook page. I also have accounts with pinterest, tribber and google plus, but I don’t know how to use any of them. 😦

      1. Aw, thanks. ♥ I tried promoting my stories on Facebook. By the time I moved to WordPress, I had personally begged a whole 51 people into liking my page and only two actually read anything I posted. I don’t have the emotional fortitude for that kind of rejection.

  23. I have twitter, linkedin and facebook connected with WP so that posts auto publish. Google+ can’t auto link YET but I simply pop over there when I load a new post add the link and publish it. The good thing about getting post info to google+ is that it’ll snag google’s attention faster thus increasing the folks that google sends to your site from searches. I’ve got to get set up with stumble, pintrest and some of the others yet… still working on it.

  24. We use Twitter- it drives the best traffic. We also have a FB page- but have struggled to get people involved with it- even though we post different things there. We only let twitter automatically update through the WP site- we have to do it manually on FB otherwise the picture won’t show up! We just started posting to Pinterest. We’ve been trying to figure out how to get more “LIKES” on the WP site recently- wondering if design has anything to do with it. We know it gets a lot of traffic & people like it- we just can’t get them to click it :)!

    Thanks for having this as a subject!

  25. I am loving all of the suggestions/replies in this post Rumpy – thanks for suggesting it. As mentioned on Twitter last night, I think we should all retweet our post alert tweets to help share the love. I do have one question for you: when I get my email alerts that you have a new post up, I have to click through to read the full post, it doesn’t all appear in your email. I can’t for the life of me figure out how to set mine up so that it does that … can you point your paw in the right direction for me? thanks 🙂

  26. I’m crap at social media and I think this is a great idea. But…does anybody actually pay any attention to anybody else’s tweets? I don’t (or to my own). Who does? and why?

    1. Yes, I actually read tweets. Following tweets can be fun if you follow the right people. I find that certain tweeters do nothing but advertise while others spew random nonsense. This is annoying. But many of the ones I follow have funny quotes, jokes, or links to great articles worth reading (and only occasional advertising). I keep my twitter up all day and glance at it every hour or so, then comment or mark as favorite if I like it. Obviously, I don’t see everyone’s tweets. I only see the tweets if I happen to be looking at twitter at that time.

  27. Hey Rumpy, Jet here.

    Great idea. Mom asked me to share that our posts go to her personal FB page. Her Kitchen Counselor blog, fb and twitter keep her so busy along with my blog and her 3 jobs, that for now, she said I cannot get my own fb or twitter… hmpf…

  28. It depends on what you want to accomplish. All the various sites have their strengths and weaknesses, which is why they all exist. My favorite is simply my WordPress blog.

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