A Feral Dilemma

Oh Dog! Yesterday was a very sad day. 

As Jen was leaving for the store, she saw a kitty we hadn’t seen for awhile, and she was in terrible shape.  She has a hematoma in one ear and the other looks like it had one that ruptured.

The kitty used to be vocal and not so frightened. This time she was terrified.

As we ponder our options, I thought it might be a good idea to revisit June Buggie and Hissy Fit Jones’ debate on feral kitties.

There are no easy answers.

June Buggie and Hissy Fit Jones Debate!

48 thoughts on “A Feral Dilemma

    1. It is! And ear mites are so easily treated! But she can’t be because she’s not going to let anyone touch her. I will have to trap her but I’m afraid to because she may still have nursing kittens.

      1. We don’t know if she does and if so, where they are. We can try to trap her and see if there’s evidence that she’s nursing. But if not, we’d have to surrender her to animal control.

    1. I do too, but they don’t. And I am really struggling with this dilemma. At first I thought TNR was the right thing to do, but after watching several of these cats suffer with what would be easily treated with my own cats, I’m not so sure anymore.

  1. I’m very so sorry to hear about the feral kitty who Jen saw. It is really a hard decision to make that which idea, Hissy’s or June Buggie’s, is better….
    If we could look after all poor feral kitties at our house, that would be the best…but that sounds impossible….I truly understand Jen’s dilemma…..very difficult to answer…. 😦

  2. I’m not too comfortable with leaving domesticated species out fending for themselves…they too often have short, uncomfortable lives 😦
    Not that people always do what’s right either – I saw an old dog with a huge ear hematoma in the back of a truck the other morning – I just hope they were on their way to the vet….

    1. It IS frustrating. My heart won’t let me not care, but my wallet doesn’t allow me to care much. And all the while I keep thinking that I’m tired of being stuck cleaning up other people’s messes.

  3. I try and keep an eye on the feral kitties in my hood and saw Oreo this morning and he/she looked better than last week – good news. So sorry to hear about this kitty and Jen will know what to do.

  4. wellll…I thought I would offer some thoughts, no answers.BUT…out door cats, feral or with peep families are subjected to enormous dangers, rural or urban. Mom saw a coyote walking through our street with dead cat at 12N. People think if they only let cats out in day, they are safe, not so. And the feral have to deal with these conditions on daily basis and more often than not die in painful, horrible and lonely ways. If they cannot have a safe environment to live out their lives in comfort, then perhaps SNR is not an appropriate path for the feral cats and only serves to make the peeps feel better? Just a thought…Jen you will do what you can…paw hugs Savannah

  5. For every feral cat out there, there is a pathetic excuse for a human who simply decided to sweep it aside and hope it made it. We have two kitties who were tossed away, rescued by our granddaughter and living with us for 8 years. The only problem they had, both were pregnant. From 2 to 12 kitties in 3 weeks. We kept on kitten, found good homes for the other 9. Our kitties love covering everything in layers of fun. They attempt to make sure no surface is left clean. The deserve medals for their dedication to their pursuits. 😀

      1. Aren’t those the words of a drinking song? 😀 All a person needs is three very hairy critters and they will need a new song!!;)

  6. Poor kitty 😦

    We can’t save them all. But it’s so hard to think that we’re why they’re in that situation to begin with.

  7. Its sad that so many Cats and Kittens are neglected and are in need of healing.. My thoughts are with all of you who do such an excellent job in looking after so many unwanted and ill animals.. Good Luck and thank you for all the hard work every one does in helping such little Kittens.. xxx Hugs Sue

  8. Rumpy, that was very sad. Poor cat! Me thinks your Jen needs some extra special loving. Me sends comforting purrs.

  9. Such a sad dilemma. Poor little kitty – not its fault at all. Wish we had an answer.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  10. Oh no, this is quite the dilemma. I, like so many, don’t have the answer. On a happier note thank you for visiting my blog betty the bichon!

  11. An ongoing debate in one’s loving heart when seeing injured feral cats! Thank you for keeping us aware of this problem, Rumpy! Each case must be handled differently, I think. Having catch-cages handy may be of use sometimes.

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