Wordy Wednesday

 I have been very busy trying to figure out what to do about these babies!

I contacted rescues.

I blogged, and lots of friends spread the word!

I even worked the talk show circuit! Did you see me on Letterman last night?  No?

Thanks GEorgie Laider for the pic!


Our only bite was Nashville Humane- they will take the babies at 8 weeks IF they are socialized and IF they are healthy.  OK, but we’re broke and Jen already doesn’t spend enough time with me.  *sigh*

The low-cost spay/neuter clinic will spay mama if Jen can trap her. I guess I can do without cookies for awhile.

Meanwhile I’m working to get on Ellen.


23 thoughts on “Wordy Wednesday

  1. Rumpy, that’s an awesome picture of you. I hope someone who sees you on Letterman makes a good home for those kittens.

  2. Oh my, this is Kitten Season alright! Maybe Jen could put a can of really stinky fish food in that trap and hopefully Mama Cat will go right in. Canned food is always such a treat!

    Whatever you said to Dave made him laugh. If we’d known you were a guest, we’d have wondered if you could ask him how come he always wears white socks with his suits and nice shoes! If you get to talk to Ellen, we hope she’ll help you and Jen. After all, she makes a lot of money from her Halo pet food, so maybe she’ll spread the wealth around and help out some cute fluffy kitties in Murfreesboro!

    Love and loud purring to everyone at your house!!

  3. OOH! That’s a great idea! Ellen LOVES helping strays…definitely send her a note…or comment on her FB page…she’s pretty good at checking that…or she has people that check it for her!!

  4. Rumpy, I hope that the TV show that you joined as a guest helps to find a god way for mama cat and 4kitties. What a good boy you are that you can do without cookies for a while….I’m sure that you’ll have cookies from somewhere soon. *pawhugs*

  5. We hope you can find a home for them! Stray cats & dogs need our help! We have found strays around our area in past years and the APL has taken them in, and we hope that they found a good home for them! It is so honorable of Jen to try to help these animals! This is the reason that we are trying to help out the APL raise money for them. We have 4 days left to collect online donations for their annual fundraiser! If you can help, here is the link: http://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/themesnthings/2012-doggy-dollars-kitty-kash

  6. Rumpy you were brilliant on Letterman last night. We’ll brainstorm more today to see if we have any other suggestion. We’re sorry we haven’t been able to help more.

    Bella and DiDi

  7. We do hope you can find a rescue to take the little ones. Wish we could have one, but Mom says we don’t do well with kitties:(

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  8. Me is sorry me has not been around for a few days, but me was incarcerated. Thank heavens Spitty gots me out!
    Those poor babies! Me really feels you yous and your Mommy!
    Sending yous purrs

  9. Fingers cross you can catch the mama. Once caught she may be grateful and so tired of the struggle. Rumpy, paws crossed someone can help
    …any med school students/interns/residents around (post on bulletin board or website)? Not for the doctoring – but many times they adopt self sufficient pets – Docs in training don’t have much time, but really need a friend to cuddle with after a hard day.
    Will try to think of more helpful ideas.
    Big wet nose poke and paw on lap from the German

  10. Oh, Rumpy. We’re sad about what’s happening, but you sure made us laugh with your photo from the Letterman show. I think it’s a great idea to contact Ellen and see if someone can help. Please let us know before you go on her show! xo Berner Girls

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