June Buggie is Shameless!!!!

MEOW! My name is June Buggie, and I have something to say.



This post goes out to all you business-types out there. Yeah- you.  I know you’re out there somewhere, and you contact us occasionally about dog products.

But I wanted to remind you that this is primarily a CAT household! We simply allow the dogs to live here at our whim- to take the blame for all bad deeds, to frighten off the bad humans and to torment occasionally.  OK, to torment daily.

So here’s the thing- I want to test drive a cat tree.  Yeah, I KNOW we have one, but it’s always full!  Why, just yesterday I wanted to have a snooze up there, but THIS is what I saw.



So how about you sending a cat tree for ME to try out. I won’t allow anyone but ME to use it, and I’ll give you a FAIR *wink wink* review about how wonderful and comfortable and cool it is………… for ME.

After all… why would you want a dog to test drive a cat tree? Right?  



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77 thoughts on “June Buggie is Shameless!!!!

  1. Hey June Buggie, Jet here.

    You tell ’em. And, while you’re at it, can you advocate (vocabulary builder) for another tree for Puffy and Fluffy? They’ve never had one… they’re good reviewers too!

      1. (From Fluffy and Puffy aka Fluff and Puff)… MEOW back, You are a wonderful feline for understanding our slightly deprived situation in the tree department!

  2. …where did I see an AMAZING homemade one on the interwebz….gosh, I wish I could remember. Will post link if I spot it again.

  3. BOL! Yes June Buggie, the cat tree looks very busy!!!! and oh no…..there aren’t any space where you get in…..*sniff* I surly think that you’re one of the best reviewers like little Girl, so you should have your own one to test drive!!!!! 🙂

  4. Catzowey June Buggie! I’ma driving over in my EyeTailYun Ferrarri car and weeza gonna goes test driving in style! Youza meowvalous and deserving:)

  5. June Buggie – what a clever cat you are! I like a take charge female and hope you do get a cat tree all for yourself soon!! While your at it, can you get me on the Ellen DeGeneres Show? That would be so cool!! Have a great day and good luck!!!

  6. Hey June Buggie! It’s me, Nikita. I live in a house with five cats and I am the only dog. My Mommy built our cats a “Condo” and an “Office” that they can play in made out of boxes. The “Office” is made out of two large boxes taped together, and it has a hole cut out in between the two boxes so they can go upstairs on another floor. They have a fluffy blankie in the top of the office so snuggle in and they LOVE it. Windows and a door are also cut out of the box so they can see out. The cats will play in anything, so even a box will do if you can’t get a fancy cat tree! As for me, I don’t play “In” boxes, I just run around with them all over the house! Woof!

  7. June Buggy, that cat tree does look really full and we think that is such a good idea to test a cat tree to make sure it is suitable. Besides, it sure looks like your house needs two of those cat trees. More parking space. Take care.

  8. rock on June Buggie! Totally only right and fair that as a primarily cat house (hmmm, is that a pun???) you should get some products to test as well…of course they must be cat related, right?

  9. Rumpy Dog, I have enjoyed your blog. I want to pass along the Readership Appreciation Award to you. It is on my latest post. Please click, save, enjoy and pass along!

  10. Rumpy Dog! I can’t believe you let the kitties run the house. Thank you for posting on my blog- I just did a post on Cinco de Mayo- I hope you have a good one as well

  11. Wow, that cat tree has a bumper crop this year!! We have the very same tree at our house, but usually only two of us are on it at a time. And look at how plump and gorgeous Malachi is now! Jen, you have the magic touch. We hope June Buggie gets a fancy tree of his own to review. That would be great fun.

  12. Hey June Buggy, if yous gets more than one, yous could send it over to my house! Me needs a cat tree too!
    Hope yous is having a great weekend!

  13. Cat tree test driver is definitely going to be my next job. I never thought such a cool job existed 🙂
    However, I am sorry you to endure this cat tree crisis June Buggie. I sure hope this situation will be solved shortly. x

  14. Ha!! Hi, June Buggy! Cat trees are fabulous!
    Sweetie (who is The Cat of the House) has a couple of them. One for sleeping and one for playing.

    He especially likes having catnip hidden in the crevices…

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