It’s Poetry Time!!!!

Oh Dog! It’s been SOOOOOO long since we last had a poetry challenge and we are WAYYYYY past due!

So listen up you dogs and cats (and humans too!)- this Friday we’re gonna throw down with some haiku!  Are YOU up to the challenge?

Now remember, there are several different form of haiku. The most common to those of us who are not poetry geeks is the standard 3 lines, 5-7-5 form.  It goes something like this:


If you want true love,

stop looking for it. Instead,

go adopt a dog.


Now I never claimed to write GOOD haiku, and that’s not what our Poetry Challenge is all about.  I don’t impose rules here…. well, except you need to keep it nice (it is my blog and I will delete anything I deem offensive or rude).  So if you’re anal about making sure it’s “Right,” you’re probably not gonna like what we got to say.

Well? What are you waiting for? Get to work! Write a haiku…or a limerick…. or any kinda poem you want.  Then come back Friday and post it in the comments, and let the rest of us ooh and ahhhh over your creative genius!

I can’t wait! I’m so excited, I better go outside!  woo woo woo! 

And an update to the WordPress dilemma: Thanks To Tita Buds, I have now changed my settings so you will NOT get emails about subsequent comments UNLESS you check the box saying you want to.  If you’re a WordPress blogger and you want to know how to change YOUR settings, check out Tita Buds’ post about how to change your settings.


61 thoughts on “It’s Poetry Time!!!!

  1. Wooo wooo wooo!!! Haiku Challenge!!! We’ve been missing it for a long time! and I’m glad to have it this friday! Although I’m not good at writing it, I very much enjoy paticipating in it! and also reading many other Haiku! Can’t wait! 🙂

  2. Hey Rumpy. It’s been quite some time since I last visited. How are you? A limerick contest? LOL. I couldn’t resist laughing at your sentence “So if you’re anal about making sure it’s “Right,” you’re probably not gonna like what we got to say.”

    Huggies and Cheese,


  3. THANKS fur fixing that email thingy… I had NEVER had one until last week. Now I am finding SEVERAL wordpress furends that sending them to me. I was afraid that my Comments would NOT show up butt (WHEW) they did.. even though I just deleted the email. I will TRY to do a poem.

  4. I’ve got Mr. Cheddar working on this today! As you already know, he loves writing haiku poems. His will definitely be of the feline kind. 😉

    Happy Week Rumpy, G and Ched!!!!

  5. Hi there!!! What a beautiful dog!! Just came her for a visit…am now following you on twitter. You left a comment on my blog..yea!!! Your not getting the nasty message!! Thanks so much for letting me know:)
    Thanks so much for the visit!

  6. Glad to make your acquaintace, Rumpydog. At our house there are 4 rescue doggies, the avatar one is the oldest. She’d like you. The smallest one is very cute but fussy so she would probably snap at you. Trespassing cats will be prosecuted, unfortunately.
    Sorry, we don’t do haiku, either.

  7. Oops, nearly forgot, I’m going to follow your blog, on one condition – you don’t make me write poetry, lol.

  8. If you want true love,

    stop looking for it. Instead,

    go adopt a dog.

    this my friend is the wisest thing ever..and so true…my snowy is unwell today and it makes me sad…im worried because he is showing signs of his earlier illness.. 😦

  9. We are excited for Friday Rumpy! Some laps in the yard are in order 🙂

    P.S.- Thanks for figuring out the Word Press snafu. A dog can only process so many emails.

    Bella and DiDi

  10. Nobody else has been able to get me to write haiku and publish it online except YOU,Rumpy! It must be your cute nose! I WILL be posting a haiku in my comment here on Friday!

  11. Hey Rumpy! Thanks for visiting again! Nice Haiku!! One could just switch the dog for cat but, that’s just my opinion hehe… I appreciate that you took the time to come and leave so many comments and “likes.” I’ve been absent too since work is so demanding for my human. But summer’s around the corner with plenty of time to cartoon around… =)

  12. Bless you Rumpy Dog for providing a solution to the staggering amount of e-mails I’d been getting. Not for me. For those who responded to blogs I’d also responded to. Overwhelming. I did check out Tita Buds’ blog. I’ll try that out tonight.
    My Haiku: Rumpy Dog don’t stew
    Indeed I do so love you
    Cuz your heart is true.
    Thanks again.

  13. Hi Koo! My Human is an English teacher so I think I should get extra credit for that. And MY hi koo will NOT be about some….d-o-g ::shudder::

  14. Haiku challenge I never could get the hang
    So Rumpy you win, and I’ll be dang!
    Your poetry I’m sure is very neat!
    But with my Rhyming slang I will not beat
    The clever verse of Five and Seven..
    So good Luck in Rhyming heaven..
    Love Dreamwalker xxx

  15. Mom’s not very good at poems, and she gets quite grumpy trying to write one. But she loves reading them and loves how clever yours are! Keep them coming Rumpy!

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