You’ll Never Forget It

If you’ve ever heard the sound, you’ve never forgotten it.

No matter how long it lasts, to you it seems to go on forever.  Even after it ends, it keeps ringing in your ears and vibrating throughout your body.

You pull yourself together and go on with your day, and you’re actually able to block the sound from your mind.

But when the evening comes, your mind replays the sound over and over again.  You ask yourself if you’re SURE that’s what you heard. Could it have been something else? Could my mind have just been playing tricks on me?

I heard it this morning. I’d just stepped out the door. I was rushing, running late.  I threw my belongings in the car and ran to the sound.  Hoping I could intervene. Knowing I’d be too late.

And then it stopped.

And I got in my car and went on my way.


I don’t know the cat I heard being killed this morning. I don’t know what killed it. But I heard the cries.

And now each time I think of those feral babies, I cry. Because one day that may be them.




60 thoughts on “You’ll Never Forget It

    1. I live in the middle of town, but the back of this property backs up to a small wooded area. There are many critters that reside there- we’ve even seen a deer.

      Was the cat killed? I hope so. Because there are things worse than death- at least to me.

  1. It may be a cruel and selfish thought, but I’m glad you didn’t see it. Carrying the sound around with you is one thing, the vision would be intolerable. Some things I saw still return when I least expect them.

    1. I have seen it before. And you’re right- they do return. Like this morning. I’ve watched a cat be killed. Heard the sound. And that’s how I knew what I was hearing was not just a cat fight.

  2. Oh no…..I’m really very sorry what you heard this morning…it was awful…even this story makes me cry…. I’m so sorry… 😦

  3. I know cats caterwaul something shocking. Your hair stands on end, your heart stops and skin crawls… and it’s nothing, just a territorial war, and a trip to the vet. I hope this is the case – best scenario – for you, but if not, you loved them well.

  4. I’m so sorry…..all we can ever do is hope for the best….and we do hope that for the little ferals. A very sad way to start your day……

    Pam and Sam

  5. I am so sorry, what a terrible way to start your day. Since the sound is so chilling I’m glad you didn’t see anything. We can only pray these little guys are safe ;(

  6. I’m really sorry that you heard that. Where I live we have coyotes and fishers, thankfully I’m not that close to the wooded area, I don’t know what I’d do if I heard that horrific sound.

  7. Several years ago, in the middle of the night, I heard THAT sound. Not sure what animal was being killed but someone was. We have foxes and the occasional coyote. I will never forget that sound. I still haunts me. I know there was nothing I could do but still….

  8. Pawful start to an otherwise regular day. I did not see nor hear the cat kill, but will never forget seeing the coyote walking across the street in front of my car with the black cat hanging limply in its mouth. Jesse, sometimes I hate Mother Nature. And if the photos are of your feral kitties, they are precious. I wish you could send them all to me! Paw hugs

  9. I heard that sound about two years ago down the street from me, Jen (and Rumpy!). It was an older cat that had been slightly injured being too slow to get away from a weaving, speeding teenage driven pickup truck running over that poor pet cat of my neighbor’s–not a feral cat, even! I have run up into the bushes along that street to avoid that old cat! So I know how that sound haunts one!

  10. Maybe it’s a good thing you didn’t see it. Tho, you will never forget the sound of it. Just like I once saw a drowned cat.
    You will not think about it, through the years. But you will never forget it. It’s horrible.

  11. Oh, how very sad! That is not a sound one could easily forget. So sorry.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  12. That sounds really scary. Whee don’t like hearing the foxes killing things where whee live.

    Makes us glad we are indoor pets.

    Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo & Buddy

  13. Ugh! That’s awful! How could someone deal with something so horrible. I hope you’re okay.

    Huggies and Cheese,


  14. Oh Rumpy, you’ve made my blood run cold. 😦 Fergus made a cry that will be with me to the grave when I ran her over. Thankfully she’s healed, but that awful, awful noise… I know that cry.

  15. I know the sound. You don’t forget. Those poor broken ones.
    Reality is that ferals/ cats and dogs looking after themselves outside are always facing danger.
    I don’t know what to do. Luckily so far, knock on wood, we’ve managed to find homes / shelter for those we can’t keep – My dad always said it’s better to take them to a shelter than letting them suffer cruelty of the streets, even if it meant a life too short – at least they would have a chance – and not live in fear and hunger. A small kindness when it’s all you can do.
    I don’t know – some shelters are not good. (Know any farmer or warehouses or boat docks? Cats can earn their keep by being ratters? A nursing home or retirement center?)
    Hugs and appreciation of your sensitivity to life.

  16. We take care of two ferals. Was able to catch them when they were younger and have them fixed and rabies shots but I know outside life is precarious.

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