Social Media Swap- Klout

Oh Dog! Today let’s talk about Klout!

Klout is designed to help you track your influence on others. I’m not sure how it all works to be honest with you, so I’m counting on some of the rest of you to speak up about what you know.


I have a Klout account, and a fairly decent score for a dog.ย 

What do I use it for? I log on and give Klout to friends who also have Klout accounts. And occasionally I get perks from companies who are trying to market their products.

What do I like about Klout? It has helped me recognize some new friends that have been quite helpful.

What do I not like about it? ย I have no clue how to use Klout.

So….. can you help me?


39 thoughts on “Social Media Swap- Klout

  1. My husband sent me an invite for the Klout but its still pending, he told me the same thing that its a way to track your influence online, but uptil now i havnt been able to convince my self enough to actually start using it. like you i will also be looking forward to comments for this post to see if any one can knock sum sense about klout in me ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Hmmm…Klout…I’ve heard of the name when you mentioned on twitter sometimes, Rumpy but not sure what it is exactly, It sounds interesting though. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Is it very new social media? Woof?

  3. Mom had a message on her human Twitter account telling her she had this (incredibly LOW) Klout score and that the person telling her said hers was raised to, like, 17 or some such from a low score similar to Mom’s. She was supposed to contact her and find out how to raise it. Mom tweeted back “that’s a pitiful score I seem to have” and the person said no, it was not that bad (mom thinks it was in the cellar) but that she could raise it. Since she have NO idea what that is and since she doesn’t even care, she just moved on. Mom doesn’t have as many followers as you and I do and she’s good with that. :-)))

  4. I’m still working on figuring out Klout too! I have gotten a full size bottle of Dove Body Wash and Neutogena Body wash free as Perks. Ya gotta love that!

  5. I actually do not like Klout and find it to be useless. When you sign up you sign up with an email address. I have two twitter accounts, both with different emails. The problem is for some reason all of my Klout “score” goes to one email account and not the other…hence…one of my Klout scores is great, the other terrible.

    I find it to be a complete waste of time.

  6. I have a Klout account, but I’m not sure I’m “doing it right” either. The topics that it says I’m influential about don’t really make sense, and the topic “Doberman” (where I feel I excel *ahem*) doesn’t even exist. So, I make myself feel better by telling myself that I don’t think Klout is useful.

  7. well, I saw you had Klout through your Tweets Rumpy, so I got a Klout account and it says I am influential politically…MOL So…I just don’t bother with it…I may try to cancel it but ignoring it seems easier

  8. I learned decadesa go to focus on the content of my dream-goals, the work itself,rather than the signposts of the rewards. Klout is just something that is important to me right now! Sorry!

  9. No one seems to know much about it. I first heard about it from an acquaintance on FB. Seeing you talk about it makes me wonder if it is going to be the next new trend. It might be a good idea to join right away so that we are the top dogs when it really catches on.

  10. Never heard of this Klout deal. We might have to go look at it. There just are so many organizations, who can keep up with all of them. Let us know if you figure it out.

  11. Klout is what I usually do when the pups in pack are misbehaving! Something like what buggie probably dishes out to you when you’re being particularly annoying lol ๐Ÿ˜‰

  12. Hi Rumpy,

    We hope we can shed some light on Klout for you and fellow readers.

    Klout is a free social analytics service that measures the amount of content one creates versus the amount of interaction one gets from the public across a variety of social networks.

    Klout tracks your social-media interaction, regardless of whether or not you sign up for the service. In this way, individuals using the Klout service can measure their social media presence versus others.

    Itโ€™s important to note, Klout just tracks the amount of interaction an account gets versus the amount of content it puts out. It does not discriminate between good or bad interaction.

    As for the topics that get assigned, these get created by Klout naturally, depending on keywords it detects being used on your social media accounts.

    Additionally, users can manually add topics, provided they have earned enough points (+K) to “purchase” the new topic they desire. You may not name your own topic. Rather, you must choose from topics already provided by Klout.

    Users of Klout can visit your page and part with their precious (+K) in order to give you points in a topic in which they feel you are influential. In this way, your topics get rated in order of most to least influential.

    One of the most fun things you can do with Klout is see how you stack up against others.

    To do this, log into then go to the address bar. You will see the Klout URL and your specific account, like this:

    To visit another account, simply change the address, like we did in order to visit a certain other account:

    As you can see, you are creaming us!

    We could talk more about Klout, but we hope to have given you and our fellow readers a good bit of information to get started.


    Broken Hartz


  13. BOl – from four pups who feel very lucky to even have a blog – we don’t do Facebook, we don’t tweet, we don’t do pinterest. We are so deprived:(

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  14. Rumpy, thank you so much for coming to my party! I hope you had lots of fun. I was excited to see kitties here too and I signed up to follow you by email. You are the first email subscription for me! Its really a pleasure meeting you.

  15. I have a klout account but have no idea why or what it is for or what it does. For all I know it is some kinda spy thing that is snooping on me and will some day terrorize me.

  16. I recently signed up to Klout and do get email updates but I’m not really sure what it all means. I’ll have to ask the tall person to explain it to me ๐Ÿ™‚

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