June Buggie Rants!

MEOW! My name is June Buggie and I have something to say.

Ohio. 140 exotic birds. Noxious air. Filthy, cramped conditions.

Complaints are made. A search warrant is obtained. The birds are removed.

The rescue group members complain, and vow to fight.

Now since this was Ohio, I’m sure there had to be alot to happen before that search warrant was obtained (remember, this state just gave back the surviving animals to the widow of the guy that caused the Zanesville Massacre).

So it bothers me when people automatically assume that if the Humane Society was involved, the rescue group MUST be the victim.

I don’t believe that any of them harbored ill will toward those animals, but it’s easy to get over your head.

I can’t begin to tell you how Jen has fought the urge to scoop up those little feral kittens and bring them inside, especially when there was no one else able to take them in.

It’s a struggle, and a painful one. A struggle that each of us needs to wrestle with. But it’s hard to do.

I challenge you to consider the following:


I think it’s time to take a hard look at what we call rescue today. Keeping animals alive is not enough. There has to be a quality of life too.

I think it’s time to face the truth that until we stop the breeder mills from over-populating us with dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, and any other creature humans seem to want to keep as “pets,” the best rescuers can ever hope to do is put band-aids on bullet wounds.

And I think it’s time to stop making animal rescue about what people want, and make it about what is truly best for the animals.




Humane Society Raid Rescues 100 Parrots (WDTN.com)

Rescue Founder to Fight Closure (Dayton Daily News)

Press release from HSUS about the rescue operation

About Bird Rescue, Placement & Sanctuary Organizations (Avian Welfare Resource Center)

Wings Over the Rainbow Facebook Page (the group whose birds were seized)

36 thoughts on “June Buggie Rants!

  1. June Buggie, I have to admit you’ve got a good point. I didn’t like being in dog jail and I was well taken care of. I feel sorry for those poor cramped up birds.

    1. Bongo, not every county here in Tennessee has an animal shelter, and it’s not required by law. So there really is nowhere for those animals to go.

  2. I don’t know the truth about this case in particular, but I know there are some Inhumane Societies.

    The most awful thing to me is that sometimes animals are removed from private individuals or 501C3 rescues only to go to places where conditions are just as bad and sometimes worse. There are county operated animal shelters where animals are not regularly fed, have painful injuries and do not receive veterinary care, wallow in their own waste, suffer heat stroke or freeze, get sprayed with caustic chemicals, get killed or horribly injured in fights, and only come out in body bags. There are puppy mills with horrific conditions as well, yet these places go about their business seemingly untouchable.

    I agree with you that rescue alone will never be enough. There is a need to spend just as much time trying to dry up the source, by advocating against puppy mills and advocating for low cost, high volume, targeted spay/neuter programs. Almost all of the animals who leave shelters in my area go to other states via transport, and even as we speak more and more regulations are being put into place to make this transporting much more difficult or to ban it altogether.

    We are not all in a position to take in animals, and we are limited in the number we can care for. However, we can all hammer our local council and state elected officials with letters and information. While we will not receive glory or attention for that, perhaps somethng might be accomplished.

    1. We’ve had issues with several county animal control shelters here in Tennessee in recent years. Conditions just as you described. And some just flat-out violate state law. The law requires animals adopted out from these shelters to be spayed/neutered, and that’s not always the case. Unfortunately, the families adopting the animals often find out when it’s too late.

  3. Hi June Buggie! *paw waves* I’m gald to see your rants as you hadn’t had it for a long time. Yes, I truly agree with you, June Buggie, we should make animal rescues about what is best for the animals, not about what people want!!!! What you said really impressed me! Great post, thanks June Buggie! 🙂

  4. Some very sobering points! I see pets every day that I want to “save”….but I’m pretty much stretched with the Painter Pack. I must focus on the ones that I have taken responsibility for and make sure their lives are full and happy.

  5. It’s horrible, and you’re right we need to regulate breeders. I was at a dog show on Sunday and there was a girl there whose Rottie had just had puppies. I wanted to scream at her and say…..”because there just aren’t enough Rotties in shelters, right?” Sometimes I just want to put my head down and cry!

    1. I know what ya mean. Several months ago I was at a home and saw a mother dog with NINE puppies. All were healthy and happy and well cared for. But I couldn’t help but wonder if they would be the ones to die or would others die because they were allowed to be born.

  6. June Buggie such an important post. Recently a “no-kill rescue shelter” was raided very close-by: the animals were alone in a house – and not being feed/watered – some died. Neighbors had been watching and notified authorities. The shelter “owner” said somebody else as supposed to be taking care of them – and that person said somebody else….none of the stories made any sense – but the fact is that animals died, were sick, starving – without water and enclosed in a very hot house in filth.
    Maybe well meaning people, but the animals were suffering. More animals than they could care for properly. Just as inhumane.
    Quality of life has to be the bottom line. Free from suffering must be a guide.
    It’s a horrendous problem with no easy answers.

    1. No there aren’t. But we seem content with the status quo. Funny how one animal is taken by animal control in another country and the whole world is angry. But stuff like this happens every day to thousands of animals, and we’re content to sit back and let it continue.

      Sometimes I wonder about the motives of some of these rescuers.

  7. hmmmm…I have many thoughts on the subject…most of which are formulated from 30+ years of political and financial support of domestic pet rescue and wildlife resuce/protection, in the US primarily, but also some international support. I believe that the Blog of Otis (Cult of Otis) offers some useful comments and guidelines regarding animal rescue…most controversial is the notion that if a cat cannot be guaranteed a life in a safe enclosed environment, that TNR sends them back to a place of almost guaranteed limited life span and probable painful, terrified death. Therefore, euthanasia is more humane. We don’t seem to TNR dogs, at least have not heard of it. And I guess I mention Otis because it goes to June’s point…animal rescue cannot always be based on what we, the peeps, want…it has to be based on best outcome for the animal. I am now ranting…I will stop. And yes, the root of the problem is deep

    1. I don’t disagree with you, but it’s alot easier said than done. You may recall I mentioned a feral that came around here with a huge wound on his face. After a week Jen was able to trap him and she took him to animal control. And the woman that did the intake talked to Jen bad. Oh, she never said anything, but her attitude let Jen know that she didn’t like what Jen was doing…. UNTIL she saw how bad that cat’s face was.

      1. just no easy answers. I have certainly trapped my share of feral cats, some I have been able to spay or neuter and find homes for, others were so wild I left them at the pound knowing they would be euthanized. I don’t ever forget but will remain torn as to ‘best’ answer

  8. Whee don’t know about other countries but here in the UK whee have the RSPCA and lots of rescues saving animals every day.

    Our Mummy says the problem is lack of education. While people know there are rescues they do not know the tragic stories behind some animals. If people knew more about rescues and rehoming through them then they would adopt instead of buy, cutting off the money incentive for breeders. Our Mummy is writing a book which is a collection of UK animal rescue stories. It is designed to shock and our Mummy hopes to be able to one day do more.

    Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo & Buddy

    1. That’s great! It’s also ego- some people want a certain breed or color animal without considering what pet ownership entails. Them when the dog or cat of your dreams turns out to be a nightmare, it’s dumped.

  9. Keep ranting June Buggie. Incremental change is better than none and rants accomplish awareness accomplish change in public opinion… e.g. no-one wears furs any more, and we need to accomplish this type of change in societal attitude. We need to make people who think pets are a lifestyle choice in this season’s range of colours & styles think again (both the producers & purchasers). As sad as it is that fashion & trends (& money) have influence we can divert this for good – rescue dogs & cats in Sydney are now very fashionable… in some cases the motivation is wrong and it’s a good but not perfect result for the furry ones who find homes that they came from a shelter not a pet shop or mill.

  10. This is quite true, June. What’s the point of taking them out of the streets when we can no longer provide a good quality of life for these animals? The mills should stop and responsible ownership should be exercised.

    I remember reading about an article regarding some rescue centers no longer being able to fully provide necessary help for the foster parents because they’re too overcrowded already. Funds dwindle too.

    Huggies and Cheese,


  11. Dear June Buggy,
    Me is late (Mommy has been so slow – me thinks me should fire her) but me had to comment anyway.
    June Buggy this is a great Rant! Mommy’s cousin works with birds and wes has special spots in our hearts for thems. Thanks yous!!!

  12. Agreed, June Buggie! I think animals should no longer be considered “business”, or “livestock” or “merchandise” or “property”, and wherever they are, whether with breeders or rescuers or shelters or owners in a private home, they should have rights that travel with them.

  13. ‘And I think it’s time to stop making animal rescue about what people want, and make it about what is truly best for the animals.’

    Absolutely June Buggie! Idealism doesn’t always offer realistic ‘solutions’.

  14. Tough order for a species that has over-bred itself to 7 billion now. At our unchecked rate of expansion, we are a threat to bring extinction to every every other species on this planet.

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