Bad to the Bone!

Oh Dog! While we recover from our forced incarceration, I thought I’d share with you another one of my previous posts.

Today I thought I’d remind ya of just how cool I really am….. not that I thought you’d forgotten.

Rumpy’s Bad to the Bone! 

28 thoughts on “Bad to the Bone!

  1. Oh Dog Rumpy!!! How funny you are!!! Although I don’t know the song, the lyrics made me burst into laughter!!!!! I knoooow you’re cool Rumpy!!! I love you!!! Wooo wooo!!! 🙂

  2. I am so pleased you put the link to the proper song on the bottom – typist has a go at making up the tune to go with the words, it wasn’t pretty!!!!!!!!!!

  3. That should be number one on the charts sweet Rumpy!!! We are lovin’ that song and you. Hugs and nose kisses

  4. Rumpers…first let me thak you for mentioning me on #FF Twitter…I don’t have lots of follower…and really, no problem…but just that you were willing to mention me given your fame is so thougthful…thank you…and My Mom says to tell Jen…if we lived near you…we would housesit you and DeDe and the kittehs…and My Mom would walk you and DeDe and all that stuff…sending paw hugs to all

      1. ohh wow! My Mom would totally walk you and DeDe..she luvd to walk a neighbors dog, a Portuguese Water Dog, before she moved back to Nor Calif in 2003…Mom luvs hangin’ with dogs…’course she luvs us cats lots too…

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