Keep Wildlife in the Wild!

MEOW! My name is June Buggie, and I have something to say.

June is Keep Wildlife in the Wild Month with Bornfree USA! Here’s a video of CEO Will Travers to tell you more about it.


It’s time to pass legislation in ALL 50 STATES that prevents people from owning and breeding wild animals.

It’s time to set Tony the Tiger free from his concrete cage at a truck stop in Lousiana (check out this propaganda site set up by his “owners”.)

It’s time to stop the decimation of the habitat of wild creatures.

And it’s time to end the trophy hunting of these animals.

So…. what can YOU do to help?

How about have some fun with BornFree USA?

Bid on or donate items (or both) in the auction!

Enter the Wildlife Photo Contest!

Kids 18 and younger can enter the Inaugural Essay Contest!

And of course, don’t forget to check out the action alerts to make the public aware of the plight of wild animals in the world today.

Cuz while depending on you humans for our well-being was not our first choice, it’s the only choice we’ve got for now. So…. get to work already!


30 thoughts on “Keep Wildlife in the Wild!

  1. June Buggie, I have a hard time agreeing with a cat, but this time I have to agree with you. Besides, if people didn’t keep wild animals as pets there’d be more homes for us dogs and cats that need forever homes.

  2. *pawapplause* Great post June Buggie!!!! I’m glad to know that June is Keep Wildlife in the Wild Month with Bornfree USA! This sounds wonderful and yes, wild animals should be in the wild as it’s the best place for them and like Bongo said humans should have animals who need their forever places with humans!!!
    ” Wildlife Photo Contest “sounds very exciting and the photos from last years are all pawgeous and beautiful! Thanks for letting us know this June Buggie!!! *kisses and winks* 🙂

  3. Good one June Buggie. Being from OHIO… I can surely agree with you. We JUST passed some Legislation to make it more Difficult to have wild animals… butt NOTHING was said about … SNAKES. THAT makes me sad.

  4. Sad to say, but if there wasn’t a demand for wild animals as pets then there wouldn’t be the capture and sale of these animals. I recall “Christian” the lion was bought from Harrod’s in London many years ago and his “owners” returned him to Africa and set him free as he grew bigger. It was a wise and responsible decision. It also was in the lion’s best interest. I agree with your call for action.

    1. Ack! Another way to help is to voluneer for great organizations like the Nature Conservancy! Also all AZA accredited zoos & aquariums do conservantion & research in the wild! By volunteer at a zoo or aquarium or becoming a member you are also helping the animal’s wild cousins!

  5. I really don’t get why people think a truck stop tiger is all right. It’s not 1923 anymore, and even then, one might be expected to have known better. Seriously.

  6. WILD creatures belong in the WILD! I repeat: WILD creatures belong in the WILD! How heartless to confine them to a domestic situation!

  7. So we believe wild is wild…but interestingly enough Mom had experience as a very young girl of having a wild animal brought into the family…it was a baby racoon…they named him Jinkers…his eyes were shut…he was found after a tree was downed and then brought to my Mom’s Dad ‘cuz folks knew he could help animals…anyways…Jinkers was with them until he was ready to mate…and then he became aggressive…and my Moms’ folks returned him to the forest…not done as it should have been…but it made my Mom clear that wild is wild

  8. Dear Everybody!
    Thanks for coming to my birthday pawty! Me had a great time and me saw that yous guys did too! Me is sorry that the pictures with yous in them was blurry – for some reason, most of the pictures was blurry! Must has been the catnip mohitos!
    June Buggy, wes with yous 100% on this! You should has seen what happened to a bunch of bears a guy was feeding dog food to to protect a grow op very close to where’s we live.

    since then 9 of the bears has been shot!

  9. Hey June Buggie,

    Thanks for bringing this important issue to the forepaws. Mom asked me to share that she had a friend who bought something called a “former drug house” about 25 years ago … it came with a panther (in cage) a jaguar (in separate cage) and a German shepherd with steel incisors that punctured tennis balls. He had to clear the yard of the wild animals (to shelters) and kept the K9. It was really weird and inappropriate, even for the tropics!

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