Dear DeDe is At It Again!

Welcome back to another exciting visit with Yours Truly!

Oh Dog, have we had quite the drama this week!  Graybie Baby has a sensitive tummy, and after Jen got back from her trip he was not eating.

So she gave him some of his probiotic meds, but he still wasn’t eating.

She went to find something that might entice him, and she got Royal Canin for sensitive tummies. He ate it once and then no more.

She went and bought all sorts of canned food. He wouldn’t eat it.

So AGAIN she went to our regular pet food store and asked for samples of every kind of cat food they had. Afterward she stopped at the grocery and while there found a bag of food that has been torn while stocking. She got that too.

So in this past week this cat has been given Royal Canin, Nutro, Evo, Chicken Soup, Newman’s Own Organics, and Holistic. And which food do you think he decided to eat?  

Of course, the food from the markdown rack at the grocer. *rolls eyes*

Just goes to show ya that it don’t matter how good the food is if they don’t eat it.

See ya next week!

35 thoughts on “Dear DeDe is At It Again!

  1. Hi Dear DeDe! Is Graybo all right now? He eats regularly? I’m glad to hear that finally he decided to have something even if it’s from markdown rack!!! 🙂
    Graybo has sensitive tummy sometimes? I remember he’s got a similar problem several months ago….I hope he got well completely now. 🙂

  2. I’ve been wondering lately if my Neko is smart enough to starve herself for two days just to get rice and tuna for dinner… I don’t think so, but…! We’re trying yoghurt daily to keep the tummy issues under control, fingers crossed.

  3. Tummy problems are not fun for the tummy in question and for the mommy of that tummyh… Lots of running around to get the right food. Hope all’s well soon.

    pawhugs, Max

  4. DeDe, do you like to eat cat food? My Boxer Bailey LOVES cat food, and will sneak her way through the house to get it. She wonders why she gets sick!

    Is Graybie Baby’s stomach feeling better?

    1. Yes, he’s feeling better and is eating fine. But we still have the other food out for the other kitties to finish up, so Graybie has a special bowl of food. Thanks for asking!

  5. Hope Graybie baby’s stomach is better. Oh, yeah, we like junk food around here, too, but it makes Mom Julie feel guilty, so we never get it except once in awhile..:) Speaking of markdowns, isn’t it great when cat litter gets marked down!? Now there’s a savings the rare times it happens.

    Take care, Rumpy & fambly!


  6. DeDe sometimes I wonder if these Food Companies REALLY know all that they CLAIM they know about US.

  7. Our mom bought us Tiki Cat food, and its human quality, made to higher standards than the standards for people food. It has great favors like Mackerel and Crab Sashimi. Do you think we would eat it? NO! Like people, we like our junk food!

      1. Good luck with the mixing. RC (very sensitive tummy) can tell if foods been altered. (she should have been a food taster for the Medici family!)
        Like you last sentence says, the best food is the one they will eat – and not throw-up or get other smelly situations.
        RC will only eat 2 flavors of ordinary can food – the vet gave up and said, she’s healthy and eating, so guess that’s what she gets to eat. So we alternate flavors, and she’s fine.
        Hope Graybie is better – our cat(s) sometimes went on a hunger strike when we have to leave them…seeing how pathetic they look is our punishment I guess.

  8. Max our rescue hound has a sensitive tummy – the vet told us to give him canned pumpkin (not the pie filling) and mix in with food. Well, that was expensive. So, I switched to yams – nuke them until you can make nice slices and freeze a bunch. Usually a tablespoon per 10 pounds of dog. A few times I ran out of yams and Max had some issues. He loves the yams – or sweet potatoes. I also eats Nutro Natural choice chicken, rice, oatmeal for sensitive tummies. Happy tails.

  9. That’s always the way! LOL I saw your comment about slowly mixing in the good stuff – sounds like a good idea. At least kitty is eating *something*. Hope everything goes back to normal soon!

  10. MOL sounds like Dad trying to find “just” the purrfect food for me…something I will fall all over myself trying to get to…I saw him unload a bunch of cans today, can’t wait to see what’s on my menu this week…he’s so cute when he tries so hard like that to spoil me…what a Dad…’coure I have to turn some down just to show him who’s in charge…maybe that was Graybi Baby’s tactic all along??? oh BTW, I am happy to learn he did eat…that is always a concern

  11. Dede, our Mom has been there and done that so many times over with Phantom. And you know what, he will eat when he wants to eat and not a minute before. He is as finicky as any cat:)

    Have a great week.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  12. Woof! Hi, DeDe and family! Sorry about Graybie Baby. I’m glad to read in the comments that everything is better now. Poor Jen, too!! xo Berner Girls

  13. Hey Rumpy! Glad to hear that they ate! I know that for me (being a doggie), I started off on Science Diet from a puppy and then one day I just decided I did not like it anymore, so we got a sample of the neighbors dog food and I like that now. I guess we all go through that phase of just not liking our food and want something different. The only thing that we cringe at is that Daddy just bought a 40 pound bag of Science Diet, then I changed my eating habits, so we’re holding onto it in case I want to change back to SD. We like what we like, just don’t care where it comes from! Woof! Nikita

  14. So typical. But, maybe he just wasn’t up to snuff. Both of our cats were off their feed – for a day – after they got their annual checkup and shots at the vets. They send their best to Graybie Baby and hope he’s feeling better.

  15. Hope Graybie Baby is eating nicely again now 🙂 No more poorly tummies I trust? Cats can be so finiky when it comes to food can’t they? I’m sure they do it just to wind their humans up whilst they secretly catch their own fresh stuff outdoors out of sight out of mind!

  16. Yes, cats can get very finicky about their food, especially if mommy needs to be away for a few days! Pets and toddlers have much in common, you know!

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