Some Advice About Fireworks From Dear DeDe!

Oh Dog! It’s time for another visit with Dear DeDe! That’s me!

Fireworks are scary to pets, so keep us safe!

This week those of us in the US will celebrate the birth of our country on July 4th. It’s often a grand affair with cookouts, parades, and fireworks! And today is Canada Day in… well… Canada! They also do some celebrating with fireworks.

It’s those fireworks I want to remind you about.

Animal Control agencies will tell you that July 5th is one of their busiest days of the year. Why? Because dogs become afraid of the fireworks and run!

Even though we’re in drought conditions in 3/4 of our country, and even though much of the Eastern US is like an oven (including here), fireworks are still for sale. And if people buy them, they’re gonna shoot them. Right? They’ve been shooting them in our neighborhood and it’s so dry here it’s scary.

So make sure your pets are safe. This is NOT a good time for pets to be roaming free. They can be injured accidentally or even on purpose. Remember the old trick of tying firecrackers to a cat’s tail and lighting them? Supposed to be funny, right? No, I don’t think so either.

Keep them inside. A fence or run isn’t enough. If dogs can bolt, they will. And don’t assume inside is safe either. An Associated Press article on the subject noted that a dog was so frightened it jumped through a plate glass window!

Keep them calm. If your dog is crate-trained, this is a good time to use your crate. If not, how about a small room with comfort objects, food and water. And if you can hide the noise with TV or music, that’s a good idea too. If your dog is fearful, consider trying the Thundershirt. Many dogs report they work wonders!

If your dog does become lost, be sure to notify Animal Control. And if you find a dog, do the same. If you can provide the dog with temporary shelter, that’s fine, but you want to be sure that you leave lots of information out there so the dog’s owners can be found. After all, you’d want someone to do the same for your dog.

So be safe, and enjoy your holiday!



Associated Press: Fireworks Scare Dogs

ASPCA Blog: Pet Parents, Prepare for the Fireworks!

ASPCA Pet Behaviorist: Fear of Noises (a great article on what you can do if your animal is afraid)

Bunny’s Blog also has a great post about pet safety during the holidays

63 thoughts on “Some Advice About Fireworks From Dear DeDe!

  1. Fireworks do not scare me at all. But when the Poland Spring guy brings those giant deadly bottles of spring water to my house, I am paralyzed with fear till Mom puts them into the closet. Be brave, dog friends. Trust your humans to keep you safe. Maybe they can put the fireworks into the closet….

    Love and licks,

  2. There do seem to be almost too many good reasons to let off fireworks these days. Lovely as they are, they’re a menace in the wrong hands and a terror to ALL wildlife and pets.

  3. They’re illegal N owr parish but peepuls go 2 teh nayber parish & bring tehm home. Me & Poppa (who wuz in Vietnam) stay insides tehn. NOT luking 4ward 2 Winston Xperiensing his 1st 4th heer. He’s just calming down gettin’ yoosta tihs place! Mom sez is best fur peepuls who leik fireworks 2 go downtown 2 teh Mississippi Ribber & wach teh pros do tehr fing on teh levvy wher iz byootiful, safe, free & far away from Poppa, Winston & me!

  4. My dad would always bring his dog in on fireworks night (Guy Fawkes in NZ) .. we would celebrate on the beach. After making sure all the kids were home, my dad went into the bathroom to take a cool shower, he took off all his clothes and reached in past the shower curtain to turn the water on. He did not realise that our big dog Gin had been hiding behind the shower curtain in the shower. As the cold water hit the dog she erupted with force out through the curtain, into the legs of the father, knocking my naked dad headfirst into the shower stall taking the curtain down with him! All we saw was a wet dog running madly through the house and all we heard was a roar of fright from our dad. The rest, thankfully we did not see. We laughed about that for years. Morning Dee Deec

  5. Those darn fireworks are scary and those are some great ideas. We have been lucky so far and have not had fireworks around here. Sure hope we don’t have them this year. Take care.

  6. Lola hates fireworks! People have been shooting them off in anticipation of July 4th, so she’s been nervous for a few days. I know she’ll be glad when this week is over and so will we.

  7. Here that’s all year round, but specially late May early June, we had 2 casualties on May when 2 dogs got scared and ran away, crossed the main avenue, so sad. Luckily Doggy does’t get scared.

  8. Thanks, DeDe! You always give out great advice. A dog wonders why people have to be reminded every year about this. I guess it’s because they aren’t afraid of the noise. They forget to think like a dog or cat, and don’t realize just how frightened we are of those things we don’t understand.

    1. Yes well I hope they remember but many don’t. If they remembered, they thought nothing would happen to their dog.

      Several years ago a child was killed when his father lit a firework, the dog bumped table it was on and it went right into the child’s chest. Had the dog been inside, that child would be alive.

      1. DeDe, those are the people who will say, after the fact, “I don’t know HOW this could have happened.” A little forethought would prevent a lot of these incidents.

  9. Out of all our doggies here at the ranch only two are scared of fireworks, and thunder. On those occasions they both like to lay under the bed… which is obviously the safest place in the house. I also give them each a few drops of Rescue Remedy diluted in a little water. That seems to calm them both right down, and as long as i stay close by (occasionally i have to get under the bed too) the panting and trembling slowly disappear and soon enough they are sound asleep.

  10. It was fireworks (obviously it wasn’t July 4th ones here!!!) that did for Austin. He was gone for 18 hours. Longest 18 hours of my life!!! Good advice DeDe xx

  11. No fireworks here so far and we are very happy about that. They are banned here this year. Over a thousand dollar fine and mandatory court appearance for anyone caught using them. We wish they would ban them forever. Hugs and nose kisses sweet DeDe…great post.

    1. Tomorrow our city council will vote to decide whether to ban them here this year. I say that’s silly…. people have been shooting them all weekend! And now that they’ve bought them, they’ll shoot them, ban or no.

  12. This brought a big smile to my face Rumpy… today is our ‘Territory Day’. It’s a day when we allow every moron who’s had a skinful of beer let of fireworks. Sigh. Rather than go and watch the official disply down at the beach I stayed home to be with the animals. George was okay (not 100% happy but okay). Fergus wasn’t in the least phased as the fireworks exploded from all directions but Flo really needed her pack around. I put the tv on, turned it up and acted as normal as possible but she was still panting and anxious, following me from room to room, leaning against my leg whenever I stood still. It was pretty hard, but I actually tried to ignore that behaviour and really praised her when she was lying down and being calm. By the end of the evening she was sleeping through the bangs, fizzes and crackles. 😦 It wasn’t a pleasant evening.

    1. Oh Flo! I am so sorry you were scared, but it sounds like you did some important work through the ordeal. I hope next time it won’t be so scary for you.

  13. We have lots of fireworks in Japan, especially in summer! Fortunately, I’m not scared of fireworks and thunders, but I know quite a lot of dogs hate them.
    You, too Dear DeDe? I hope Jen turns the volume of music really loud against fireworks! Have a great holiday, Dear DeDe! 🙂

  14. Dog TV channel is a wonderful distraction for most dogs.I like to keep my dogs in a bedroom when the fireworks start with Dog TV on.However, Animal Planet and Disney channel have proven to be great distractions from the noise of the fireworks.Also making sure that your dogs and cats are micro chipped in case they do run off.Woof! Have a great holiday!

  15. Excellent advice 🙂 We might have had fireworks here if England had won the football – Euro2012 lol but in the absence of that pleasure it is likely to be November 5th before that becomes a problem here 🙂 That’s when the UK pets start really freaking out!

  16. Our city doesn’t allow fireworks, but that doesn’t stop the stupid humans from setting them off anyway. We had two big fires here this weekend each caused by a carelessly discarded cigarette. We hope those dumb peeps are heeding the warnings about the risk of fire.

    Have a safe Fourth.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  17. It’s too bad we in NY can’t share the rain we’ve been getting. Then all areas of the US could celebrate the 4th with fireworks.

    Happy 4th of July.

    DeDe – you have such a sweet face.

  18. Great post! We had a lab that would jump our 6 foot fence when the fireworks went off. She taught us a lot and now we make sure our dogs are inside when the fireworks are going off! Have a great 4th!

  19. As long as we get hotdogs and burgers, we don’t care about no stinking fireworks! That’s our recommendation for calming our four-legged friends out there. Lots of love and adoration and a burger or two!!

  20. Great Advice DeDe! Stay inside and soak up the AC instead. Maybe your owners will turn on some classical music for you to keep you calm. 🙂

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