Brushing and Blog Swapping!

Oh Dog! Monday is back, and boy am I tired of her! *sigh*

If I pretend to be asleep, ya think she’ll go away?

I am also sad to report that I’ve damaged my FURminator Slicker Brush. And since it doesn’t appear you can repair them, I’ll probably have to get a new brush. That’s pretty disappointing news for a brush I’ve owned for three months, especially when it’s a FURminator. *sigh*

So my cool brush is toast and Monday is back. *sigh*

Better do something to make this day seem brighter. How about talking about some of my favorite bloggers?

June Buggie says that since dogs were featured last week, this week has to be about kitties. Alright June Buggie…. *rolls eyes*

Max the Quilt Cat chonicles the antics of Max, Knuckles and Bugsy. “Flat Max” has traveled to some exciting destinations. He most recently returned from Switzerland!

Jimmie Chew- A Meowmoir is about a kid that wants to be in pictures…. so he is…. lots of ’em! Lucky for him he’s very photogenic. He is gracious and shares the stage with Darnell and Fin, his brothers.

Texas, A Cat in New York is the blog of a cute kitty named Texas that lives in….. you guessed it! New York! What ya don’t know though is that he USED to live in France! Way cool, huh?

Daisy the Curly Cat is the only kitty I know that would pose for photos in clothes, not once, but SEVERAL times a week! June Buggie, you should be so accommodating!

Glogirly is a blog about Katie the cat and her human, Glogirly. Glogirly knows some cool computer tricks, and Katie…. well, she’s a cat with an attitude kinda like June Buggie’s!

and one more:

The Creative Cat is a blog by a human that covers a variety of topics. An artist who draws daily sketches of her kitties, she also posts other topics of interest to cats and cat lovers. She also does work on commission, if you are so inclined.

This list has the June Buggie Seal of Approval!

Enjoy your week everybody!

PS: You can vote daily for me to win the Petties for best Rescue/ Cause blog. To do so, just click on the button at the top right of the page. And you DON’T have to use a Facebook account to vote…. there is a way to vote by email, but it’s in small writing below the Facebook badge.

55 thoughts on “Brushing and Blog Swapping!

  1. Sunday was brushing day. Dad uses a regular dog brush on the rug before sweeping to save on sweepers. Between the rug and both dogs we got a garbage bag of hair 😦

    1. This was not the regular FURminator, but the slicker brush. If you like being brushed, that regular FURminator is a good choice. But I don’t like that brush… I’m picky like that.

  2. OMD! I didn’t know that Jimmy Chew ended his blog…..hope he will start it again someday! and the blog of Texas, a cat in New York is very interesting!!! especially his photos with catnip tree was sooo funny! I haven’t read all of these bloggers ones who you recommend but I wanna read them one by one!!! Thanks for recommendation, Rumpy and of course, June Buggie!!!!! 🙂
    PS Have a nice week!

  3. OMC – I didn’t know those Furminators things could break. We has one, but my furs are very tiny and not very long, so it doesn’t have to work very hard. Hope you gets another one soon.

    1. The regular brush works great, but this is the new Slicker brush. I don’t like regular brushes but like this pretty good, so I guess we’ll get another.

  4. Brushes freak me out. Mom doesn’t know why she bothers. I still look a mess, and there’s still hair everywhere! Uh – what’s wrong with that? I like the sound of Daisy the Curly Cat. She’s a fancy dresser, like me!

    Love and licks,
    …and yes, we already voted for you today! xo

  5. Gee – too bad about that special brush thingie…..maybe they’ll send you a NEW one for free! That would be nice! As for Monday – well – ya gotta have a Monday in order to eventually get to a Friday so we’ll just have to hang in there right?

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  6. Oh no! Breaking a FURminator? That’s really poop! Did you eat it? If no, you should get your typist to call the company and see if they’ll send out a replacement.
    Breaking after only three months shouldn’t be the norm.

  7. We would like to think that a company like Furminator would stand behind their product. Maybe you could contact them to see if they will replace your brush.

    Off to vote again:)

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  8. I bet that since you only have had it for “3 months” that the kind folks at Furminator would replace it for you.

    They make superb products and are wonderful people so I bet you have nothing to worry about!

  9. Hi Rumpy,
    Thanks for visiting my Mom’s blog today! We’ve seen you visiting my boycatfriend, Sammy’s (One Spoiled Cat) blog. We’re going to check out some of your previous posts. Nice to meet ya!
    Love, Sundae

  10. Oh Wolfie dog-fur Rumpy! What on earth have you been doing to your brush!! I hope you haven’t been chewing it 😀 Nevermind your week can only get better 🙂

  11. Me and Charlie hope your day got brighter lovely Rumpy! Sorry about your furminator – hope you get a nice shiny one soon! Yay! Take care

  12. Both your brush and the one I need to get my DutchBoy Maltipoo ready for his annual vet visit–must put our best paw forward, you know!

  13. We kitties hate our furminator, and will even bite our mom if she tries to use it. We like our regular combs and brushes so long as she sticks to the approved combing areas.

  14. Sorry about your brush sweet Rumpy. We sure hope you win the Petties.There are some kitties you mentioned that we don’t know guess we should go meet them. Hugs and nose kisses

  15. Just got the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser from Amazon … GREAT! We have the giant hairball AKA Bishop, the Australian Shepherd who is always shedding but now is beginning the great Annual Coat Drop … I LOVE THIS LITTLE vacuum!!

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