Friday Haiku!

Oh Dog! It’s been awhile since I shared some Dog Haiku with you, so how about we rectify the situation!

I’m the poetry dog! I make things alright…..

I want a cookie.
Think I’ll go counter-surfing
When Jen leaves for work.

Dear Mr. Groundhog:
I know what you smell like, so
Stay outta my yard!

Evil Groundhog

Dear Cheeky Bunny:
I dreamed about you last night.
And you tasted good!

Cheeky Bunny!

A dangerous dog?
I think that June Buggie is
Much more dangerous!

dangerous to squeaky toys!

So how about it? Got a haiku you want to share?



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57 thoughts on “Friday Haiku!

  1. The hallway’s my friend
    When thunder rumbles and roars
    Super Dog no more

    I can face anything but thunder Rumpy. It scares me silly.

  2. Groundhog looks so cute
    Never see and smell him though
    Very curious of it now!

    Rumpy, oh…please do not taste the pretty Cheeky Bunny in your dream!!!
    I love all your Haikus that make me laugh!!! 🙂

  3. Hey Rumpy want a cookie!

    We linked your post about Lennox on our site. BSL sucks!

    Nice Haiku about the yummy tasting bunny.

    Huggies and Cheese,


  4. You inspired me to write a birthday haiku which I posted over at my place recently.

    Here is one for you, Rumpydog.

    Rumpydog is cute

    in a canine sort of way

    He smells funny, though

    But so much better

    than that big stinky groundhog

    Don’t want to meet him

  5. Very nice Rumpy,
    I like your Haiku poems.
    You inspire me:

    Please stop pulling me,
    Oh my, oh my, oh Maya,
    You excited Lab.

  6. More of a limerick person, myself:

    There once was a dog named Flash
    Who was sometimes a pain in the ash.
    He chews on my stuff
    Until it is fluff
    To replace it I must spend more cash.

  7. You have such a beautiful face and heart. First and last picture are the BEST! I also posted a poem on my blog today. See if you like that ‘haiku’. And most importantly, I have been voting 🙂

    I’ll be back,

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