Monday Blog Swap!

UH OH!   Just when you thought it was safe to go back into public…. MONDAY’S BACK!!!!!!  RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!!!!!

I’m shaking with fear here!

Oh well, how about we pretend not to notice and talk of nicer things?

Now I love animal blogs, but those aren’t the only kind of blogs I read.  So this week I’m going to tell you about some blogs that I like that aren’t about animals.

BuddhaKat is….. well, I’m not real sure.  Science.  Spirituality. And every Friday I have to visit to see the most awesome fractals.  Don’t know what a fractal is? Then go check out last Friday’s post!

Bring me the Head of David Dixon is a comic strip unlike any other I’ve seen.  I find it hilarious.  You gotta go check it out!

Goodhumored  is the blog by Paprika, a woman who finds humor in many places.  I love her writing and her humor!

Beautiful Photographs is a photo a day posted by Russell Smith. I like Russ’ work because he sees the beauty in the ordinary.

Bumpy Road to Bubba  is a blog written by Mumma chronicling her life as a single mother raising Bubba.  I love the joy she and Bubba share.

and one more….

Niltsi’s Spirit is a blog I’ve been following for awhile now. Yesterday while I was catching up, I ran across this video of his dog, Pumpkin.  I was wondering why he chose this music, but after you’ve watched for a few seconds, you’ll see…… it’s hilarious!!!!


And there you have it! Enjoy your week everybody!

39 thoughts on “Monday Blog Swap!

  1. Oh no…Rumpy….don’t be scared…I’ll kick the Monday away for you!!!
    Thanks for letting us about those non animal blogs that look very interesting! Buddhakat’s one seems to be very mysterious….very artistic!!! 🙂

  2. thanks rumpydog for sharing by blog with your friends!!! I think you kind of nailed it – spiritual, science, a little bit of speakin’ out when I get passionate about stuff and, of course, fractals!!!

    I believe I’ll be following your wonderful example – this is a cool thing you do!!!


  3. Always good to find new non-animal blogs, although if they sneak in an animal pic that’s even better.

    I don’t know why WP doesn’t bring you up on my reader. I have to remember to look at blogs I follow and scroll right down because you are one of the first ones I followed. So sorry about lack of comments, stupid WP.

    Pippa says so too, if he was allowed to blog 😀

  4. Hey Rumpy Want a Cookie!

    We just dropped by to see who you are featuring this time. Non-doggy blogs? That’s interesting.

    We will visit the Pumpkin video.

    Huggies and Cheese,


  5. Non-Animal blogs? What’s the point? I am an animal and like to read about other animals (like you!)… I get enough human stuff from my Lady Servant and Man Servant.

  6. I have to say Rumpy, I am so glad my Dad and Mom are retired…they don’t count Monday as anything different and I dont either ‘cuz they are still here, not at work! YEA! And thanks tons for sharing some interesting blogs outside of our animal world…good to get some exposure (vocab builder)

      1. well Dad and Mom must know that otherwise they wouldn’t leave me so they can have a ‘get-a-way’. I do get Auntie Shannon to stay with me for overnights and stuff, but not the same. But Dad does lots of stuff in our community and Mom does too. Retirement is tough work.

  7. We are all just going to snooze Monday away, too hot to do anything else.

    Thanks for the blog picks – always nice to visit some new spots.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  8. Thanks for sharing the blog links sweet Rumpy. Don’t be afraid sweet Rumpy Monday is just another day…it is okay. Hugs and nose kisses

  9. Thanks for the suggestions! We follow a lot of other photographers, painters, poets and writers too, and we don’t blog only about animals. It helps to keep a perspective.

  10. Wow, thanks Rumpy – we appreciate you sharing the blog love with us. That photo of you is so cute, it could be my Beary, except where your white, he’s more golden. Have a great Tuesday (best day because it’s the furthest one from Monday)! Woo woo.

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