Monday Blog Swap!

Oh Dog! What a weekend!

I am dog tired!

First DeDe with her allergies and then Jen got into the poison ivy! I swear, I’ve taken care of women until I just couldn’t!

And now, to add insult to injury, that horrid Monday has made her way around again.  *sigh*

Well, how about we talk about some great blogs to make ourselves feel better!

Cupcake Speaks is a blog written by Cupcake, a rescue dog that lives with an author.  Cupcake is also a therapy dog. Oh, and she has some pretty cool clothes too.

Paws to Talk is an advice blog written by two awesome poodles, Bella and DiDi.  How about that- another advice-dishing DiDi!  How cool is that!

Talking Dogs Blog is another cool dog blog. On Saturdays you can check out a song about dogs.  And there’s always posts about great rescues looking for their forever home.

Views and Mews by Coffee Kat  is a blog by a human…. who lives with cats.  Her Sunday post about the art of telling the truth was spot on!

and one more….

Mollie and Alfie are dog and cat that live together in harmony.  I try to encourage June Buggie to read that blog, but he isn’t interested in living  in harmony with anybody.

So go make some new friends.  Have a great week.  Woo woo woo!!!!


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36 thoughts on “Monday Blog Swap!

  1. Hay Rumpy, fanks for puttin us on your bloggie list 🙂 Weee’s don’t lives in harmony.. we hates each uffer BOL !!! Those pictures were a fluke!!! 🙂
    Have a great day, weee’s got the real Hots in the UK today, sooo I’ms off to da beach for a swim 🙂
    Huggies and bitey faces Mollie xx

  2. You’re so good to take care of everyone with all their ailments! I’m looking forwrad to checking out the blogs you mentioned….well, Motor Mommy will check them out and report to me!
    Enjoy your day, Rumpy!

  3. Oh no….poor DeDe and Jen…who are they? I hope they’ll get well soon. What a good boy you are Rumpy! Looking after DeDe and Jen….How dependable!
    Thanks for these links of pawgeous blogs, Rumpy! Have a great week! 🙂

  4. What would Jen and DeDe ever do without you to take care of them. Thanks for the reading list pal – I’ll go introduce myself sometime this week.

  5. Poison Ivy – yuck!!! Hope jen is able to keep it under control andnot get too bad a case of the itchies.

    We do admire Mollie and Alfie for the harmony in their home, and you know YOU always impress us too. Mom says we could never have a kitty in our home, just our sweet blogging kitty pals.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  6. Ugh hoping you don’t need Prednisone like Cody does for his allergies and we hope that Jen’s poison ivy clears up soon.
    We follow a few of the blogs on your list and they are great!

  7. Those look like some good blogs to visit. We go see Mollie and Alfie quite a bit all ready. But we love to make new friends. Have a great day.

  8. We are heading over to check some of them out. And we’re voting again and will repost to our FiveSibes Facebook & Twitter pages! “Rumpdog Must Win Petties!” is our “woo”gan!

  9. How many time I told you: Stay clear from the Ivy…and cacta…and spiders!
    Hope you feel better!
    (really now true story: One of the times I was in the Azusa nature preserve, there was this man with a young geman shephard puppy…He was pulling cactus thorns from his face..Ouch!)

  10. Oh, dear! Allergies and poison ivy. Not a good combination. Hope everyone is feeling better!

  11. Oh, sweet Rumpy how nice and thoughtful of you to take care of the women. We hope they are both doing a whole lot better. Get some rest sweet guy…you are doing a good job. Hugs and nose kisses

  12. Awwww hugs to DeDe and Jen!! Awww Rumpy – you are a star looking after these wonderful women of your family!! Yay! take care

  13. Stay strong, Rumpy-I think women tend to be high maintenence and need lots of care (I’m very glad at this moment that my mom can’t read. She can’t, right??). Thanks for the links to the other blogs- there is always great stuff out there if someone just points us in the right direction.

  14. Rumpy, No wonder you’re all ‘zawsted with so much to worry about! You deserve some good naps–take a lesson from us kittehs: Nuffing should interfere with our naptimes–NUFFING!

    Oh, and we read about Dede and the leg problems–oh my gosh! She looks so much better now, thank Ceiling Cat (or the doggy equivalent, Your Mommy!)

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