About That Coat…..

Oh Dog, several people have asked about how us Malamutes do in the heat.

I like hanging out in the afternoon sun.

I have a double coat. There’s a woolly undercoat and a medium-length, slightly oily outer coat.

The coat keeps me warm in the winter, but it also insulates me from the summer heat.  That’s why a Malamute’s coat shouldn’t be shaved.

One thing that we DO need you to do is brush us. Alot. Keeping us brushed keeps our coats healthy.

How often do I need a bath?  Well, it depends on who you ask. Malamutes groom themselves like cats do, so we don’t require regular bathing. So some say a Malamute can be bathed once a year. Others recommend regular baths to keep the coat even.

Also, remember that we’re arctic dogs, so don’t expect us to spend long periods of time outdoors in the heat. Keep us inside in the hotter climates.

So, as you can see, it takes alot of work to keep me looking good!

But I live in the great indoors!

52 thoughts on “About That Coat…..

  1. Rumpy, do you remember the commercial with the tag line “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful!” Dat’s you! 😉 Your coat is gorgeous! Thanks for explaining it to us; I’ve often wondered how you are able to tolerate the heat.

  2. It takes work for everybody to look good, but fortunately you’ve got that foundation of natural beauty to work with. Not all of us are so fortunate.
    I am, though.

  3. Rumpy, you and my Sweetie have a lot in common… She’s a mix of Long Hair Chihuahua and Pomeranian and she keeps herself clean too; so much so you’d think she was one of those friends of yours ‘June Buggie’. Yep, she cleans her little hands and face and well… all over..!!!
    She hardly ever smells… you know…. doggy… and, like you she just luvs getting a good brushing…. Ahhhhh… it’s a puppy-dog’s life for sure… 😉

    1. It’s amazing, isn’t it? Jen says the only bad thing about my grooming is how loud it sounds when she’s trying to go to sleep. *snicker*

  4. I have a double coat too. My undercoat is very woolly and my outer coat (which appeared when I was about 10 months old) is quite thick and long. Unfortunately it does tangle very easily.
    Like you, our breed is used to cold and snow.
    I think we look much better with a long coat but Beloved grumbles that we bring in half the garden every time we move.
    I also have to admit that we do very little to look after our coats. We are happy with the tangles, unless we become very knotted.
    In our native Tibet Beloved read that it was the custom to shear us when the sheep were sheared.
    On the whole although I like the look of the long coat, I do not like having to be groomed for hours a week so I am happy for Beloved to keep it a little shorter, they call it the puppy cut and when I am groomed professionally I can look very smart even with shorter hair 🙂
    You are good to help look after your coat. I don’t like the responsibility.
    Beloved has to bath us a lot because of the allergies – and I hate baths. I think it is very bad for me!! But also like you, my coat insulates us from the heat and the cold….. not that we can be left in the OZ sun for too long. Fortunately Beloved has air conditioning 🙂

  5. Yes, you do have a lovely coat. Must take a lot of brushing to keep you looking that good.

    The Boxers get a wipe down with a wet face cloth to keep their short coats glossy 🙂

  6. M’s piano teacher had a doggie like you. He was such a nice doggie and funny too. Whenever the piano teacher would sing, he’s start howling in that special howl that you have, M just loved him.

  7. Hope you’re managing to stay cool, Rumpy. Mummy has been doing all kinds of things to make sure i don’t overheat…but I’ve been ignoring all of that and instead I’m enjoying sitting in the sun BOL 😉

  8. I didn’t know that you had a double coat that keeps you in a good temperature both in winter and SUMMER!!! You’re lucky that you don’t have to take a bath often…me…take it once a month…I HATE it though… mom says I smell bad if I don’t take a bath…probably we have humid weather in Japan, so that’s why?
    Your fur always looks pawgeous, Rumpy! Hooray FURminator!!! 🙂

    1. Oh Dog! A bath once a month? Jen doesn’t bathe me in winter, thank Dog. She says it’s not necessary and I won’t let her bathe me inside.

  9. Hey Rumpy….you’ve got the ultimate “all weather” coat huh? That’s way cool…….You always look quite handsome so I guess Jen’s brushing and Furminating helps keep you lookin’ handsome! We dudes always want to look our best….! 😀

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  10. Very true, Rumpy. Our Mom would never have us shaved. And it sure can get hot here. We aren’t crazy about brushing but we let Mom do it anyway. We get baths 2 or 3 times a year, and mainly when we have to stay at the kennel or right when we are about at the end of blowing our coat. We need to learn to like that brushing because it sure does make the coat so much nicer.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  11. Sweet Rumpy we think your breed is one of the most beautiful of all breeds. We can tell you are well groomed because you are most handsome. Mumsy would like to brush me but I do not like to be brushed and I let her know real quick when she gets that brush out. I will let her brush me with her fingers, now I like that a lot so I get brushed with fingers…is that weird? Hugs and nose kisses

  12. Looking good Rumpy! I too have a double coat but I shed recently – you could have made another Bassa from the hair! 🙂 Anyway, I feel a lot more comfortable in this heat.

  13. I’m sure it takes a lot of brushing to keep that coat in tip top shape! Kyuss has short hair, for which I’m thankful, but those little hairs of his are like slivers when they get stuck in your feet!

  14. Thanks for spreading the news that fur is like dog insulation. I go crazy seeing people shave their dogs. And yes, brush, brush, brush.

    Lucky you, Rumpy, for having someone working hard to keep you cool and looking good. Off to vote for the Petties…

  15. We pups with thin coats and/or pink skin need to be careful too. Don’t cut our hair / fur too short. We need the hair / fur to protects us.

  16. What ever you and Jen are doing,its working you are so pawjuss.My Vinnie was a chow.They have 2 coats aswell.He would go to the,groomer every 2 to 4 months.But were in Phx.Az were it can reach 116f.So he was shaved in the summer.He would have the lion cut or the bunny butt cut.And wed brush him,alot in the winter.Hed only stand being brushed,for a short time.Then wed have to give him,3 cookies for being a good boy.So Jen rember the 3 cookie rule.BOL x

  17. But all that work (to make you beautiful) is worth it. Glad you’re able to survive the heat. When I see a Malamute or Siberian Husky, my first reaction always is … Wait a minute. Aren’t those cold-weather dogs?

  18. Rumpy, besides being handsome, your are very clever. You make the perfect point that dog breeds, as with humans have certain differences, and a once-size-fits-all approach just doesn’t make sense. Big pats for you 🙂

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