An Announcement from June Buggie!

MEOW! My name is June Buggie, and I have something to say.


I’ve had lots of people commenting about me through social media, which is cool, but they seem to be operating under some sort of illustion.

Ya see, I am not a girl!  

My REAL name is Junior.  When Bubba and I came to live with Jen 15 years ago, she chose us proper southern names.

But Jen also likes to play language games, so Junior became June Bug, and from there June Buggie.

And June Buggie stuck.  *shakes head sadly*

So while I am willing to suffer the insult of Jen calling me a girly name, that does NOT mean that I am a girl.



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73 thoughts on “An Announcement from June Buggie!

  1. Aargh, Junior! Your southern name IS deceiving! It’s good that you’re setting the record straight. Sometimes when I work at the VA Home, the old guys say, “Here BOY!” and “What’s HIS name?” even when I’m wearing a sundress with 2 rows of ruffles on it.

    Love and licks,

  2. Oh no! June Buggie….I’ve never ever made a mistake to call you as a girl!!!! You are very handsome and cool boy kitten that surly all girl kitties immediately fall in love with!!!! Even to boy doggie, you look pawgeous….*blush*
    Have a lovely weekend, dearest June Buggie! 🙂

  3. Oh dear, I might have been one who thought you were a girly girl! Yikes – it’s not the first time I’ve done that and it probably won’t be the last either, I should have known you were a guy because of all the strong muscles.. You definitely have them dude.

  4. Ooooops!!!! Me and Charlie did think you were a most unusual ginger kitty girl cos most ginger kitties tend to be male but we thought – yay!!! Awwww have a great weekend lovely June Buggie!!! Take care

  5. June Buggie, my “dad’ can certainly sympathize. His nickname is Junior, and some folks call him “June Bug”.
    I’m pleased to make your acquaintance, MR June Buggie!
    Love, Sundae kitty

  6. You are a forward-looking feline, Junior Bugster, that is all. Time the South learns this: Males who learn to become open to their inner feminine add depth and beauty to their power and presence.

  7. Yea sometimes peeps call me a girl too. With a name like Goose I don’t understand it. But what ya gonna do. I like that you are taking a stand. Maybe I will start to call you June Bugger.

  8. Sorry June Buggie. I might have made the wrong assumption too. It happens. My Lab Maya is small and petite like a girl but when you put her next to my pretty boy Pierson, people often assume she is the boy dog and he is the girl dog. And my poor Sephi was often mistaken for a boy even when she wore her pink flowered bandanas.

  9. When’s weee first came to yor bloggie, weee fought yooo was a buggie!!! JUNE BUDDGIE…Don’t ask where’s we got that idea from..It must of been Alfie BOL…So I’m not sure which is worst, finkin’s yooo’s a girl or a buddgie 🙂 I, Mollie aways new’s yooo’s was a handosome Mancat!! 🙂
    Big Hugs
    Mollie and Alfie xx

  10. “June bug” was a term or endearment people used with little kids when I grew up. We just thought you were an extra cute, sweetie pie. (hope that isn’t too girlie…sounds better than marvelous meatloaf or brisket-baby?)

  11. Oh poor June Buggie….well I knew you were a dude – but you have to admit, “June” is a bit misleading to those who don’t KNOW you yet…..June was my Mom’s Aunt’s first name AND it’s my Mom’s middle name because she was named after her Auntie. I think of you as “my buddy JB”……all man!!

    Manly Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  12. You are so secure in your own masculinity June Buggie, that you can deal with these scurrilous slurs on your person. We knew you were a blokie bloke *smug looks* xox

  13. When I think of you I have my own word association game, I think of “Little dune buggy in the sand” from the Presidents Of The United States Of America song, because you are a gorgeous ginger 😉

  14. guess what? i can totally relate! i am a GIRL and many think I am a boy with this Scrappy name:( Stay tough June Bug!

  15. I am so sorry June Buggie, I thought the name was for a girl. I promise not to make that mistake again. Of course you should be treated like a male cat!

  16. We are right there with you! We got silly girly names but we are a long way from that….. You keep pointing it out and well at least jen gave you a decent name…. Our mum…. she is clueless! Take care ad hi to jen. Velcro and The Pretty-One x

  17. Oh, sweet June Buggie we hope we have never made the mistake of calling you a girl. If we have please forgive us. We have some woofy and kitty friends that have the ‘same’ name but some of them are girls and some are boys…that keeps us hoping we get it right each time and we don’t mix up the girls with the boys. But we will do our best to never forget you are a handsome mancat. Hugs and nose kisses

  18. Ok bug 🙂 Since wolves dont apologise we live in the moment I think you must point paw of wrath at Jen!! It is very confusing for us if she gives you a girly name and doesn’t warn us!

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