Bedtime Update

After yesterday’s post, I noticed several of you asked why I didn’t grab a pillow for myself.

I decided to take your advice.

Move over kitty!


This bed ain’t big enough for the both of us June Buggie.

36 thoughts on “Bedtime Update

  1. Cracking up. Shows how many ways there are to interpret things. I want to learn from Rumpy: Take your space, my boy! We all know how resourceful and brilliant kitties are. They can cope. We can’t. Go for it.

  2. Our fur people own the living room. While they allow us to use it in the evening for watching television, by 11pm they are getting irritable. We are sitting on their beds. Eventually, they make it so obvious that they want us to leave, we get up and go to bed. We live to serve.

  3. I am a Princess, I should sleep on the bed with a pillow not outside the door on my dog bed. How can I move inside and up onto the bed? Scheming is required.

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