Good News From DeDe!

Oh Dog! It’s time for another visit with everybody’s favorite DeDe….. ME!  BOL!

I am sure happy today!

Oh Dog, we have breaking news that you heard here first! The Puppy Mill Breeders and Brokers are on the defensive!  YAY

Last week a Federal Court in Washington, DC ruled that financial and other data submitted to the U.S. Department of Agriculture under the federal Animal Welfare Act must be released to The Humane Society of the United States under the Freedom of Information Act.

This is HUGE! Why? Because before now, there was no way for animal welfare groups to know how large these privately-held breeder and broker companies were and what they were doing.  Now we can know just how much money they’re  pulling down, and how many puppy (and other animal) mills are really out there.


If you don’t think they’re making alot of money off of the indiscriminate breeding of animals, you need look no further than Richard Berman and HumaneWatch, which is funded by this industry.  Remember the ad during the Super Bowl? The Olympics? And all the people who believed the lies?

Two groups that have fought against the release of this information for over two years are The Hunte Corporation (puppy mill broker) and The Missouri Pet Breeders Association.    Check out the glossy, professional websites for each group, then remind yourself of how many animals were euthanized in this country last year for no other reason than having no place to call home.   These people (remember, corporations are people) don’t care how many animals die. They only care about how much money they can make by selling animals.

We have not won the war by any means, but at least we have one more weapon in our arsenal to fight these cruel, greedy and unconscionable people. And no, I can’t think of anything nice to say about people who live comfortably at the expense of others, be it human or animal.

Have a good week everybody!

You tell ’em George!

58 thoughts on “Good News From DeDe!

  1. Yes, it’s time for my favorite dear DeDe!!! Wow, this is a great new and makes me almost cry because the progress might get those poor animals decreased. It is truly unbearable to see innocent animals ethusanize because of the greediness of humans. Thanks so much for sharing us this good news, DeDe!
    Have a good Sunday! 🙂

  2. OMC! Fantastic ! We do not like puppy mills. When Mom used to show her Sibes, she joined some others trying to get AKC to stop gocong certs to their animals. Of course, AKC cares less…Mom stopped showing. This news is way more effective at getting these corp people regulated or even stopped. Thanks for telling us. Savannah and Mom

  3. yipppppppeeeeeeee !! Grrrrrreat news… PLUS >>> OHIO is cracking down big time too… fur BOTH Breeder Mills.. and Auctions… AND… on owners of EXOTIC animals… which is Wonderful!!!!

  4. I worked rescue for a year. It gave me nightmares and made me ill. I find the industry and the attitudes so horrible I cannot begin to comprehend from what alternate universe those people come. Thanks for keeping up the fight!

  5. This is really awesome news. Thank you for sharing this. I had not heard. Gad you called out both groups too. So many people don’t know about Hunte. Progress!

  6. This is Great news…we can actually find out how much money these torture mills are making. I hope this helps get rid of them too.
    We Love the photo of George too…:-)
    Penny Says, Woof…Woof

  7. Great post, Rumpy! I think more and more people are beginning to realize what these breeders are all about (mom Julie made me clean up my first reaction :).
    We saw a special on George Clooney where he made a statement about how important his rescue dog was to him. We like what he said in your post. Could we borrow him for our sidebar?

    Have a good week ahead, my furriend!

    Tom and the kits

  8. BOL… I love it. If George Clooney is in, I’m in… Seriously though, this evil corporate greed just makes it all the more grubby. They’d have us believe puppy mills are desperate people in bad neighbourhoods. Convenient but not the whole truth. Good on you DeDe.

  9. Great news great job!

    I just got back from the vet this last week. My old girl (15) made it through another well dog fitness check up and got her vaccinations for the year. My vet won’t give them until a geriatric dog passes all their lab work, she won’t put an older dog at risk. Scarlet is old, deaf and has a little bit of arthritis but still doing okay for nearly 100 years old.

  10. Reblogged this on MINDFUL CONSUMPTION and commented:
    Talk about “mindful” ~ There are many, many good reasons to find your companion animal at the rescue. One very compelling reason is that we need to stop indiscriminate and irresponsible breading. Here’s an interesting piece brought to us from “RumpyDog” …Be sure to click through and read the full post.

  11. FOIL is one of the best acts ever passed. I hope these records give lots of ammunition to this fight.

    Any one who doesn’t think puppy mills are big business has never seen the glossy google ads that are turning up on pet blogs.

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