Talkin’ Big Cats and Giveaway!

Oh Dog! Recently The Tiniest Tiger asked me to participate in her Red Carpet Cat VIP Emmy Blog Tour! And I said of course!!!!

Gracey meets Lou Ferrigno!

Gracey was also on the red carpet at this year’s Emmy Awards to meet the stars and talk to them about wildlife conservation!  Is she the coolest or what!!!!

Gracey meets Brandon Tyler Russell!

And now Gracey is asking bloggers like me to share the word with you about her blog and about how we all gotta work together to save OUR large animals.

Gracey meets Lesley-Ann Brandt!

The sad truth is that many of the earth’s most majestic creatures are close to extinction. Why? Because there are fewer places for them to live. Because people kill them for their pelts or their horns to sell to other people.  Because of hunting.

There are many reasons, but it’s humans that are responsible, and only humans can solve the problem.

Gracey meets Lauren Potter!

The Conservation Cub Club blog is written by Joanne McGonagle, a zoologist and author of The Tinest Tiger.  Joanne just returned from Namibia where she studied at the Cheetah Conservation Fund.  In July of 2011 she lived among the lions and the Maasai of Kenya as part of a Global Field Master of Zoology program.  The Tiniest Tiger’s Conservation Cub Club cares about all cats big and small and has raised over $30,000 to help both domestic and big cats.  

Joanne is supporting  Lion Guardians , an organization that promotes coexistence between human and animals.  Isn’t that wonderful?

Gracey meets Mayim Bialik!

You can help Joanne spread the word, and you can help yourself in the process! Thanks to Gracey and the Tiniest Tiger, we’re giving away a cool Canine Cool Hipster Bag filled with all kinds of goodies!  Sorry, this giveaway is only available to folks in the US.

But if you DO live in the US and you would like to win one of these cool hipster bags, all you gotta do is comment below and tell us why it’s so important to save our planet’s large animals!

Thanks for entering, and- more importantly, thanks for caring! 

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Disclaimer: giveaway open to readers in the US. Prize will be awarded by random draw to one lucky participant. Entries accepted through September 28, 2012.

51 thoughts on “Talkin’ Big Cats and Giveaway!

  1. We need to maintain balance on our planet, and the big cats are a part of that. We donate to several large cat charities among the many animal charities that we love and support!

  2. The planet is an ecosystem, and all lifeforms depend on each other, often in ways we don’t even realize. Lose all the big cats, and something else is bound to go awry. Every species is important. However, too many people seem to think humankind is the only species that matters.

  3. There aren’t any words for how important it is to save the planet’s large animals (and small of course), but this is their planet just as much as ours, I see animals as equals-yet they don’t have the ablility to defend themselves against hunters, poachers, and being forced from their territory due to ‘economic growth’. It’s our responsibility to give them the voice they so desperately need. To loose any species when it can be prevented is cruel and inhumane-especially when we don’t need any ‘products’ from large species in our modern day world.

  4. What a lovely thing to do … What a sweet kitty to let so many handle her.

    We must save the big cats for the themselves, for ourselves, for the planet … but mainly because it is the right thing to do for our younger brothers and sisters in nature.

    Go Rumpy … 😉

  5. The worlds animals should be saved, because they play a part in the Earth’s ecosystems. The loss of just one animal in the system can effect many others in a chain reaction.

  6. This is wonderful, Rumpy! The event seemed to be great! We need to maintain those big animals because of, course they have lives which means they have a right to live! On your past posts, I read a few sad news about big animals that killed because of hunting….I hope that al least we could save their precious lives spreding Joanne’s word!

  7. I am all about nature, Rumpy. That’s why my email address is naturebydawn. NatureByDawn is also my website for my artwork (although you might recognize me from my dog blog). I love to draw both wild and domestic animals like house cats, pet dogs, tigers, leopards, wolves. It would be so sad if wild animals only existed in art and not in the wild. We need to help these animals so that future generations can enjoy their majestic and wild beauty.

  8. We need to save and protect the big cats because we can learn so much from them. They are strong, cunning, and resourceful creatures. It would be a shame if they were to disappear and future generations would not be able to appreciate their wisdom and beauty.

  9. It is so important to protect the big animals. We forget how loosing just one species would effect all others. Familarize yourself with the butterfly effect. It is just as devastating if we lose a large species as it would be small set of creatures. Help protect our wild life, all of it.

  10. For one simple reason because “Extinction” is forever. And you simply can not reverse it!To look at wild animals and learn about them is a beautiful thing and children everywhere love just that !But to be able to know that they still exist is what truly makes it that much more amazing!Knowing that you may one day be able to see one in real life is certainly something to look forward to.Thanks !Shared on Fb and tweeted

  11. We need the large cats to complete our ecosystem. All living things are part of the system and when you lose one part, something is bound to fall apart somewhere else. Go Gracey!

  12. Thanks, we’d love to be included in your giveaway. The big cats, and all endangered species, are important in so many ways and on so many levels. Just for their beauty, their place in the ecosystem, their wisdom, and its forever. Plus, Animal Planet would really be hurting (just kidding!).

  13. Rumpy, we’d like to join? I know I’m not a US resident but we have friends their that deserve good pressies too. ^_^

    This said, I’ve recently gone to visit a conservation center in Palawan, Philippines where the bones of a sperm whale was displayed. I believe it is important to save all animals big and small because of their contribution to the ecosystem. For instance, the whales keep the krill and algae population in tabs.

    Huggies and Cheese,


  14. We don’t even know where to start why it is important to save large predators! Ecosystems are a delicate balance of predators & prey and if you remove one part of the equation the whole system can be destroyed. These animals have been on our planet for thousands and thousands of years and the planets health depends on them. Working to educate people about conservation is so important and a mission we take very seriously!
    Thanks for the great post :)!

  15. We’re responsible for this planet and ALL of the creatures on it. It’s as simple as that. If human actions are resulting in near-extinction…then it’s our responsibility to help those animals and do something about the cause of the problem.

  16. It’s important ecologically because of the balance between predator and prey, but also morally because we all live on this earth together. And thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

  17. It is our responsibility to save the big cats! All animals really. They entire planet is a delicately balanced ecosystem!! All the animals and plants play a role that is vital to some other part of the system!
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  18. I just heard a story on the radio this morning about how the habitat of big cats is dwindling. We must keep working to protect our wild spaces and the animals who can’t survive without them.

  19. These animals are so magestic, so regal. To not have them around in the wild would be tragic. They are part of an ecosystem that would go awry without them. Everything has it’s place in life!! Please help save the big cats!

  20. We need to save the large animals because we are the only ones who can. Because we are responsible for the actionsof our humankind and every creature deserves a place on Mother Earth.

    And because I really want that bag to give to Cindy and Bill in Georgia! Hahahahahahaha

  21. It’s heartbreaking that anyone could fail to understand the importance of wildlife, bio-diversity and the respect that each life (not just human life) is entitled. At or near the top of the food chain the big cats are threatened by every type of environmental stress. People don’t understand that the big predators suffer when the small prey dies off or is forced from its habitat.

  22. It is our responsibility to protect the resources and gifts of this planet and animals are most certainly a gift. They deserve sanctuary and guardianship. Besides, they were here first – doesn’t that count for something??

  23. People sometimes think of predators at the top of the food chain as less important than other animals for the balance of the ecosystem, but you only have to look at how getting rid of wolves in Yellowstone lead to aspen trees dying out to realize how intricate the balance can be! As we “civilize” more and more of the world, we need to take steps to ensure we don’t lose what we already have.

  24. It’s important to save our planet’s large animals because it keeps the ecosystem in balance! Nature is wonderful because it is balanced, but humans keep disrupting it!

  25. As we have seen in the states, once we lose the predators the prey numbers explode to where they are now starving to death as their are too many deer etc competing for food. We also need to preserve all species for future generations.

  26. It’s important to the ecology, but it’s most important because God put Humans in charge of taking care of the Earth, and we’ve not done such a great job of it. I, for one, want my grandchildren and great grandchildren to know the majesty of these animals and the importance of their part in the great scheme of things. It’s important that we shelter that ideal, and conserve our world for the generations to come.

  27. Thats pretty awesome! Theres been so many sad tales of poaching and cruelty. Our disregard for those two legged and four that we share this planet with is a little overwhelming to bear at times.

  28. Apart from the unmistakeable Lou Ferigno, I’ve no idea who the others are, but it’s nice that so many people are focused on this issue all the same. I know I’m late…I’m always playing catch up on my blogs 🙂

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