June Buggie Rants About the Badger Cull!

MEOW! My name is June Buggie, and I have something to say.

This is an OFFICIAL June Buggie Rant!

It seems that the United States isn’t the only country that makes stupid decisions about animal welfare.  You folks in Britain also have a bunch of boneheads deciding our fate.

See, there is this animal called the Badger. Brits love their badgers.

  Kill the Badgers!!!!  /photo by sure2talk/Flickr

But badgers can carry Bovine Tuberculosis, and spread it to cattle. So how does the British government propose to solve that problem?

Well, kill the badgers, of course! 

The government has given license to trained marksmen to kill up to 70% of the badger population in two pilot areas.  And people are mad!  So am I.

Do you REALLY need to eat milk and cheese so badly that you’re willing to allow animals to die needlessly to fill your need for cholesterol and animal fat?  And when I say needlessly, I mean needlessly.

See, there is a vaccination that COULD be given to the cows to prevent TB infection.  BUT, it can’t be legally administered. WHAT? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  

That’s right, the EU has decided that the vaccine cannot be given to cows, because if you give the vaccine to cows, you can’t then test them for TB.  I am scratching my head in amazement at the STUPIDITY of that rationale.

The good news is that many Brits are up-at-arms over this badger cull, and will boycott any dairy farms in the areas where the culling takes place.  I am asking YOU good people who live in Britain to join in that  boycott. And for the rest of us, let’s let our voices be heard also.

yep, that’s Brian May! photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images

It’s time for you humans to realize that you can’t take such short-sighted measures to ensure your comfort. If you continue to sacrifice the rest of the Earth for your benefit, soon there will be nothing left.  


37 thoughts on “June Buggie Rants About the Badger Cull!

  1. Stop the cull!!
    I don’t think killing these badgers is going to solve the problem. And it’s a bad idea, really, I’m pretty sure they are going whine about how less badgers are left after these killing, and then they’ll start a new campaign about that! I wouldn’t be surprised.

    Anyway, Why not trap-vaccinate-release? It’s better than to randomly kill badgers.

  2. We been protesting June but nothing will stop it…. Badgers are protected animals as well.. but not from DEFRA!!!!!!!!! Hell I have issues with defra and even if they changed their name a million times they would still be crap! They changed their name after the 2001 fmd epidemic where 5,000,000 sheep and 2,000 cattle as well as nobody knows how many pigs where killed even though they didn’t have the disease… which is curable and totally able to be vaccinated against but as with Bovine TB they can’t tell the difference between the live and the vaccine antibodies!

    In 2001 I asked about getting my girls vaccinated so they wouldn;t die needlessly or get the disease (it was a huge threat at the time) and they say I could but 6 months after the all clear they would have top kill them anyway so as not to mess up future testing…… what can you say except they and the EU are murderers though here the real sick part less sheep died needlessly them than the meat trade would have killed……

    Mine are not in the meat chain and never will be so for them needless death would have been harder to take.

    Its the ‘lovely’ men in London kowtowing to actually the NFU! They want everything killed it seems even put up a proposal that all sheep should be killed in the 01 fmd epidemic and I have even less time for them….. surprised at that?! x

  3. What a sad reality this is! I don’t think that killing the badgers doesn’t make any difference…..it seems to me that the British government can’t find any other solutions except this one. Besides I don’t think it happens to only TB….these kind of things happen to many diseases. However we can’t always kill poor animals because of that! We have to think of the other solutions. It could happen to any other countries,too.
    *whispers* June Buggie…you look pawgeaous as usual!

  4. Defra and the nfu (national union of farmers) have no scanty of life and the trial is going to happen. Its the men in London not the EU that have authorised the cull though flower. The EUI is guilty of a lot where farming is concerned but the cull is all down the the pressure and persuasive vote stuff of the NFU I believe.

    We have already lost the protest and the cull is gong ahead but…… Still a bit of a chance to stop it becoming national… but I think we have no chance and it will do.

    The t/b is as much to do about meat as dairy its bovine s no matter what they are used for….. They have a ratting for meat re fmd and was to do with export to the States and Japan…… not exactly a big trade but that’s the NFU for you….Other EU countries do vaccinate but who they can sell meat to is far more limited……

    Its often a kill word if your a farm animal or badger now as well. x

    1. Sounds a lot like here in the US, but it’s cattle ranchers wanting to kill wolves. So the government is letting them. Because humans would rather eat beef than save the Earth’s creatures. Humans are lazy.

  5. Great post and very interesting. There are so many things that can kill the cattle, why are they picking on the badgers.
    Also, you won an item on the auction for Robyn and her cat Mini. I don’t have your email so if you could write me an email, I will tell you how to pay and then get your address from you. margaretmsan@gmail.com

  6. Living in the UK I know all about the Badgers.. Culling them is a disgrace, they are such wonderful creature’s.. Yes they tore my Moms garden to pieces but we made them a walk through, so they could get to the next garden. After all, we build on their land, which they have been using for years. As for the cows..I’m happy to have milk substitute in my tea and I can live without cheese. We are never going to stop it, they do it with deers over here and God knows what else. XX00XX
    Mollie and Alfie

  7. It is terrible that they think this is ok. After they have banned fox hunting for being cruel and know they are legalising badger hunting?! It’s madness.

    Whoever made the decision to do this is a sickening individual but you can be sure that there will be plenty of people up in arms, who will fight this with all they have got.

    Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

  8. Agreed. However, I imagine that they can’t test for TB if the cows are given a vaccine for TB because the test will come up positive. How will they know which cows that have been tested positive for TB actually have it or that it is the vaccine making the test result positive? There must be another way to give a vaccine and still test.

  9. The poor animals always suffer for the stupidity and selfishness of man…. especially man with expensive pants. Thank you for spreading the word June Buggie, I hadn’t heard about this yet in Mexico.

  10. We’ve signed petition after petition to stop this senselessness! There’s been a setback but the fight ain’t over!! Go BADGERS!! Take care

  11. Hang on, Mr June Buggie. There is also a vaccination trial taking place. Perhaps after a small pilot trial cull, the vaccination route will be implemented after all. Yes, I’m sitting on the fence. I live in the country and I hear both sides of the story.

    Where I walk Brin, the number of badger setts has increased, so they are breeding well in our area and we regularly see them in the woods. Lovely creatures x.

  12. I love weasels of all kinds (badgers, skunks, otters, martens, ferrets, etc.). I owned domestic ferrets when I lived in a state where they were legal (and for a while where they were not). I think they’re wonderful, necessary animals, and that slaughtering them if you aren’t going to eat them (and who eats badger anyway?) is a poor idea.

  13. As with wolf-killing in US they don’t take into account the knock-on effect on the eco-system when they start these culls. They might realise it when there are no more wolves/badgers etc by which time it’s a bit late. The Japanese Wolf is now extinct after the Japanese government condemned them to death by poison for carrying rabies and attacking livestock on the ranches. The fact that man deforested their environment and forced them to look to human ranches for food is besides the point it would seem. There are now cries to re-introduce the wolf to Japan…can see the same thing happening with badgers…kill them all then re-introduce them again…same old stupid cycle over and over isn’t it?

  14. We have done and are doing everything we possibly can to prevent this travesty. Even the government advisers were against it. The inoculation alternative, even if not 100% effective, is so much better.

  15. This is like some people want to kill the wandering buffalo and wild horses because they have something that might spread to cattle.
    “It’s alive. Who are they to order them killed?” says RC in outrage. “What animal will they turn on next?”

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