Introducing The Bunk Daddy Himself!

Oh Dog! Do I have a treat for you today! I think you’re gonna love today’s guest. He’s a little guy, but he packs a powerful punch. So everybody put your paws together and help me welcome Bunk the Pug!

Oh Dog! It’s Bunk!

Bunk:  Hey Rumpy!!!!

Rumpy:  Thanks for being my guest today!  

Bunk:  Thank you so much for agreeing to interview me.
Rumpy:  So tell us a little bit about you Bunk.

Bunk:  My name is Bunk and I am a 1 ½ year old black pug and everybody gives me belly rubs when they see me because I am so cute and awesome-o and totally kewl. If I could be something other than a little black pug I would be stop sign because they command respect. 

Confused? Who? Me?

Rumpy:  Well……. anything else you’d like us to know about you?

Bunk:  An interesting fact about me is that I speak several languages, including Lab, Pit Bull, Mastiff, Boxer, Border Collie, and I am currently working on my Daschund, but it is not as easy as it seems.  Right Nola? In the future I plan to learn Bulldog so that I can speak the language of the enemy.

Rumpy:  Uh huh…… so, how about you tell us about your family.

Bunk:  I met the humans one day when I was outside chewing on some rocks, which I really really like to eat. I remember thinking to myself “Hey Bunk, why does poop taste so delicious?” Then this ugly man picked me up and started talking human gibberish. I could not understand a word that crazy man said, and for a second was afraid that my antics were too much for everyone and that he was taking me to Shelbyville to sell me to the Rottweilers. But then he rubbed my belly and put delicious food in my mouth, which is the international sign for saying “Will you be my pug?” I said, “I do.” The man then took me home.

As I stepped in the giant human toy named car, I remembered some advice from an old ancestor of mine, ConFUSEDcius, “Pugs, no matter how hard you try, you cannot polish poop.” I don’t know how this related to getting in the car…but I thought the whole ride home.

Oh Dog! What kinda look is that?

Rumpy:  Oh Dog! *laughter*  That’s the best rescue story ever!  So Bunk, what’s your favorite treat?

Bunk:  My favorite treat is the house. I eat everything in there, including the couch, the carpet, shoes, computers, and even chew on the human’s fingers when they are asleep.

Rumpy:  You little guys get away with everything! If I did that, I’d be a yard dog!   I have one more question for fun.  If you was a dinosaur, what kind would you be?

Bunk:  If I were a dinosaur I would be Rosie O’Donnell.

Rumpy:  Bunk, you are the DAWG!  Thanks so much for being my guest today!

If you’d like to find out more about Bunk, check out Bunkblog ( Bunk also has a Facebook page and he’s on Twitter.

Bunk:  And on My Space. It is on the cutting edge. 

Rumpy:  *rolls eyes*

Actually he’s kinda cute… for a little dog



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32 thoughts on “Introducing The Bunk Daddy Himself!

  1. Aww Bunk thanks for that Great interview with Rumpy you set my weekend up with peels of laughter. Wish I could give you one of those Belly Rubs! Take care now. And don’t forget to CHEW all your Meals properly! No burbing up your Dad’s slippers!
    Sue x

  2. As always another great Interview… Thank you so much for sharing with us. I sure do love you and if I was close I would rub your belly cause your special… have a wonderful day and “be good” okay…..look forward to another interview soon….

  3. Bunk! Why do they call you Bunk, Bunk? Did you do a bunk? Or do you sleep in a bunk? Or do you bunk off? I just want to keep saying Bunk, Bunk. Nice to meet you. Good interview with Bunk, Rumpy 😉

  4. Oh my goodness – I think Bunk is totally adorable! Love that face – and those eyes – and that tongue – and my Mom says she’d love to give Bunk’s belly a rub cuz he’s so cute. Now normally I’d consider that heresy for her to say that about a DOG but I have to admit – he’s quite a character!

    Kitty Hugs and thanks for the interview Rumpy!

  5. Hi Bunk! *waving paws* Wow, you chew computers, too?!!! Your teeth must be really tough! *giggles* I’ve never met black pug before, so you’re very special! Your fur looks so shiny! 🙂

  6. Rosie O’Donnell the Dinosaur – Bunk, you crack us up. We love Bunk here too.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  7. hello Bunk and Rumpy! great interview,bunk you a very kewl doggie stray cats say hello to you both and june buggie to:-)

  8. okay, everyone says my frenchie looks like a pug and both breeds ‘snort’ the same, but i have to say this is the first pug that i’ve seen that REALLY looks like a frenchie. it’s crazy. i loooooooove it. xo, sm

      1. Well yes…but nothing like as cute as the great rumpydog of course! Only I, the Alpha Female of the Europa Pack could surpass the undeniable cuteness of the howlingly cute rumpydog!! 😀

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