DeDe’s Got a Secret!!!!!

Oh Dog! Gather ’round everybody, cuz DeDe’s got a secret, and I’m not sharing it with just anybody!

DeDe’s got a secret!!!

You may not know this, but Rumpy’s Gotcha! Day is the 20th of this month.

What’s a Gotcha! Day? Well, that’s the day that Jen picked him up off the streets and tried to find his home. Little did she know that his home was with her.  Gotcha!

Actually most of us dogs and cats don’t know our birthdays; we celebrate the day we found our forever home.

So anyway, Bubba Cat and I have been racking our brains trying to find a way to celebrate Rumpy’s birthday. What would be the best present ever for Rumpy?

Any ideas Bubba?

The thing that would make Rumpy most happy is to see all dogs and cats spayed or neutered. He says that’s the BEST way to reduce the number of animals euthanized each year, not just in the US, but around the world.

The Humane Society International along with other great partners such as the Doris Day Foundation, the ASPCA, PetSmart Charities, the Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association, and the House Rabbit Society, team up to celebrate World Spay Day. The next World Spay Day will be February 26, 2013. You can find out more about the event here.

Last year there were many events in the US, as well as Nicaragua, Tanzania, the Philippines, Italy, Malta,  Portugal, Canada and the Bahamas.

We’ve decided that on Rumpy’s birthday, we’re going to raise awareness of World Spay Day by having a Spay Day Party.  How can you help us celebrate? We need more events to be held around the world. We need more awareness of the importance of spaying/neutering your pet. And money is always needed to pay for these services.

How will YOU help us celebrate?

So start thinking about what YOU can do in YOUR country to promote World Spay Day, then report back here next Sunday.

And….. *whispers* don’t tell Rumpy, OK?


34 thoughts on “DeDe’s Got a Secret!!!!!

  1. DeDe, your idea is purrfect (I’m assuming Bubba gave some input, too.). And Rumpy will just LOVE it! I’m putting on my thinking cap. Rumpy’s Gotcha! Day will help a lot of dogs and cats.

  2. It’s too damned true, DeDe – all this sentimental claptrap about letting her have a litter, and so forth is just laziness, totally irresponsible. I’m thinking dog and cat licences should only be given to neutered animals, and one should have a breeder’s license to own an entire animal. What do you think?

    1. I think that we have to educate people about what REALLY happens to those cute little puppies and kittens they allowed to be born. It’s not all peaches and roses for many of them.

  3. DeDe, you are one smart puppy. That is an excellent day. The same applies to cats too. There are way too many of us and some are left to wander the streets looking for their own food.

  4. Well, then, I already gave Rumpy my gift. I was spayed a few weeks after MY Gotcha Day – plastic collar, sad face, and all! Better late than never – I already had puppies in the shelter. C’mon, people! Get it together!

    Love and licks and happy Gotcha,

  5. Wow! Rumpy’s Gotcha Day is coming soon! How exciting! and your idea to celebrate his Gotcha Day is pawfect, Dear DeDe and Bubba!
    I think that in Japan, the idea of neuter/spay is not common compared to the other countries…because of that, there are still some feral cats around here…mom has been thinking to catch two of them to spay soon but is worried if more people leave kitties here asking mom for help….mom can’t look after all of them, so we also need the other humans to aware of the importance of spay/neuter.
    We hope that we come up with a good idea to promoto World Spay Day in Japan, too! 🙂 Have a lovely Sunday, Dear DeDe!

  6. That sounds like a wonderful way to celebrate the big guy’s special day – it probably was the best day of his life up until then. We will do our best to contribute in some way too.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

    1. Yes, we’re looking for a commitment to brainstorm ideas to make World Spay Day the best ever. Please think of ways you can help in your community!

  7. What an awesome way to celebrate Rumpy’s Gotcha Day! We’re all for it – if more people would spray and neuter just think how many FEWER homeless animals there would be!!!! YAY!!!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  8. I love your plan for Rumpy’s Gotcha Day. Our two cats, former shelter kitties, will be donating cans of cat food and dry food today because the shelter is running low on food for kittens that were abandoned. It’s the same shelter where we got Jean-Louis and Reggie in the summer of 2007.

    Best wishes on this celebration. I’ll put my thinking cap on.

  9. Rumpy and my mom share the same birthday. I say that you pull out all of the stops and have a pawty for both (along with raising awareness of World Spay Day) Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  10. What a great idea Dee Dee. me is going to ask Dr Carol what we can do to help in our area. Me will beback!

  11. DeDe and Bubba, I just love the photo of you two really thinking of good ideas. I love it, and will have to give it thought, too. I’ll ask my two dogs. I won’t say anything to Rumpy.

  12. DeDe, great idea!
    RC Cat and Molly want to write thank you notes to the vets locally that spay and neuter rescued animals/feral cats for free or very low costs. Vets are on the front lines and see all the harm to animals left in the streets. Even if you can’t give money to help, a note of thanks might mean a lot?

  13. Awesome idea 🙂 I spent months trying to convince my neighbours to get their cat spayed but they lacked education and believed she’d get fat and turn into a zombie cat so she had to go through endless heats before they finally gave in (she was pretty extreme about it and on heat every other week sometimes sooner and calling constantly. She was totally driven by her hormones and was exhausted and miserable in the end with no un-neutered males to mate her) They were able to get it done free and she was back on her paws within 24 hrs and tearing around like nothing had happened! The vet was shocked! She’s now happy and got her old personality back that she had before she “came of age!” Might have to have a discreet word about perhaps reducing the food supply a little though…she’s an adult cat and spayed so they need to understand she doesn’t need the energy for growth now and it’s in danger of turning to fat. How to convince them that’s not purely down to the spay! Hmm! 😉 Educating people is so important, many don’t spay purely because they genuinely think it will cause more problems than it will solve even though their worries are mostly myths 🙂

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