Happy Thanksgiving, Canada!

Oh Dog! Monday’s back, and she’s taking no prisoners!  

I got the Monday blues *sigh*

I wanna wish all my Canadian friends a happy Thanksgiving!

From freakingnews.com

I wish I was Canadian. I wanna celebrate too! *pouts*

But I guess I’ll just be my usual cute self and beg for cookies instead.

Have a great day everybody!

Oh, and DeDe asked you to be sure to read her post from yesterday.  She says it’s important.  *rolls eyes*



23 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving, Canada!

  1. lol at the old timey tv dinner trays! i actually remember that style of container. i’ll remember to check out DeDe’s post to 🙂

  2. I didn’t know that Thanksgiving day in Canada is different from the day in USA….*blush* thanks very much for educating me, Rumpy!
    Yes Rumoy, DeDe and we have a big secret!!!! Hee hee hee…. 🙂
    Have a happy week!

  3. Our turkey dinner looked a little better than that Rumpy and it sure was yummy! I wish we could have shared it with you. We had pumpkin pie too! Mmmmm! Thanks for the Thanksgiving wishes! 🙂

  4. Thanks Rumpy,
    We had a great day. Mommy gots a new cast on her arm and then her and Daddy started to put in the new front door. Mommy looked at the door and said, the door goes the wrong way!
    They needed a right hand door, and the door was labeled a right hand door, but it was a left hand door, so Daddy had to screw the old door back together and then they took the hairy slobbery sisters for a ride to look at the fall leaves, which made it a great Thanksgiving for me, because me was in the house by myself!

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