What a Great Idea!

Oh Dog! DeDe here! No…… it’s not Sunday!

I just HAD to share this with you!

As you know, June Buggie and I are planning a big surprise for Rumpy’s Gotcha Day!  We asked each of you to come up with a way that you could be a part of World Spay Day.

Our friend Phil at Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge (OK, it was probably the Resident Cat’s really, but anyway) had  this great idea of a way we can ALL help promote low-cost spay neuter programs.

Let’s say thank you.

Phil says he’s going to write letters to the vets that provide these badly-needed services.

I think that’s a FANTASTIC idea!

We’ve all heard of caregiver burnout, and it certainly can occur among those that care for animals.   But how often do these folks hear a thank you?

So I challenge each of you to find one low-cost spay/neuter program or vet that offers such services, and send a card or letter thanking them for the good work they do.

It won’t take much of your time, and it will certainly brighten someone’s day.

Thanks Phil! And thanks to all of you who work in the trenches day in and day out to help animals!



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23 thoughts on “What a Great Idea!

  1. Hi Dear DeDe! Thanks very much for letting us know this great idea! It’s not difficult and simple to do! And very important to thank those vets and programs for helping animals! I’m going to do it! 🙂

  2. It is always important to thank people – especially those who are devoting their time and effort to such a good cause.

  3. That’s a great idea, DeDe. We are sure we can get Mom to help us with that.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

      1. Hi Rumpy !
        I’ve been out of pocket but am trying to catch up on reading. Thank you for sharing this idea. Many vets work very hard to save animals and they do see the saddest situations. They need to know we appreciate them, thanks again!
        (RC and Molly actually insisted on putting paw signatures on the bottoms of the notes – they feel very lucky and hope others find safe havens, too)

    1. Really? Do you know why? You might be interested in June Buggie’s rant on Friday. Vets in Alabama tried to do the same in that entire state.

  4. What a wonderful idea. Positive reinforcement … or, like my Mom used to say, “you can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar.” I hope the “Thank yous” have more vets doing the right thing.

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