Dogs- An Advertiser’s Best Friend

These days you see dogs everywhere.  One out of three commercials on TV includes a dog. In fact, advertising featuring dogs has become a $31 billion market ( Not too shabby, huh?


You know you’d buy any product that face asked you to!


What’s up with that? 

Advertising genius Bob Brooks once said that dogs and babies are in so many commercials because people respond to them.

Indeed, dogs are replacing beautiful people and yes, even children, in the commercial market.

A 2010 article at listed four reasons why man’s best friend is a great advertising personality:

  1. Dogs make you look
  2. Dogs engage your emotions
  3. People trust dogs
  4. Dog lovers feel a kinship

When I started this blog, I chose to let Rumpy be the voice instead of me because Rumpy gets heard. And let’s be honest, Rumpy can get away with saying things that I NEVER could. The same is true for dogs in commercials.

But there are other reasons why dogs are making a big impression in the advertising world. Dogs work for less than people.  Dogs on average are paid a flat day rate of between $50 and $400. Compare that to $600 for a child in a union commercial.

Dogs are not apt to bring negative publicity to a brand, unlike a celebrity behaving badly. Can you say, “Lance Armstrong?”

We think dogs make great spokespersons because we’ve changed the way we think about companion animals. In 2009, disposable incomes dropped 3.2%, and yet three of the four pet-related industries experienced growth  (


Sorry Kitty, but advertising has gone to the dogs!


So, the next time you’re looking to get your message across, maybe you should ask your dog to do it for you.  It works for me.


43 thoughts on “Dogs- An Advertiser’s Best Friend

  1. Rumpy and Rumpy’s mom, you are so right and thanks for sharing that article and observation. Even in catalogs (despite “cat” being in the word, ::ahem::) it’s always dogs. However..much to our delight, Mom Julie got her paws on an IKEA catalog and found a cat! Now, what does that say? We’re making inroads..just give us time, Rumpy! (altho if you’re in an ad, we’d buy the product, no matter what it was!)


  2. You’re very right! In Japane, one of the most popular commercilas is the one from “Softbank” company which is a mobile phone company. In the commercial, the main character is ‘Kai-Inu’ who looks like ‘Shiba-Inu’. The dog plays his role as a father in a family and the other family memebers are real humans. Very funny commercial and there are many products of the father Dog.
    Ctas, too very popular for TV commercilas here!!! 🙂

  3. Stella the Great Newfenees here via my scribe, who is jealous because more people come to her bookshop to see me than to buy books. But I’ve been trained not to let anyone out until they buy something, so it’s a win-win, as they say in the advertising world, BOL!

  4. Dog commercials are my favorite…except for I also like that kitty food one where the kitty goes on a magic trip where she meets all the animals that are in her food. But maybe that is also weird…

  5. Yep! I gotta agree! My cell phone is serviced by one of the top companies that uses dogs for advertising! I LOVE Fido commercials! I do confess, it was the dogs that got my attention!

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