Since You Asked…..

In yesterday’s comments, several of you asked what gifts Kevin actually sent. I’ll show you!

This is a cheese treat for dogs!

When I interviewed Kevin, he told me his favorite treat was cheese. He sent some for me to try! It’s yummy!

Kevin sent cookies too! *drools*

I don’t know what the box says, but Kevin told me these are very good cookies and made with good ingredients. I think they are delicious!

These are fish treats for the kitties. They love them!

When Jen opened the package, the kitties all cried for a treat!

And Kevin sent this cute card to Jen!

Jen is displaying the card in her office at work! woo woo woo!

It’s so exciting to know I get to enjoy the same treats Kevin does in Japan!

35 thoughts on “Since You Asked…..

  1. Woo woo!!! I love cheese, too!!! That one is my favorite and the bonito stick that doesn’t have any preservative and any coloring is Shiro’s fave! Those companies are quite famous for doggie and cats food in Japan and we can trust their products!
    Here is a English website of the company of cookies!

  2. Yummers, we love cheese too. And cheese sticks are great. It seems like the grandbipeds don’t always finish theirs so we get to have some nibbles on the leftovers.

    Very nice gifts from Kevin.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

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