Poetry Challenge- Autumn Style!

Oh Dog! It’s been awhile since we shared some poetry. We gotta fix that!

Are you ready for an Autumn Poetry Challenge?

pic of a dirt road Jen took thru her windshield

Here’s my poem:

Fall on the Florida coast. 
They’re freezing up north while we roast.
Still green on the trees,
but the native folk freeze.
Oh it’s cold weather I miss the most!

It’s your turn! I can’t wait to read your poems!

41 thoughts on “Poetry Challenge- Autumn Style!

  1. ‘Poemwalk’

    woodland walk
    leaves underfoot

    low light
    cool skin
    a bit damp
    much mud!

    mood lifts
    lungs breathe
    legs pump

    companion by my side

    Lesley Beeton, 2012

  2. Woo woo woo! Your poet is always fabulous, Rumpy! Here is mine!
    I know I’m very bad at poetry things but I loooove joining and enjoying!

    I feel the difference
    because mom takes me for a walk
    a little later in the morning and
    a little earlier in the evening

    I feel the difference
    because leaves and the air have changed their smell.

    We ‘doggies’ have neither watch nor calender
    but…. we feel it that…Fall has come!

    Have a lovely Saturday, Rumpy!

  3. Great poem Rumpy – very impressive. I guess whilst most people would be delighted with the warmth, a dog like yourself would enjoy a bit of snow and freezing cold. I can’t do a poem about autumn as we are in spring (well, that’s my excuse for not being able to think on up anyway).

  4. Hiya Rumps! Great poem, fellow Mallie pal! Yeh, I imagine Florida is quite different when you’ve been used to it being colder. Must be weird. I don’t think I’d like it.

    Here in Ontario, it is feeling colder each day and I love it. My fur undercoat is flourishing and so am I. Come on, snow!

    I wrote one autumn poem on September 16th and it’s on my blog. http://www.loupslifelessons.blogspot.ca/

    I was so inspired that I wrote another one yesterday. What can I say? Loup, the Bard, that’s me! This season just inspires me to greatness but then most things do! I’m Loup, the Great after all.

    I think Fall is such a dumb word
    The fact it’s a season is really absurd,
    If you look in the dictionary, fall means to drop
    This butchering the language has gotta stop,
    When did they decide that Fall is a season?
    Come on now, there must be a reason.
    Maybe it’s because the leaves fall to the ground
    They crunch underfoot, such a glorious sound,
    They can keep calling it fall, I won’t contest
    Cause I’m a snow dog and love winter best!

  5. Great poem Rumpy…..it expresses the same feelings my Mom had when she lived in Florida for a while and missed Virginia’s fall and winter so much!!! Here’s my poem for Fall!

    Leaves falling from the trees
    Piled so high, can’t see my knees!
    Chasing squirrels is so much fun
    Even old kitties love to run….
    Crispy mornings, fireplace smells
    Soon the sound of Christmas bells.

    Happy Saturday Rumpy!!
    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  6. Great poem. Ginger wants to write a poem.. so get ready for something terrible…
    Roses are longer red,
    violets are no longer blue,
    I love the falling leaves of autumn,
    for it covers up the dog poo!

    hmmmm…. dad is holding his face in his hands again… what does that mean?

  7. Your poem is lovely, R. Around here, lately, Fall is:

    Hurricane Sandy – windy and wet
    A snowstorm next – we’re not dry yet!
    Fall should be crisp and clean and pretty
    This fall is messy and sloppy and sh#@*ty

    Love and licks,

  8. Mick asked me to post this for him. He says it’s an Autumn poem. Hmph. You will just have to be the judge.

    Leaves of orange and red and gold; in my paws and thumbs I’d hold.
    I’d run around the house outside and make the little mousies hide.
    I’d climb the porch post puma like and spring upon the neighbor’s tyke.
    With eyes that glow of sulpher and flame I’d stalk just every sort of game
    The deer would flee for fright of me
    The groundhog dive to stay alive
    The squirrells would flash their tails and run to shelter in their lofty hives.

    For I am Mick; The Mighty Cat; my black coat like the void
    My Daddy says I’m rough and tough; my sisters get annoyed
    But i just know in my brave heart; I’m Top Cat of my pride
    And I would rule the world; if Dad would just let me outside.

  9. My rat terrier Spots take on Autumn:

    Finally what they call the dog days of summer have past
    The sun is soft on my wiry black coat
    I have the energy again in the cool fall breeze to run blurry fast

    Lots of my prey are on the move to their fall places of rest
    Each day I hope one will stray
    Away from their nest

    The things that fall from trees stir my inner huntress fire
    They flutter and dance
    Tease my innermost desire

    Smells from the kitchen this time of year make my tummy grumble
    I find myself hoping
    Mommy will stumble

    It’s fall my favorite season here at last
    This is my first year in my true home
    It’s going to go by….much too fast

  10. Boy Rumpy, I guess it would be really hard for a winter dog like you to live in Florida. You probably wouldn’t like it here much either. Here’s my poem:

    Fall on my trails
    The best time of year
    the trees are still green
    and the blue sky is clear

    The rocks stand out red
    gentle breezes caress
    till a storm called Brutus
    makes me run for my nest

  11. Hey Rumpy, Jet here.

    Boy there’s some major poetic talent going on! Here’s a go from yours, truly: (written immediately, no stopping and thinking!!!)

    Fall in the Tropics:

    Fall is the reason
    to end Hurricane season.
    The temperature may dip
    to a brief ’50s nip.

    Mornings turn bright
    as I catch squirrels in my sights.
    If I’m lucky and witty,
    there’ll be a drop in humidity.

  12. Many rabbits to chase.
    Come little bunny, let’s race!
    Lots of squirrels to bark at,
    Though they don’t want to chat.

    It’s busy in the fall.
    I can go chase my ball.
    But when there’s prey to be found,
    I am one happy little hound.

    But don’t worry about them.
    I’m embarrassed to say (a’hem),
    I can’t catch them, I’m too tame.
    Its really just the fun of the game.

  13. Mowzers! Loads of talent, we can see. Maxie, the competition is stiff. You sure you wanna submit yours?

    Maxwell: An Ode to a falling Leaf (Mom steps away from keyboard)


  14. Can’t write a poem about Fall
    ‘Cause it’s Spring here, and all
    When the cold air is North
    The warm air is South
    And confusion for one and all

    From your Aussie furend, Sweetie.. woof..! 🙂

  15. The windows were open
    With the air coming in.
    The fresh autumn air
    Caused my whiskers to grin.

    The squirrel is out gathering
    From trees short and tall.
    That bushy tail critter
    Know what comes after fall.

  16. I’m getting old in years,
    My nose is turning grey.
    My eyes have lost their shine,
    my hearing’s just okay.
    I spend my whole day dreaming
    of conquests in my past,
    lying in a sunny window.
    Waiting for you great Baast!

  17. Today I saw a crocodile,
    It sat and stared at me!
    I didn’t run, I didn’t shriek,
    In case I was his tea!

    But feeling brave I shuffled close,
    To see his scary jaws.
    The crocodile was not impressed,
    And flexed his giant claws!

    The beast prepared to eat me up,
    He snapped, he snarled, he blew!
    But I just stood and tapped the glass,
    ‘Cause this croc is in the zoo!

  18. oh how fun, I think you’ve got the knack for it and wow so do many of your visitors. Here’s what I came up with:

    If I could only live in the Florida keys
    I’d be wearing shorts that show my knees
    Every day I’d get a big sunshine fix
    Maybe on a beach where I’d throw Rumpy sticks
    Instead I live where we get snow
    to a beach, in shorts, you would not go,
    unless of course you’ve lost your mind
    or maybe smokin’ tobacco of another kind.

  19. Autumn Leaves

    Autumn leaves, Autumn leaves.
    They are seen on the trees.
    They are seen in the air.
    Whirling softly around.

    Autumn leaves, Autumn leaves.
    They sing a rustling song.
    As our footsteps we hear crunching on the ground.
    It’s a beautiful sound.
    And their name is well known.
    For they come every year.
    Autumn leaves, Autumn Leaves.

  20. Not much of a poet, but here’s my take on Rumpy’s theme 🙂

    Fall on the Florida Coast
    Time of year I love da most
    Da heat’s gone away
    When I go out to play
    I can run super hard and not roast

  21. It’s from BJ: I’m not the best poet but i wanted to try and make the Rump laugh.

    I’m a little dog and low to the ground
    So I hate a hurricane because of the sound
    My ears a sensitive and the it makes me shale
    Nothing mom does will calm me down
    I shale and shale becasue of the sound
    So I hate a hurricane because of the sound.

    I don’t mind the snow ’cause it’s soft and light
    and it lands on my nose and then it melts.
    The snow is cold and mom puts me in a coat
    i feel like a jerk but I pretend to gloat
    I just got a FidoFleece coat in a pretty red
    It’s warm and toasty maybe I’ll wear it in bed.

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