Letters to SantaDog!

Oh Dog! OFFICIAL! Santa’s Helper Rumpy T. Drummond here! Jen told me she actually talked to the Big Guy yesterday, and he asked her about an incident involving bathroom trash being found in the hallway. I assured her Santa had me mixed up with the dog next door.  *looks around*

Anyway, enough about me. Today we’re featuring letters from Freddie and Gloria at Basset Momma. I can’t wait to read what they’ve asked for!


Oh Dog! It's Santa!
Oh Dog! It’s Santa!

Dear Santa:

Freddie here. I’m not gonna try and sugar coat this letter and be all like “All I want is new hips and knees” or “I want world peace” so lets just cut to the chase shall we. I think I’ve been pretty good, well, whatever. Anyway, I would like one of those cool green toys that my buddy Hawk has. I think Momma called it a Kong Rope Squeeze. Every time Momma’s got his blog up he’s dangling that thing in front of me and I want one! I’d also like one of those Sneaky Snakes that Goose has.  I figure since I’m so sneaky too, we’d get along great. Okay, ummmmm……..some treats and rawhide chews would be nice too but I really want some of my old Dog Whisperer bones. All we can get now are these stupid sterilized white bones. What’s up with that? They look like they’ve been bleached! Yuk! I figure your Santa, Mr. Magic, the Big Kahuna……you should be able to make this happen. Oh, and could you maybe put a little something in Gloria’s stocking to help with that poo breath? Ya, that’d be nice. Thanks Santa

Your Pal,

Freddie Spaghetti

Freddie Claus!
Freddie Claus!

Dear Santa,

I want world peace.

Love Gloria

Gloria Claus!
Gloria Claus!

Now that Freddie is a dog that knows what he wants. Come on Gloria! Live a little girl!

If you’d like me to publish your letter to Santa, send it to RumpySanta@gmail.com

Happy weekend!

37 thoughts on “Letters to SantaDog!

  1. Bathroom trash being found in the hallway. Me and Nellie would say that S.O.D (someotherdoggy) has been visiting you. Just like he visits Us somtimes. Love Nellie and Jasper, the two bestest maremmas in all the land.

  2. How sweet Freddie and Gloria are! They ‘re so lucky to have a photo with Santa who visited their house!!!!
    I hope that Freddie and Gloria will get what they want for Christmas!

  3. I am not one bit surprised by the thingys that Freddie Busghetti asked fur. NOPE.. not a bit. Hope he gets it all.. and that Gloria gets HER wish TOO!!!

  4. Ya gotta love Freddies straight forwardness. And Santa if you are reading he really deserves a Sneaky Snake. And we all could use world peace.

  5. We say ditto for us for all that Freddie wants – we have those white bleached bones here too, but we didn’t know there was something better – we have to get the Momster to check out what Dog Whisperer bones are. We have one of those snakes here, but he is headless and tailless:(

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  6. Freddie has a good list that would be pleasing to a lot of woofies. We would like world peace too. Wouldn’t that just be the best thing ever. Hugs and nose kisses

  7. Way to go Freddie Spaghetti! We think that’s the pawfect letter to Santa! Now just teach Glorida how to let her furs down and to go for the gusto!

    Lily Belle

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