More Letters to SantaDog!

Oh Dog! Those letters to Santa just keep pouring in! It’s so exciting! Today we’re featuring a letter from three kitties who blog at My Three Moggies!  Let’s see what they’re asking Santa for!

My Three Moggies!
My Three Moggies!

Dear Santa Dog,

Well, what a purr-fect year 2012 has been for us three moggies.

We’ve guarded the house, we’ve been out on patrol and Henry even bought a (live and unharmed) rabbit home for our huMum. How could we have been better kitties than that?


This year we would love it if you could find your way to getting us the best-est Christmas gift ever… lots and lots of wonderful wrapping paper! We can’t wait to chase it all around the kitchen…


If you could find your way to popping a couple of those Christmas tree baubles in the old santa sock that would be good too. We love to practice our paw boxing on the big day.

Oh, and one other thing, a nice traditional festive fish supper would be lovely too!

Fang you very much for all our cat-tastic presents last year! There will be a special bone and a bowl of water out for you on Christmas Eve.

Archie! Don't he look just like Malachi?
Archie! Don’t he look just like Malachi?

Have a very Meowy Christmas!

Archie, Oscar and Henry


Oh Dog! Sounds like just the kind of list for good kitties like you. I sure hope Santa can bring you everything you’ve asked for!


If you’d like your letter to Santa posted, send it to along with a pic.  

24 thoughts on “More Letters to SantaDog!

  1. Cats and kittens love paper so this is a great wish list. We are adopting Milly today, she is one of the kittens I am currently fostering for Cats Protection. Just couldn’t resist her. She loves paper footballs so wrapping paper will be the best of fun for her.

  2. Hmmm…I wonder if those kitties have really been good, I know from my cats they can be sly devils – sounds like they need a dog in the house – I hope Santa brings them a huge load of catnip!

  3. Awww…Henri, Oscar and Archie are so cute!!! Although I have cats brufer n sisfur, I didn’t know that wrapping paper was kittens fave thing to play! I sure hope that Santa Dog will bring all of your wishes to your place!!! 🙂
    P.S. Yes! Archie very much looks like Malachi ! 🙂

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