Wordless Wednesday- Mugshots!

DeDe Dog
DeDe Dog
da Rumpster!
June Buggie
The Ranter himself!
Graybie Baby!
Graybie Baby!

Get a load of those unsavory characters!

By the way, did you know June Buggie, DeDe and I each have Facebook pages? We’d love for you to follow us there! PULEEZE????


45 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday- Mugshots!

  1. ADORABLE! Here’s what it looks like they are thinking: 1. “I swear I didn’t do it.” 2. “Did you say, ‘cookie’?” 3. “I dare you.” 4. “I double-dog dare you.” 5. “I think I saw something move over there! I better stare to see if it moves again. Then I’ll pounce.”

  2. Mugshots??? Surely those faces couldn’t be guilty of any crimes!

    If we could get the Momster to do FB, we would definitiely like your pages.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  3. You guys all look like you got up to some mischief! I like it πŸ™‚

    And I forgot to tell you that I really like your blog snows too! I wish I could do that!

  4. Love your site. We have a dog that looks like Atticus. I saw your like on the post about the 7 y/o Rottie that passed and was intrigued by your logo and came here. Glad I did, to see all the wonderful animal photos. My hubby and I have been into rottie rescue for the past 28 years.

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