Letters to Old St. Nick!

Oh Dog! Isn’t it amazing how Santa is loved in so many parts of the world!

photo from the-north-pole.com
photo from the-north-pole.com

Today we have two more letters to the Jolly Old Elf! The first one comes from my kitty friends Ella and Leo from the UK:

Miss Ella!
Miss Ella!

Deer Santa paws, we iz bee vewy guddy dis year. pweez may we haz a nice kismas wiv our our mummy and pweez can all da homeless kittys and doggys and udder aminals finds a nice home too? Also pweez can ya makes sures dat alls our frrends iz save and warm and happies. and ifin it no too much twubble pweez can we haz sum nice noms ta eat. dreamies iz our favourites.

fanks you santa paws, and we pwomise we be extra speshal gud frum now til kissmas.
purrrs frum Ella N Leo


Awwww….. please bring those kitties some Dreamies Santa!

The next letter comes from the US west coast from our dear feline friend Savannah of Savannah’s Paws Tracks:

Miss Savannah of Savannah's Paw Tracks
Miss Savannah of Savannah’s Paw Tracks

Hello?….yooo hooo???  ahem, koff, koff…ahhhhh, hiya Santa Dog… I am hoping you will read my letter.

Ok, here goes…

 I am in my furrever home for my first ever Christmas, and as you can see from the photo, we don’t have our tree all decked out yet for you to see.  And, we moved…so I am kind’a scared you won’t find me.  Anywho, if you do read my letter AND you can find me…maybe you can drop a little something in my stocking??

I am a really good ladycat, I don’t cause mischief and I don’t make messes.  Well, and I don’t really like nip either.  Hmmmm….what could you put in my stocking???
Oh, I know!!!…how’s about one more Peacock Fev-ver??…just one…for me.  Then you can give all the other cat toys and food to those kitties who don’t have homes, who have to live outside without being warm, never feeling soft chin rubs and who don’t feel safe.  You give them all the other stuff you might have dropped off for me, ‘Kay?? Deal?

Purrfect…Paw pats, Savannah

peeEss…purrlease leave some fev-vers for June Buggie, Malachi, Bubba and Hissy Fit Jones, Graybie Baby…hope I got efurryone of the kitties!

These letters sure got the June Buggie Seal of Approval! Looks like you’re all a shoo-in for the Nice List!

Ho! Ho! Ho!




16 thoughts on “Letters to Old St. Nick!

  1. Awww….your kittie friends are very lovely and so nice to ask Santa for homeless kitties, for dogs and for your family! I hope that Sanat visit their place on Christmas! 🙂

  2. Dear Santa Paws,
    I just wanna keep life as is – ONLY DOG status. Please DON’T let Mom and Dad get another cute doggie. I am TOP dog here. It’s ok if we get some more kitties, but please make them as friendly as Mama Kitty, not like Motley. I also would like to NOT have a bath this year. I’ve been so good. I never chew on anything, and I keep Mom and Dad warm wherever they are sitting.

    Kalev 🙂

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