Letters to Santa- Thursday Edition!

Happy Thursday! The days are passing quickly until Santa comes, and I am sooooo excited! woo woo woo!

Look! It's SantaDog!
Look! It’s SantaDog!

Today we have two letters. The first comes to us from the gang at DogDaz, who by the way won the prize contest from the ASPCA!

The Dogdaz family!
The Dogdaz family!

Dear RumpyDog and Santa Paws, 

We think we have been very good doggies and kitties this year, so could you bring us the following presents for the winter holiday:

– Noel wants every lost animal to find it’s way home  
– Louise wants people to stop hurting animals (and humans too) and could you find them extra special loving homes.  (Louise was hurt and you brought her here, so she knows you can do it.)
– The Muffin Man wants everyone to get along.
– Sofie Bear wants every animal to have enough to eat (and maybe she can help them eat it.)
– Miss Constance Kitty wants to be an only cat (do you have a cat in the North Pole?  Is it nice and quiet there?).
– Nine wants an erector set, and one of those climbing trees, and a whole bunch of cat nip toys, and …., and …..
– Stella wants to play with whatever Nine gets (but she really would like a diamond studded collar.)

and the DogDaz human wants people to shop local and remember that your charity makes a very big difference.

Thanks Santa Paws – We do believe – The DogDaz Zoo

I believe too! I believe that you should all get what you want, especially Nine!

Next up is our friend Misaki from The Misadventures of Misaki! She’s a Malamute like SantaDog! woo woo!

Misaki from the Misadventures of Misaki
Misaki from the Misadventures of Misaki

Dear Santa Paws,

Despite a gang of evil birds who are determined to stain my character with wild accusations, I have been a pretty good pup this year – I hope you agree!

Obviously lots of treats and toys in my stocking would be good, but what I’m really wishing for is snow!! I hope you’ll be able to send some in my direction. 

Also, if you have any miracle-grow for fur that would be useful, my poor shaved belly is starting to feel the cold!

I’ll definitely be leaving out some cookies and a glass of sherry for you on Christmas eve, along with some treats for your sleigh team (we all know the reindeer thing is a myth so I’ll dispense with the carrots, unless like me, your mallies and sibes like them:) happy)

Lots of big slobbery doggie kisses,


It’s TRUE! Santa really DOES use sled dogs instead of reindeer! But those deer have a contract and well……

Happy holidays!!!!!

15 thoughts on “Letters to Santa- Thursday Edition!

  1. Wow, those are some serious lists – Santa is going to have to really work hard to have everything ready to go on time this year – hope everyone gets what they want!

  2. Thanks for sharing what the gang wished for. They were all pretty good this year and can look forward to some extra special loves and hugs. Nine has a really big gift coming (it is still in the car), that we hope he will share with the others. You deserve extra SantaPaws treats for collecting all the letters for him. Thanks RumpyDog, We love you – Louise, Sofie, Noel, Nine, Stella and the human.

  3. Dogdaz family is so sweet to ask Santa Dog for those poor animals!!!
    And the picture of them is very cool! I hope that Santa Dog will bring what they want for Christams!
    Misaki is very generous to prepare for treats for Santa’s sleigh team!
    I’m sure that Santa Paw will appreciate it and give you snow!
    Happy Holiday to you! 🙂

  4. All of us think Misaki has the right idea – treats AND snow, lots and lots of both.

    As for that naked belly, if Santa doesn’t come through for Misaki, we have lots of fur on the floors here – we would be happy to send him some.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  5. Good choices, Rumpy. But cookies and SHERRY? What happened to milk? I’m not sure I trust a drunk Santa flying around in the middle of the night. He might get all our toys mixed up. I don’t want to end with Nine’s catnip!!

    Love and licks,

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