Still More Letters to Santa!

Oh Dog! I’m sure lots of adults around the world are very busy today, because this is the next-to-last weekend before Christmas! Lots of shopping, lots of baking, lots of making merry to get done! woo woo woo!

Today we have two letters from some very cool big dogs! Let’s see what they’re asking Santa for this year.  First up is Dexter and Jack from Dexter’s Days.


Aren’t those two adorable? I’m sure Santa will make you both very happy on Christmas morning guys!

Next up is my friend Clowie from Clowie’s Corner:

Dear Santa,

 Thank you very much for the chews that you left under the Christmas tree for me last year. I’m sending you a picture of me relaxing with one of them, to show you just how much I appreciated them.

 I have a slightly different request to make this year. I have heard that you will be giving lots of people the movie “Santa Paws 2: The Santa Pups”. I can see that the stars of this film are incredibly cute, they are mini versions of me!

 I am worried that everyone will want a puppy and I know we’re not the right breed of dog for everyone. I would like you to include some information about Pyrenean Mountain Dogs, or Great Pyrenees, with each copy of the film you deliver. We need our bipeds to ensure that we get lots and lots of socialisation and training when we’re puppies. Most of us, as puppies, can cause chaos faster than you can say, “Ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas!”

 If your elves need any help preparing a leaflet to go with the film, I would be pleased to assist them. They could also read this information about the sort of bipeds we need: Are These Big Dogs Right For You? 

I will put out some hay and a few buckets of water for your reindeer. I hope you have time to let them take a rest at our house – they work so hard for you on Christmas Eve.

I won’t be leaving anything out for you this year – I caught my bipeds eating the mince pie and drinking the brandy last year. They explained that you can’t possibly eat and drink everything that is put out for you. But they also said that you are welcome to help yourself, if you would like something to eat or drink.

Lots of love,


P.S. The male biped says that when you landed the sleigh on the roof last year, you knocked a couple of roof tiles loose. Please could you be more careful this year?


Excellent Clowie! I hope Santa does just that!




Today is a bittersweet day. On the one hand I am so excited that Santa is coming soon! On the other, I am so sad because many people in Connecticut are grieving today. Santa cannot bring them anything to make them feel better. For  those families I send my prayers and all the comforting energy I can muster.


25 thoughts on “Still More Letters to Santa!

  1. Santa shouldn’t be drinking brandy, anyway! I’m sure there’s a law against drunk sleigh flying! Dexter totally has the right idea. Now I wish I had a younger brother so I could get twice as many presents. Smooth.

    Love and licks,

  2. Dexter and Jack, you are totally funny :)! I am sure Santa won’t be able to resist leaving you stuffies! Clowie, I am sure you will get more chews, bummer with your humans eating and drinking the stuff for Santa, that is a lot of nerve!

  3. Very sweet wishes. SantaPaws will surely come their way, and yours too RumpyDog for being so good.

    PS – We got our prize from the ASPCA and we LOVE IT!!!!!

  4. We agree with Clowie, not every breed is for everyone. And Christmas is really not the best time to add a puppy to a family. But of course, we wouldn’t really mind if he left a cute little husky for us:) Lightning and Ciara are still hoping for some new stuffies, but their track record hasn’t been very good with them.

    Hope you have a good weekend.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  5. Dear Santa..We hopes you are reading this bloggy, and keeping notes..BOL may all of blogville get their wishes..Including me..Oh I must send you my letter..Am I tooooooo late 😦 xx00x

    Mollie and Alfie

  6. BOL! Dexter’s letter is so funny! I hope that both Dexter and Jack will get their stuffies from Santa Paw!
    and Clowie is very right. Bipeds need to raise awareness for those big dogs like Clowie before welcoming as family! She is sweet to help to Santa Paw with the film delivery. 🙂
    I hope Clowie will have a lovely Christmas, too!
    Have a wonderful weekend Rumpy!

  7. Ruff! Thank you guys for posting our letter to Santa Paws! I am sure to get a stuffy now!

    We agree with Clowie. Dogs are not Christmas presents! Please make sure your family can take care of one forever!

    We hope you guys give Jen lots of Christmas kisses, she deserves it!

    Happy Holidays!

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