Dear DeDe Shares Holiday Joy

Oh Dog! Dear DeDe here bringing you some holiday joy!

Dancin' DeDe!
Dancin’ DeDe!

Now we’ve been posting letters to Santa from our friends, but what about letters from our gang?

Today you get to enjoy letters from your two favorite voices at Rumpydog.come- June Buggie and Rumpy!

Our friend Cat Forsley helped them record their letters, so you get to watch and listen!


Thanks Cat! And Santa, PLEASE use your judgement here.

Have a good week everybody!


27 thoughts on “Dear DeDe Shares Holiday Joy

  1. You crack us up. Santa will absolutely overlook any transgressions with those faces. Happiness and Joy, Rumpy and DeDe and your humans – the DogDaz gang

  2. yes Santa 🙂 lol
    “please use your judgement here ”
    Rumpy – i/m sure you’ll get a dinosaur stuffy or something ———-
    and June buggie – 🙂 who knows right xx keep optimistic ………:) lolololololololo xxxx
    Dear DeDe – i looooove your outfit …………..:) wish i had one like yours xoxoxoxoxoxo
    ginormous hugs xxxxx 🙂 too cute you guys xxx

  3. BOL! June Buggie…you’re very funny! I’m so happy to hear you and Rumpy’s wishes for Christmas! I hope Santa brings lots of cookies to Rumpy and many happiness to you and your family June Buggie and Dear DeDe! Have a lovely Sunday! 🙂

  4. Hey Rumpers!! And DeDe and June Buggie!! waves paws!! You guys are so gonna clean up Christmas day, honest, I already put in several good meows to Santa for you…I learn so much reading your blog…and your information helps all of us go help more animals and learn more about impawtant challenges to animal rescue and safety…whew! Well, now it’s in writing right here…so I am like TOTALLY PAWSITIVE Santa Paws is already working on everything that will make you all happy, including Miss Jen and all the other kitties. paw pats, Savvy

  5. Hey Rumpy, I think you’re too soft with June Buggie, it’s time to show him who’s really the boss! I hope you get lots of cookies from Santa.

    1. should we send Rumpy a dinosaur 🙂 i would like to ………..:)
      Jen …. please write me when you have the time .
      i know it was a gross weekend …….
      i would love to send Rumpy a dinosaur ….NOT A REAL ONE XX
      but something cute xxx
      actually i know you are busy – so i will write You !
      lots of love you guys xxx
      🙂 xx

    1. It was fun to do xx hope in the new year June Buggie has More to say xx 🙂 🙂 🙂 because i love love helping out ….
      makes me a HAPPY cat xxx
      love to all xxx

  6. Oh Rumpy…we LOVE your video letter to Santa!!!! I am so smiling here…I hope you get your (purple) dinosaur, lots of cookies; and June Buggie is so cute…but OH, June Buggie, you can’t give Santa Rumpy! But wait…maybe Rumpy would like that…Rumpy…you’d be like super-duper-duper famous, like Rudolph! You would be in the snow all the time at the North Pole, have lots of treats from Mrs. Claus (we hear she’s a real good baker!) and toys galore you just pick out from Santa’s Workshop…oh, and there’s lots of room on that sleigh for all of your friends – like the five of us! This could be fun…Merry Christmas to you and your family! We have to go share this video!!!!

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